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Dog wearing Thundershirt
  • The Better Calming Solution
  • Money-Back Guarantee & FREE Shipping
  • Fantastic Solution for Calmer Vet Visits
  • Easy to Put On (Yes...We're Serious!)
  • Includes Removable Restraint Collar
  • SAFE - Applies gentle, constant pressure, similar to swaddling an infant.
  • EASY TO USE - Just put it on and watch the results. No training required.
  • EFFECTIVE - Over 80% success rate as reported by families, vets and trainers.
  • THE PERFECT VET VISIT SOLUTION – Allow ThunderShirt’s calming pressure to reduce your cat’s (and your) anxiety for the entire vet experience: travelling to, during and travelling home. Reduces or eliminates scratching, biting, soiling the crate, mewing, and much more.
  • MANY USES - But not just for the vets. Works for all types of anxiety, fear, and over excitement issues. Anytime calming may help, a ThunderShirt may help.
  • PHEROMONE PATCH - Includes absorbent pheromone patch for using the added calming benefit of ThunderSpray.
  • DRUG-FREE - No medications... just safe, comfortable pressure.
  • POSITIVE SOLUTION - Most cats love to wear ThunderShirts!
Thundershirt Cat Overview


We have seen a positive effect with cats

ThunderShirt is helpful in terms of making the trip to the Vet Hospital and while at the Clinic. We have seen a positive effect here with cats that we put ThunderShirt on. They relax almost immediately from the stress associated with a vet visit. I even use the ThunderShirt at home to help calm my cat while trimming his nails.


United States


Our cat was much easier to handle during the Vet exam.

I was skeptical about the effect swaddling might have on cats. But after we returned from our first use of a ThunderShirt during a vet visit, I am significantly impressed with the ThunderShirt ! Griffin was significantly less vocal during the entire trip, much easier to handle during the exam, appeared to have a much lower heart rate than usual for a vet visit (150 BPM versus 210 BPM), and was calm enough for the vet to hear his level 2-3 heart murmur, something she hasn’t heard since Griffin was a kitten. After he was released from the travel crate at home, Griffin did not dash away to hide under furniture for hours, as he usually does. Griffin interacted comfortably with me within two minutes of getting home, and showed no lingering stress from the trip. I’m optimistic about the improvement it will make in cats’ lives.


Richmond Virginia United States


Believe Me, This ThunderShirt is a Stress Saver!

I just wanted to let you know how much your ThunderShirt helped my cat. We have a second home that is only 2 hours away (under normal circumstances) from our regular home. When we go up to the mountain home (last 40 minutes of the drive is extremely curvy), I drive separately from my husband so that I can take our 4 cats and Rottie. My Himalayan gets very sick on the trip, she throws up 4 times and usually poops too, getting it all in her fluffy hair. Needless to say this is a very stressful trip for her and I both. I have to pull off the side of the road, change her puppy pad in her carrier, clean her up, and continue on, until the next sick moment. I have tried all the medications and sprays, I have tried driving slowly, I have tried keeping her in the dark, in the light, cool, where she can see the road, where she can't see the road. You name it, I have tried it. Nothing worked. I decided to try the ThunderShirt for cats, knowing I could take it back if it didn't help. I got her used to the ThunderShirt for a couple of days, from a few minutes to longer. I then put it on her about 1 hour before the trip so she wouldn't be stressed from me putting it on her, then I put her in her carrier for the trip. On the way up to the house she only threw up just once, literally in the driveway of the mountain house at the end of the trip. I was ecstatic. On the trip back down the mountain to home, the worse part of the curves would now be at the beginning. I put the ThunderShirt on her 1 hour before leaving. She threw up halfway down the mountain about 20 minutes into the trip and that was the only time she threw up. Believe me, this ThunderShirt is a stress saver for her and for me. Going from 4 throw ups, 1 poop, down to only 1 throw up is INCREDIBLE. Thank you!!!!


New York United States


I Recommend ThunderShirt to Everyone with Behavioral Problems...

“Casper, our Persian cat which we adopted as a 5 month old kitten, has had an anxiety disorder which causes him to cry continuously through the night, starting at 3 a.m. and continuing until it is light. For the past 11 years, our vet has medicated him with Elavil (amitryptyline) a tricyclic antidepressant drug used to treat depression in humans. As the years went on, we need to continue to increase his dose. We found a partial solution in using a calming collar, which contains mother cat pheromones. However, the problem was not solved. Since buying the Thurndershirt for Casper in December, 2012, he has been quiet at night and is completely off medication. He is also much more affectionate during the day. We have observed a synergistic effect with the collar plus the ThunderShirt and continue to use both. I have recommended ThunderShirt to everyone I know with pet behavioral problems. Thank you so much for a solution to Casper’s anxiety problem without drugs!


United States