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Great Product

This a great product for my dog


Crestwood Kentucky United States

Ashleigh's Thunder Shirt still helps her, even though it is in pieces now.

I used to spend every thunder storm and a lot of summer, due to fireworks all summer long, in the bathroom holding Ashleigh as she shivered. About four years ago we found out about the Thunder Shirt. It has helped her tremendously. She also wore it in ICU when she had cancer (she beat it) and during her pancaratitis attacks. But, as you can see it is becoming quite "Holy" due to one of siblings who has figured out how to pull Velcro.


Cincinnati Ohio United States

Luvfurmutts Animal Rescue

ThunderShirt has been a success with our cases

Overwhelmingly, ThunderShirt has been a success with our cases for thunderstorms and fireworks.

Dr. Mark

Harrisburg Pennsylvania United States

Lockwillow Avenue Animal Hospital

We have seen a positive effect with cats

ThunderShirt is helpful in terms of making the trip to the Vet Hospital and while at the Clinic.

We have seen a positive effect here with cats that we put ThunderShirt on. They relax almost immediately from the stress associated with a vet visit.

I even use the ThunderShirt at home to help calm my cat while trimming his nails.


United States

ThunderShirt is a good alternative to medications.

We’ve been using ThunderShirt at my clinic, and the feedback from our clients is very positive. ThunderShirt is a good alternative solution to try versus medications. And it will definitely "Do no harm".


Durham North Carolina United States

Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital

It worked instantly!!

I am a vet tech and I have a Min Pin X rescue who is afraid of thunderstorms, and also afraid of the stove and oven being used. I tried the ThunderShirt on her and I was very skeptical until I used it. It worked instantly!!

I couldn't believe how quick and well it worked. Just last night we woke up to a thunderstorm. She was trembling and panting. I put her ThunderShirt on and she instantly calmed down and went to sleep. She also will now sit in the kitchen with me as I am cooking, with her ThunderShirt on.

We are now going to be carrying the ThunderShirt at the Hospital I work at - I am that impressed with it!


Altavista Virginia United States

WOW! She was so calm, I almost could not believe it!!!

I am a Veterinary Technician and have been working at the same hospital for 8 years. I am owned by an Australian Cattle dog named Stokely. Stokely and I drive 50 miles to and from work 5 days a week, plus we travel to and from Canada at least twice a year. Unfortunately, with all that driving comes car accidents - We have been in three bad ones together, luckily we have always made it out unhurt. To my dismay my companion has become stressed in the car, pants and paces. I have tried prescribed medications, natural remedies ect... I saw an ad for the ThunderShirt in a pet magazine and thought, 'What do I have to lose?' I was skeptical though. The first time I put it on she was mortified and looked ridiculous, but I kept trying. She eventually tolerated it, so I gave it a try in the car. WOW! She was so calm, I almost could not believe it!!! She pants calmly, practically closes her eyes and does NOT pace! I am just thrilled, I WILL recommend this product to my clients. THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!


Philomath Oregon United States

I am truly amazed

I purchased a ThunderShirt in February. It is some of the best money I have ever spent!

My dog Chopper, a boxer mix, is the first dog I have ever had with storm anxiety. I had been giving him Acepromazine, but of course that takes time to work, being a pill - It often didn't take effect until after the storm had passed. Besides, it's medicine.

I am a certified Vet Tech, I don't like giving unnecessary drugs to my pets. So I bought the ThunderShirt. OMG! The first time I used it, a friend & I were completely amazed. Within 10 minutes Chopper was asleep. My partner recently witnessed how smoothly and quickly the ThunderShirt works & tells everybody about it! I am truly amazed, happy, and VERY satisfied with the ThunderShirt. It is a small price to pay for your dog's health (mental & physical) without having to give drugs to them.

BUY THE THUNDERSHIRT! for your dog & for you!


Benbrook Texas United States

I am recommending ThunderShirt to my clients

I have used ThunderShirt with my own dog and have seen a real improvement with her fear of thunderstorms and other loud noises. I am now recommending ThunderShirt to my clients with good results.


Richmond Virginia United States

Cardinal Animal Hospital

What a simple solution to a major problem.

ThunderShirt is truly amazing! Our own 3-year-old Shih Tzu begins to shake uncontrollably when he feels a storm coming. When we used the ThunderShirt for the first time when a storm was coming, we were amazed that in less than a minute, he stopped shaking, laid down quietly in the room where we were and stayed there calmly through the storm. By the third time we needed to use it, I said, "Let's put your ThunderShirt on", and he came right over and lifted his head so I could put it on him. He likes it! We're telling everyone about it. What a simple solution to a major problem.


Sedona Arizona United States

We use ThunderShirt to calm anxious dogs during exams...

We have been using ThunderShirt at our hospital in Tallahassee, Florida and are very happy with the results. We probably fit 2 or 3 dogs a day with ThunderShirt. We offer ThunderShirts to our clients with dogs that have severe separation anxiety and other anxieties. We also use them to calm dogs that are anxious during their exams, daycare or boarding. We joke that a ThunderShirt is a shirt that gives a hug, and our clients love them!


Tallahassee Florida United States

Los Robles Animal Hospital

The pet was able to rest and sleep during the storm...

