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Free 4 oz. bag of ThunderTreats with any ThunderToy purchase!
US orders only. Free treats not included with order, must redeem online with rebate code after receiving toy.

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thundertoy overview

Our uniquely designed ThunderToy distraction toy helps provide an alternative to unwanted destructive chewing.

  • Bottom specifically designed to slowly release ThunderTreats so that your pet can work on its project for a significant period of time
  • Made of high density rubber
  • Now you can tell your chewer to “chew away!”

thundertoy overview

Designed to calm. ThunderToy is the perfect stuffable chew toy for calming and distraction. The ThunderToy was specifically designed to be stuffed with the ThunderTreat, and together they can keep your dog calm and happily occupied for up to an hour. The ThunderToy includes a free 4oz bag of ThunderTreats (US orders only. Free treats not included with order, must redeem online with rebate code after receiving toy).


  • Durable, long-lasting rubber construction
  • 1” diameter treat hole with treat retainers
  • Can trim the treat retainers to increase the ease of removing treats for your dog

thundertreat success story

My 11-yr-old female beagle, Weesie, was instantly calmed with her new toy. I filled it and have no idea how she emptied it, but she was occupied during 2 separate waves of horrific storms. Whatever is in the treats works beautifully.

Carolyn Johnson

How does the ThunderToy work?

The ThunderToy helps to calm and distract dogs that may be suffering from anxiety or fearfulness. It can be used with your dog’s favorite treats or with the ThunderTreat for added calming. The ThunderToy can also be used with the ThunderShirt if your dog needs extra distraction during stressful situations.

How do I contact you?

If you have any questions please contact ThunderWorks by emailing us at or you can Live Chat with us by clicking on the Live Chat link on the top of this page. You can also call us at 866-892-2078, and press 3 for customer service during business hours 8:00 am-5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time.