Phermones for a Calmer Pet

ThunderEase for Dogs

When new pups are born, their mother naturally emits pheromones that give the puppies a sense of security and comfort. These pheromones help dogs bond to each other and their mom. ThunderEase replicates these natural maternal pheromones for a drug-free, vet-recommended, calming solution that puts an end to destructive chewing and problem barking and other “not-so-fun” symptoms.

ThunderEase for Cats

Cats mark their territory by rubbing their face on things like furniture, plants, and even you. These pheromones help cats get to know their environment better as well as helping them feel more stable in their home. ThunderEase replicates natural feline facial pheromones for a drug-free, vet-recommended, calming solution that puts an end to unwanted behaviors like scratching and spraying.

ThunderEase for Multi-Cat

Can’t we all just get along? ThunderEase helps put an end to unwanted fighting and cat conflict by mimicking a mother’s natural nursing pheromones. These pheromones help kittens bond to each other and their mom and feel safer in their environment. ThunderEase is tested to be over 90% effective in reducing household tension and stress, drug-free, and is great for introducing new pets or people into the home.


Absolute miracle worker! The first night I used ThunderEase it was like magic. My 5-week-old german shepherd puppy used to refuse to sleep for more than an hour and would whine all night. After trying the spray, she started sleeping 4 hours, then 5, now a solid 7 hours! ThunderEase save my sanity and made my puppy feel way less stressed and scared.

Donna F.

This really works! We have an nine year old cat who is very nervous and indoor-only. He wouldn’t sleep through the night, would run up and down the halls, and was driving us crazy until we got the ThunderEase Diffuser. He seems so much calmer since we got it. We are putting one in every room of the house.

Wyatt R.

We have a lot of cats, both old and kittens. Everyone has calmed down greatly since we got a ThunderEase Diffuser. They’re not just friendlier to each other, but to our guests also. Age didn’t seem to matter, it works for all of them, although the kittens did seem even more content.

Kathy K.

Our lab is incredibly hyper. He barks constantly, especially when we leave the house. In about a day or two, he calmed down and wasn’t as nervous around other dogs. It worked wonders. He acts like a totally different dog and ThunderEase is way cheaper and safer than the alternatives.

Brent M.