The case is a 10 yr old FS Wheaton Terrier. My client received the ThunderShirt this April and we had some pretty significant lightning storms soon thereafter. The owner reports that the pet was able to rest and sleep during the storm and was even willing to eat a treat. All of this is in stark contrast to the usual anxiety the dog displayed during such storms when the possibility of the pet calmly eating or sleeping was close to nil. The owner was thrilled! The owner had refused to use medications. In July, we talked about using Clomipramine which as you well know is an anti-anxiety medication that needs to be given daily usually twice daily for at least a month prior to full effectiveness, and effectiveness is spotty at best. The other alternative was to give Acepromazine as a sedative. This is more likely to be effective and can be a good option for dogs with pure noise phobias because you can reliably predict the need for sedation on July 4th and New Year's Eve. But pure noise phobias (as opposed to storm phobias) are rare and in this part of Florida the summer thunderstorm season is several months long where we have almost daily afternoon storms.

You probably are aware that the Tampa area has the highest rate of lightning strikes in the country and has, I believe, the second highest rate of lightning strikes in the world. So for the summer months a client basically has to keep their pet constantly sedated. Less than ideal! I have had patients that died after plowing through a plate glass window due to the extreme fear generated by a storm and then plunge into traffic and get struck by a car. So I have seen the terrible potential for storm phobias. The patient I just described was on Clomipramine and Xanax and it just didn't help. Animals in fight or flight response can sometimes have the brain process incoming information differently from normal animals. The part of the brain that processes memory is bypassed to allow the parts of the brain that are involved in fight or flight take precedence. Effectively what this means is that the dog doesn't make long term memories about the storm that let it learn that the storms are not dangerous. In other words, every time a phobic dog encounters a fear producing storm it is as if the dog is experiencing a storm for the first time. Quite tragic really. So the ThunderShirt has great potential to help these patients.


Safety Harbor Florida United States

It works great !

I have used it several times in my Labradoodle, Pearl, who has severe storm phobia. I think that it works great and will gladly endorse them.


Baldosta Georgia United States

Baytree Animal Hospital

She did better riding in the car

I have a 'whippet' that I adopted from our local animal control about 2 years ago. She seemed to have anxiety problems right away. The first year was a learning experience for all of us, but she finally relaxed enough to enjoy her new surroundings and our other dog. That is, she adjusted to us, but she could not overcome her fear of thunderstorms. She would pant excessively and tremble in fear.

Because of my experience as a vet tech, I knew there were different medications available for this problem, but I didn't want to risk her having a reaction to the meds. Whippets are known to have trouble regulating their body temperature because they have very little body fat. I was so glad to find that there were other options through your website. I received the ThunderShirt last week and I put it on 'Chi-si' right away, as you suggested.

She liked it and was very comfortable in it. Then 2 days later the storms started rolling in and we put the ThunderShirt on her. She still had some panting and trembling, but after a little bit, seemed better. The next day it stormed, so I put the ThunderShirt on her and brought her to work with me. Well, I was happy to see that she did better riding in the car because she doesn't care for car rides. While at work she slowly became calmer and calmer. It stormed all day and as you can see in the picture I'm attaching, she slept through most of it. Thank you for creating such a great product.

We are both much happier during the rainy months here in Arkansas.


Benton Arkansas United States

Simple to use and has immediate results!

It all started with our technician, Nikki Brummet. We bought some ThunderShirts at the CVC Kansas City. Nikki, a big skeptic, tried one on her Australian Shepherd, Marble. Marble has severe thunderstorm anxiety and is very destructive to the house, kennel and herself before and during storms. She has been on a potpourri of anxiety drugs with Xanax working the best but still only manageable at best. As we all know with medications, timing is everything when dealing with anxiety and is very difficult when a storm pops up when you are not home! Nikki uses the ThunderShirt on Marble without needing any medications! Simple to use and has immediate results! Nikki has been our best spokesperson in our clinic and we have sold many ThunderShirts for car and separation anxieties as well! We have only received great feedback from our clients!


Louisville Kentucky United States

Chenoweth Animal Hospital

Pet Families

Saved Lulu

My chihuahua Lulu has needed to be medicated in storms until now. She LOVES her thunder shirt. I spray the black patch with the Thunder Ease Dog Calming Spray and in minutes she is good to go. This is truly a miracle product for us. I am buying a second set so we can keep one at work "she works in an art gallery in Manhattan" :)
Thank you so much


Great Neck New York United States

From Terror to Terrific

Originally we bought the Thundershirt for our Schnauzer that was high strung from Thunder & Seperation anxiety. However, what absolutely sold us, was our puggle. We rescued a 6 month puggle. Hyper energetic, friendly, but a bit too aggressive with play. We saw a literally immediate change as soon as we put the Thundershirt on our puggle. She would go from Tasmanian Devil, to the calmest, sweetest thing in less than 30 seconds when putting it on. Absolutely “sold”!!!!!! Worth every penny!!!!


Benton Arkansas United States

Duke was really scared

Duke 6 year old Lab has always been scared of Thunder and Fireworks. I decided to get the Thundershirt in hopes for it working, but expecting it to not work. So happy I was wrong and it works so good. Duke has gone from shaking and getting as close to me as possible during thunder storms to just laying down in his bed and relaxing. He still realizes the thunder is around, but doesn't shake at all. I fully recommend this product to anyone


Florida United States

Car Anxiety Solved!

My 5 year old German Shepard/Staffie mix used to do just fine in the car, but the last 6 months or so she has been so anxious; unable to stay seated/laying down, trying to crawl into my lap, panting the entire car ride (sometimes 4 hours), and just a look of fear in her eyes. I was beginning to get worried about how this could be affecting her health, so I decided to give ThunderShirt a try. I am absolutely AMAZED at how well and how quickly her ThunderShirt began working. She is now able to lie down in the car, only pants occasionally (usually when she is in the sun, so she's hot), and her eyes don't look like they're about to pop out of her head from being nervous. She does still get a bit nervous going through super curvy roads, but even that is nowhere near as bad as she used to be. I am so happy to have found a solution for her car anxiety, and would totally recommend this product to anyone!


United States

Love our Thundershirts!

I originally bought Thundershirts to calm my pugs, who were terrified of fireworks. My rescued pug was also miserable in the car and when crated. Thundershirts helped in these situations, but it also was the solution to my pug who has severe seasonal allergies. Poor Daisy all but tears her skin off in the spring and fall. She has been prescribed all sorts of medicine, but I discovered that, when she is hugged by her Thundershirt, she stops scratching! I consider Thundershirts a great blessing!


Washington United States


We ordered the thundershirt for our granddog a 8 yr old yorkie, he has horrid separation anxiety. In reading reviews we took a chance it would work for him. But no his anxiety continues!!! Do you have a better suggestion for separation anxiety?


United States

Good Night Fireworks

We adopted Marco on 2-16-17 and noticed very quickly that he is hyper sensitive to loud noises. After a couple of weeks we found out about Thundershirt from an online ad. I decided to get one for him. It took me a good minute to figure out how to put it on him I'm not going to lie. However, once you get that part down it's a breeze. When July 4th came around I put his Thundershirt on him and turned to TV on in the bedroom. He got up in bed and fell asleep without getting upset. We had a peaceful night with him.
However, we only use it during situations that cause a lot of duress for him. It works really good especially here in Florida where we get thunder storms all the time. During hurricane season 2017 we were hit with Hurricane Irma and the storms were really bad. While the storm was passing through he wore his Thundershirt and did great!!! Best purchase I hav made for our fur baby!!!


SEMINOLE Florida United States

Nervous Nelly

When we first brought our border collie puppy, Olive, home she was a happy-go-lucky pup! Constantly playing and always getting into something. After 4 months of having her, she was put into the hospital with a parasite in her belly that made her present symptoms that were similar with parvo. As first time puppy parents we were terrified of what the outcome could end up. Thankfully 5 days after Olive was admitted we got to take our little girl home, however when she got home she wasn't the same happy-go-lucky puppy. She would constantly hide in a corner and would take plenty of coaxing to get her to come out and play with us. I thought maybe she just needed more socialization so we got her a sister. The sister did not help like we had hoped and she still hid in a corner for most of the day. After months of this hiding and me not knowing what to do to help our girl, I tried essential oils which seemed to help somewhat but the poor thing was still in a corner for most of the day. After laying in bed one night with the girls and Olive being completely anxious and trying to get away from us, I wrapped her in the blanket on the bed. Instantly she had calmed down and fell asleep, this made me think that maybe a thunder shirt would benefit her. We ordered one as quickly as we could, when it arrived we were thrilled! I put the Thundershirt on her and she loved it, almost instantly she was playing and jumping around with her sister like a puppy should! After a week of having the thunder shirt I can say with confidence that this was the best purchase we could have made for our little girl. She is a completely different puppy now and constantly playing, like a border collie pup should! I would recommend this product to anyone!! Truly a lifesaver and makes us much more at ease knowing we have a happy pup again!


Indiana United States

I'm blown away!

My husky, Steele, suffered from separation anxiety to the point where he tore apart his metal crate to get free. He would deficate on the floor and tear things up work minutes of being left alone. The first day we got and put on his thunder shirt all that stopped! We were just amazed. Ever since then we haven't had a single problem from him as long as he has his thunder shirt on. He's like a whole new dog. Thank you for this amazing product!


Marion Ohio United States

Annie loves her thundercoat!

Today, Annie's bright pink sports Thundercoat arrived! She loves wearing it all during the day, even inside. I think her age of 13 years has something to do with her 'needing comfort'. I'm disabled and with her most of the time. But she wants the coat to be put on! It's funny!

Mary Beth

Bloomington Indiana United States

FRank's Separation Anxiety

Mu husband and I just moved into a new house and our pup Frank would have horrible separation anxiety. We tried EVERYTHING Canna Pet, Dog walkers, Changing the room he stays in NOTHING helped and he was causing more and more damage to our brand new home. Our final attempt to rid him of his anxiety was the thunder shirt. Before we got this I was pretty sure I would be confined to my house because Frank could not be left alone. This is truly a miracle product. I never write reviews but for this I had to. It literally has been a life saver.


United States


Peaches is 14 and has become very anxious and nervous she licks constantly and needs to be reminded she is OK


Albany Oregon United States

Believer from skeptic

I don't want to be long and drawn out because I'm afraid people won't read it so I'll cut to the chase. THUNDERSHIRTS WORK...I NEVER BELIEVED THEY WOULD BUT THEY DO!!!!
I have cats that have to travel 150 miles regularly so I have tried EVERYTHING, even sedation from the vet because she knew how bad they were. NOTHING WORKED period. It might take the edge offor but still drooling, meowing, shaking, having the name it and my poor babies had it, even my dominant cat. THUNDERSHIRT WORKED! I'm really mad at myself and feel awful that I didn't buy them sooner!!! It's worth any price people, I never write reviews, I can't be bothered unless it's something that blew me away! I leave stars... but that's it.


St Petersburg Florida United States


We bought a thunder shirt for our 3 yrs old Shih Tzu mix! He used to shake like a leaf in a storm when it thundered! We have had the shirt for only about a month! He LOVES IT! Today he even woke my husband from a nap to let him know he wanted his shirt on as it was raining very hard!!! SUPER INVESTMENT!!! WOULD DEFINATELY BUY AGAIN!!!

James & Lucy

Elizabethton Tennessee United States

Amazing Transformation

I watch a show called Lucky Dog on Saturday mornings when I get a chance. I love dogs and I respect what he does immensely. I was watching the program last Saturday when he used an "anxiety shirt" on a very sweet, smart dog who had separation anxiety. It inspired me to try one on one of my dogs, Koda. He doesn't have separation anxiety, I don't believe. If I had to say what's going on I would say PTSD. He just turned a year old and about a 6 weeks ago he witnessed his " big brother," Boomer, get run over. Boomer got away from my husband and ran after some joggers, being friendly, when he got hit. It killed him instantly and Koda saw it all. Strange thing was that Boomer was 3 years old, very well behaved and had never done anything like that before. Since then, poor Koda, has been a mess! Depressed, anxious, and hyper is only a start. We didn't really know what to do for him. We tried getting another dog for company and it helped the depression some, but that was just the tip of the iceberg. Today we went and bought a "Thunder Anxiety Shirt" to see if it would help. And oh my gosh, what a significant change immediately! Our little Koda was himself again. He didn't fight it or try to take it off. In fact his new little brother, Trigger, tried playing with it and pulled it loose. Koda walked over to me without any coaxing and stood there until I fixed it and then he walked off. It seems he loves it! I took it off this evening to give him a rest and I think it upset him. He sniffed it and pushed it with his nose as if to say put it back on. I made him leave it off for now but will use it tonight to see if it will help him sleep better. So, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, for giving us our Koda back.!!!!! If l hadn't seen it on Lucky Dog, I wouldn't have ever known to try one, so I sent him a thank you email too.


Amarillo Texas United States

Thundershirt Helps Emmitt Weather the Storm - with a little help from a friend

Emmitt hates storms, thunder, fireworks and all loud noises. The Thundershirt calms him and makes him less anxious. Of course, it also helps that Oliver, his best feline buddy, sits next to him and whispers in his ear.


Wilmington Delaware United States

Absolutely love this shirt!

I have a little dog, and he has a fear of thunderstorms and fireworks. He shakes and whines and tries to hide wherever he thinks that he can't be seen. Teddy is an unhappy boy when these events are happening. We bought a thundershirt as we saw it advertised on tv and thought that we would give it a try. He loves his shirt!! I ask him if he wants to put it on and he comes over to get it on. It changes him instantly. He goes from anxious and pacing to quiet and curls up and goes to sleep. It was well worth the money spent and I recommend it very highly to anyone with an anxious dog. Best product on the market!


Waterloo Canada

Absolutely amazing results!!!!

This product is absolutely amazing!! I noticed an immediate change in my Cairn Terier Peaches! Seconds after placing the thunder shirt on her she was noticeably more calm and relaxed! I purchased the morning of July 4th, 2017. Thishas made an amazing difference in how she acts!! I took it off of her for about 10 minutes to see if it really worked or maybe she was just used to the noise. She was anxious, pacing, barking and uneasy after removing the vest. Once placed back on her she was calm and more relaxed! No in the peak of the fireworks firing off in our neighborhood she is relaxed and sleeping!! I highly recommend this, it is definitely worth the price to keep your pet calm and happy!!!


Pueblo Colorado United States

I'm a believer now!

My Westie gets very anxious around any loud noise. When she was a year old, someone blew off an extremely loud firecracker. She literally squeezed herself thru the opening in the top of her crate (this has since been rectified!) While she doesn't shiver & shake, she paces, runs & pants to the extreme. My sister and other people kept saying to get her a Thundershirt, but being the skeptic that I am, I didn't - until yesterday, July 2. She was in such bad shape the night before that I worried she would go into heart failure or something. I went to the nearest pet store - paid full price (I just don't do that!), put it on her, took her for a walk - gave her that positive feeling about it. About 8:30 pm when the first of the fireworks started, I put it back on her - she didn't fight it at all. While she still ran to the door and barked, she came back to the couch when I called. NO panting & she laid right down. Color me flabbergasted! Long story longer, whether it is the pressure points or the swaddling, it is working for my Lily! The best $40 I have ever spent. Yup, I'm a believer now and have made sure that my Facebook peeps who know how I am see that this is working for Lily. Thanks!! Here is a picture of my relaxed little lady.


Maumee Ohio United States

Simply amazing!!!

I bought the thunder shirt for my dog Coco because she has severe anxiety during thunderstorms and the week of the Fourth of July with fireworks. Well my neighborhood started the fireworks early and luckily I have the thunder shirt I put it on Coco and I was amazed to see that she fell asleep. It was thundering tonight and people were letting fireworks off and she slept through it. I could not believe my eyes. Normally she shakes uncontrollably and now thanks to thunder shirt she and I can both get a good nights sleep!


United States

Mollie at Peace

As soon as I heard the storm she INSTANTLY calmed down. Not only that, she stopped licking her paw and has been sleeping almost two hours, but for a stretch and yawn and she's back to sleep again. Never did I ever think this was going to work but if you care about your pet, they deserve to be stress free and definitely deserve ThunderShirt.


New Port Richey Florida United States

Doesn"t Work

I had high hopes for my dog when I purchased a Thunder Shirt but after a year I resigned myself to the fact that this shirt does not work. I mainly use it as a coat in the winter now but my dog still freaks out in the summer. I would not recommend this product!


Pewaukee Wisconsin United States

Thundershirt Works!!!!!!

I just bought the Thundershirt for Coco. Coco is a rescue pitbull who came to us a total mess after having been abused, half-starved and as a result had Severe issues – terrified of loud noises (especially thunderstorms), bags, boxes, etc. (God only knows what she went through before we adopted her). We were able to help her conquer the fear of bags & boxes, etc with desensitization training - now when I come home after shopping, she happily examines all the bags looking for her favorite treat.

Unfortunately, desensitization training did not work for thunderstorms – at all. She was also terrified by ANY & ALL Loud noises - construction site sounds, Trucks, Trains, music bass, basically Everything & Anything loud. She panted, shook uncontrollably, eyes rolled, hid, whined – Every manifestation of complete & utter panic & total terror. We live in Florida, the lighting capital of the world, and All summer long we have thunderstorms on a daily basis. All summer long Coco lived in terror & refused to go outside, take her walks (she loves her walks). She refused to come out of hiding until three days ago, when I bought her a Thundershirt. Yesterday & today we actually were able to go out & take a walk! She also actually wanted to go outside.

She appears to be much calmer in general & was actually sitting in the room with us during the storms! We’re delighted & amazed! (I’ll admit we were totally skeptical of the product claims before putting on her). I wanted to say Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!


Florida United States

Scaredy-Cat No More!

My kitty is a shy guy who experiences bouts of extreme anxiety on a fairly regular basis. Strangers, outside noises, and unfamiliar smells are all on the list of things that set him off (as are doorbells, phone rings, and knocks at the door). After having my lap shredded multiple times from his random panic attacks, I invested in a ThunderShirt, and boy am I impressed. He LOVES his ThunderShirt; it's the only thing that will calm him when he's stressed. I don't even need to put it on him anymore-- just spreading it out for him to sit on works wonders (though I still use it for more intense bouts and to keep him still while I clip his nails). This product was a lifesaver, and I recommend it to anyone with a skittish pet! One tip: spray the ThunderShirt with honeysuckle or catnip to ease your cat into the idea, and put them in it for short periods at a time at first to acclimatize. You won't be sorry you bought this product!


United States

Almost immediate improvement!

We rescued a 5 year old Maltese /Shih-Tzu just over 6 months ago. He has been having issues with seperation anxiety, and he growls and gets scared around 7pm. I took him to the local pet store this past weekend to properly size him for a Thunder Shirt. I put it on him in the store to check the fit and he laid down right there in the isle! I took it off to check out , and leave the store and he was nudging the box in the car. So I put it back on and it was the first time I have seen him lay down in the car. Dramatic improvement in his behavior in the 5 days we have had the product. Thank you Thunder Shirt! You all are a lifesaver!


Fairfax Virginia United States

Best investment I've ever made

My labradoodle will come to me to have his shirt put on way before the storms actually hit our surrounding area. Living in Florida, thunderstorms happen quite often, so the shirts do get used quite often. The shirts work wonders for my 2 dogs. Best investment I have ever made on behalf of my 2 dogs.


North Port Florida United States

Mika Misses Me

My Mika is a one year old Mini-Aussie and sometimes they are referred to as 'velco-breed'. She follows me everywhere when I'm home, even bumping the back of my legs as I walk. She use to have somebody home all the time, but recent job switches has made it so she ended up being left alone. We kept coming home to destruction, chewed up items left and right. Bought a pet cam to watch her and were heartbroken to see her barking, howling, pacing, and getting into stuff we don't even know how she got to! We tried treats, white noise, confinement, outside play, but nothing worked. Decided to try a thunder shirt. Wrapped her up tight and put a small dab of lavender on the patch before leaving and then sat back to watch via camera. What a difference! No howling, no barking, no pacing and no destruction! She just curled up and slept! Makes me feel so much better knowing she is calm and not stressing out about my leaving everyday.


Bloomington Minnesota United States

Life Changer!

Our girl Lola is a 75 pound, 4 year old Pit mix who we rescued from our local SPCA about a year and a half ago. She has some quirks and is can be incredibly stubborn, but overall is a very loving and very intelligent girl. We have spent countless hours and money ($2K+) on training with professionals to help with her anxiety and lack of confidence, but even after all the effort and money we were putting in to change her undesired behaviors she still had the following issues;
1. eliminating in the house if we left her home alone uncrated for any period of time
2. aggression/domination issues when guests would come to the house
3. leash pulling and reactivity on our walks

We love our Lola girl to the moon and back and would (and did!) do anything and everything to try to help her, but it wasn't until I decided to try ThunderShirt that we found the answer to her issues! I was skeptical about the ThunderShirt. I seriously doubted that if professional training didn't help then there was a real fat chance that a shirt would do her any good, but the cashier at PetValu told me that if this didn't work then I had 30 days to return it, no questions asked, for a full refund.

Let me tell you... what a WORLD of difference this shirt has made! We have been using this shirt for a little over a month and now can leave Lola out of her crate now while we are gone (usually 4-6 hour intervals) and NO elimination! Our walks are SO much better and I actually look forward to them now; no more pulling this way and that way or thrashing on the end of leash due to the excitement of seeing other people or animals. She is much more focused on our walks and I can tell she feels more confident. Lastly, and probably what I am most excited about, is that I can have people come in to my home and she is calm! She just goes and lies down in the other room where as she used to jump up on people and be up their butts (so to speak) the entire length of their visit, even run into the other room and pee due to anxiety which in turn would cause me to have to spend my visit correcting her or cleaning up after her. Now when guests come for a visit she is still interested, but only for the first few minutes and then she goes into the other room to lie down or occupy herself with a bone. Lola is a calmer and happier dog and my husband and I couldn't be happier or more grateful that we found this product! It is the best $50 training tool you can buy, hands down. If your dog suffers from anxiety of any kind I can't recommend this product enough. It will change you and your dog's life.


Coatesville Pennsylvania United States

Sadie needs help.

My story begins with our beautiful Sadie girl. She is a rescue mixed lab. She has been with our family for over ten years. She recently required surgery for a large fatty tumor. After surgery she was very agitated and stressed when left alone. We used the cone and also a tee shirt to help Sadie not scratch or hurt the surgery site. One day after being left alone for 2 hours, we found her tangled up and she had removed some of her stitches. I called the vet in my dismay and they said to bring her in. I had picked up a thunder shirt the night before and took it with me to the vet appointment. I wanted to check to see if it was okay to use on our girl. The vet examined her and decided to remove fluid under the incision site. When they were done I showed the technician that was putting gauze on her the Thunder shirt. She said you have a Thunder shirt, these things are amazing! Then she asked if she could go ahead and put it on. I said sure. Sadie was so calm, relaxed and very confident. Sadie slept well all night with Thunder shirt on. I took her to work with me today with it on and she is resting in my office. I wish I would have known about this sooner. This is an amazing product. We have a deaf Australian we are ordering one for her also. Thank you so much, for caring for our fur kids and making things better for them and the people that love them.


Otsego Michigan United States

Works Wonders

We purchased our first Thundershirt on a friend's recommendation in July 2014. Our dog has been fearful of most everything since he was a puppy. From wind to thunder to visitors to propane truck backing up driveway to hunters shooting, you name it. Thundershirt has made a huge difference in his quality of life by greatly reduced his anxiety. I am purchasing another Thundershirt now as the velcro is wearing out and our dog has grown well into the next shirt size. Highly recommend this product.


United States

Awesome service

Our dog has seperation anxiety. It really does not help him much and in fact he chewed it up, pretty much! BUT Thundershirt stood behind it and even though we had bought our shirt through Amazon Prime that only had a 30 day return, the Thundershirt folks sent us a new one and we will be trying again with perhaps a medication supplement. Great job Thundershirt!!!!


United States

Scared little Schnauzer

Our little Aime (15lb mini schnauzer) was scared of almost everything when we rescued her from a shelter 8 yrs ago. She's got through most of her phobias but loud, low-pitched noises have continued to be a problem. Think fireworks, neighbours running up or down stairs, the sub-woofer on the TV, guys walking on the roof and absolute terror and general devastation ensues - shredded dog beds, ripped sofas, destroyed bed pillows, and most recently the total annihilation of a 10x10 1" thick rubber mat. We bought a thundershirt thinking it's only $35 so if it doesn't work its not the end of the world and it's worth a try. We used it last night for the first time as Halloween kids were letting off fireworks in our neighbourhood. The first firework went off and there was alert anxiety, the second one went off and there was uncontrollable shivering. We leapt into action - whipped on the thundershirt and within a couple of mins she had calmed down, even though the fireworks were still going off. UNBELIEVABLE.


United States

Mita loves her Thundershirt

As soon as July 1st comes around, out comes the Thundershirt! Mita, is ready to put it on and show us how brave she is during the noise of fireworks.


hampton bays New York United States

Using thunder shirt for my pet with seizures

I have an 8 year old rescue Pitbull. In May of 2016, Luna had her first seizure and we were introduced to a new world. There is a honey moon stage that last 3-4 months before you know what you are dealing with.
We are now in three and a half months and the seizures are about once a week mild and workable. (We are in constant talks with her Dr. and Neurologist) we are getting comfy with the seizures and all of a sudden we encounter a dog who is walking around the house like she was abused. I spent many night googling and I stumbled on this video regarding seizures and the dog wearing a thundershirt (you tube-Focal Seizure GingerPeach Thundershirt, Kong Wobbler). WOW is all I can say. I felt like someone was giving me hope. I am not going to lie and say I was fully convinced but I love my princess and I need to help her. I order her one, less than a week I receive it at work and could not wait to get home and put it on her. OMG it worked for Luna, she was pacing but not as bad. She would still have seizures but they were calm. I am not saying this is the cure but I AM GLAD I INVESTED, TRIED IT AND HAPPY IT WORKS IN MY HOUSEHOLD.
I would recommend this to anyone; I feel that video was a game changer in my home. I am ordering her a second one and personalizing it 


New York New York United States

Marbles & Her Shirt

First of all, I have to admit I got lazy today and because it's too stinkin' hot outside to walk in the middle of the day, I let Miss Marbles out in the yard a little while ago. She did her thing and was just wandering around while I watered plants when BOOM, thunder out of nowhere. She bolted past me to the back door, and when I let her in she went directly to where her Thunder-shirt hangs and sat down, looking up at it. She was panting & shaking, but once I put it on her breathing slowed down, the trembling eased, and she went to her "safe place" under the bed.

To my mind it's now totally clear that she has made the association between loud noises and the shirt's calming effect!


Port Richey Florida United States

It works

Our chihuahua has been afraid of storms for years. We recently moved to the Midwest where the storms get pretty loud. We put the shirt on before or during the storms and our dog instantly goes from scared and panicked to relaxed. I wish I would have learned about this product years ago.


United States

It works

Our chihuahua has been afraid of storms for years. We recently moved to the Midwest where the storms get pretty loud. We put the shirt on before or during the storms and our dog instantly goes from scared and panicked to relaxed. I wish I would have learned about this product years ago.


United States

The Best Customer Service!

My pit bull Angel has the worst separation anxiety and gets terribly car sick without her thunder shirt. I am very happy to be able to say that even after almost a year of owning a thunder shirt and it having torn/been defective, the customer service line was 100% spot on! They immediately were willing to help me and asked only a few simple questions. They are the best! Angel's new Thunder shirt is on the way and she is just as excited as I am!!!! Wonderful product, wonderful customer service experience!!!


Ohio United States

Afraid of the landscapers

Our pitull Cleo is very fearful when our landscapers come with the mowers and blowers. I put her pretty pink thundershirt on and she calms right down enough to watch TV with her daddy.
We use another for our dachuns that is afraid of the fireworka.
Thanks Thundershirts!!


West Babylon New York United States

Calming My Anxiety

I have Lola a year and a half from a shelter. She has been around someone most of the time. When everyone in my house goes out, I take her to my sisters house. On the rare occasions she has been left alone she spends the time crying and barking and running back and forth ( I watch her on video). My daughter is not moving and Lola will have to stay alone when I return to work next month. My anxiety is high trying to figure out what to do. I have considered Doggy Daycare so she's not alone however I would prefer to save the $. I purchased a Thundershirt recently and first put it on her July 4. She seemed to calm down (but I still wasn't 100% convinced). Last week I went out for about 4 hours. I put the shirt on her and left. My daughter was in a room but Lola didn't know. My daughter says she cried for about 2 minutes when I left. Barked a little and was quiet. While I was out I periodically watch her via webcam and she was laying down!!! Not running back and forth. I plan to leave her alone again a few times before I return to work and am optimistic that she will be ok. This is such a relief for me!!! I highly recommend this product!!


Bronx New York United States

Finally calmness at the Jersey shore

Summers at the Jersey shore used to be very difficult for my Shih Tzu Seamus since towns have fireworks every Saturday and Sunday. After purchasing a ThunderShirt for him, it's like the fireworks aren't even happening! Seamus used to hide under my bed during thunderstorms & now he watches the storms through my sliding glass doors while wearing his ThunderShirt. This product is absolutely amazing!


Toms River New Jersey United States

Best thing ever

We have two dogs in the house. One isn't bothered by loud noises and the other is scared of even the fan above the stove. Poor Lucus was stressing out when ever there was a noise that scared him. He would panic for hours. We even had to be careful about opening the door because he would bolt out of the house when scared. After many failed attempts of using essential oils. crating him with the other dog, ect. I finally went out and bough a Thundershirt. It was an instant success. He still stresses out but calms so much quicker now. Lucus loves to wear his shirt. All I have to do is show it to him and he gets all happy and just stands there and lets me put it on him. I have since gotten a second shirt to use when I training other dogs who are nervous or reactive.



Happy Camper

I am a happy camper now that my small dog wears your THUNDERSHIRT when we see a need for it. For over 5 years, my dog was freaking out on New Years Eve and the 4th of July. The noise from the exploding fireworks scared him unbelievably. Since I got his Thundershirt and made several tests with it BEFORE July 4th this year, the fireworks annoy him, but NO PANIC ATTACKS this year. He just sat with me in my recliner and later next to me on the bed. What a relief this has been (for both of us).
> THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH for this stress relieving product.


Antioch California United States

I have my dog back and she is not doped up.

I have a 2 and a half yr old mixed breed female. Maggie is one of the extreme example of storm and fireworks fear. She would physically go catatonic. Maggie's pupils would dilate, muscles contract and short periods of apnea. Fourth of July weekend she went through (12) 1mg xanaxs. Her veterinarian increased her meds to 25-50mgs of benadryl, (1 or 2) 1mg xanax, and or 50 mg trazadone. As you can see she is extremely terrified of storms and fireworks. Today the thundershirts came minutes before a storm hit. Within seconds of putting her shirt on I felt the shaking stop. About 15 minutes later she actually came into the kitchen. My only regret is that I didnt try the thundershirt 2 years ago. I have already texted at least half a dozen people to sing the praises of thundershirts! Thanks guys. I have my dog back and she is not doped up.


United States


I have a 2 and a half yr old mixed breed female. Maggie is one of the extreme example of storm and fireworks fear. She would physically go catatonic. Maggie's pupils would dilate, muscles contract and short periods of apnea. Fourth of July weekend she went through (12) 1mg xanaxs. Her veterinarian increased her meds to 25-50mgs of benadryl, (1 or 2) 1mg xanax, and or 50 mg trazadone. As you can see she is extremely terrified of storms and fireworks. Today the thundershirts came minutes before a storm hit. Within seconds of putting her shirt on I felt the shaking stop. About 15 minutes later she actually came into the kitchen. My only regret is that I didnt try the thundershirt 2 years ago. I have already texted at least half a dozen people to sing the praises of thundershirts! Thanks guys. I have my dog back and she is not doped up.


United States

Made it through another 4th of July fireworks!

Just a brief note to let you know the ThunderShirt did its job, again!
Bought one for our Lab-mix Lucy about 3 years ago. Don't have to pull it out much, but yesterday, with the banging of fireworks more intense than other years, it was time for her ThunderShirt. Put it on, secured it, and she took one deep sigh, and settled in. Content snoring started less than 5 minutes later, even though the fireworks continued with gusto!
Thank you!


Seattle Washington United States

Calm at last

Thank you so much for creating such an amazing product. Henry was so terrified of thunderstorms and 4th of July fireworks that he would be sick the next day, very lethargic and even vomiting. The very first time we put the shirt on him he was different. So calm, it was as if he had never been upset in a storm before. Now he is so calm during a storm that I am finally able to enjoy rain the way I used to. Thanks from Henry, but also from his family of people.


Huntersville North Carolina United States

No More Barking At Night/Dinner

I just wanted say a Big Thank You to the person or persons who invented Thunder Shirt. I recently adopted a puppy from Animal Welfare Association in April 2016. Her name is Piper and she turned 7 months old. She was sleeping fine at night in crate first two months. But she had out grown her dog crate and had get her other one. She was fine the first week in her new crate. But the next week she started to bark . We thought she might have to go out and do her business. But when she was put back in crate, the barking would start again. I gave in and let her sleep with me in my room. But then I did some research online and saw Thunder Coat would help with barking and anxiety. I asked my sister if I could use her dog Thunder Coat for a night to see if it would work. But that same day there was chance of bad storm. So I purchased a Thunder Coat for Piper. The first night wearing the Thunder Coat , we decided not to crate her and just baby gate her in a room. She !
only barked for 30 minutes. Second night just 5 minutes. Last night she didn't bark at all and was still sleeping when I checked on her in morning. We also put on Thunder Coat when we eating at dinner table. Because she usually barks at that time to. We try to ignore in the past and we don't give her people food at all. But when she wearing the Thunder Coat she doesn't bark at all I will recommend this product to all my friends and family who have pets. Thank you, Monica and Piper.


Sicklerville New Jersey United States

Trebly Shaky dog

We have a medium size dog (mixed large Jack Russell from a shelter) who gets very stressed and anxious due primarily to thunder and fireworks to the point of very visible and persistant body trembling. We tried the Thunder Shirt product (no medicines) and it hasn't helped at all. Doesn't mean it's a bad product, just that it was totally ineffective for our dog.


Mercerville New Jersey United States


Honey is a rescue Vizsla. She came with sedatives, which the rescue and I threw out. Seperation anxiety would be an under statement. She scratches at the door and barks. She has figured out how to turn the lock and open the door. Funny, but not good. At wits end, I tried a bark collar to some help, but not enough. She still would scratch doors, droole all over and pant. When I would get home, her entire rear end would be moving at light speed. Well, one try with thunder shirt, following instructions, and wow it works. We, and my meighbors, and Honey, thank you


lantana Florida United States

Saved my dog's life. Simply amazing

My Pit Bull Paisley's storm anxiety had been quickly increasing to the point of her being aggressive with my other animals. Any amount of thunder or rain would send her into a panic. She would shake uncontrollably and begin to pick fights with my other dogs who normally were her best buddies. With the thought of euthanasia looming, I tried the Thunder shirt as my last hope. I am typically skeptical of everything and thought "How could a tight shirt help this huge problem?". The instant I put the shirt on her, she went from shaking and a full-blown panic attack to completely still and content. It was that fast. I am still amazed at the transformation upon writing this review. I'm flabbergasted by the whole thing. This shirt saved my dog's life and improved her quality of life ten-fold. I have already boasted about it on social media and all sorts of people came forward to say the same thing along with one friend of mine making the decision to try it on her nervous pet. Thank you so much Thunder shirt for creating this product.


Huntsville Alabama United States




SKANEATELES New York United States

Chihuahua is the B...word

She may be small, but she thinks she's the boss. I put the ThunderShirt on her, and as you can see in the picture instant calming. We have two new siberian huskies puppies that she growls at and shows her teeth when they get near her, with the ThunderShirt on one of the huskies came right up to her and licked her in the face, a very small growl is all she did, which is a great improvement, we are still in the testing of the ThunderShirt, but I can honestly say, I have seen a big change in lucy.


Bellefontaine Ohio United States

Who is this and what have you done with our dog?

Little girl Boston Terrier Mona Lisa gets very anxious when she sees other dogs. If Mommy picks her up the stress diminishes. So we bought her a ThunderShirt and put it on her in the pet store. The change was instantaneous. She would look at the other dogs but did not feel intimidated anymore. You could actually see the reduction of stress on her face. And she loves to wear it.


New Jersey United States

What a Difference!

I have a 9 year old mini longhaired dachshund who is the most mild mannered pooch you'd ever meet. We have had her since she was 1 1/2 years old. I grew up with dogs and they were all crate trained. We put our dog in a crate which she enjoyed spending time in. The first time we left her in the crate and left the house, she tore a hole in the plastic crate about 2" x 6". We replaced the plastic crate with a wire crate which seemed to help (for a short time). We soon found out that she howled, barked and whined the entire time we were gone, and began to bend the wired of the crate and eventually broke wires off and injuring her face and chipping off her canine teeth. We tried everything from leaving on the radio or TV, giving her a Kong filled with treats, shorter crate times, medication and Melatonin. Nothing seemed to work.

When we were home, she often slept and ate in her crate and seemed to enjoy it. If left loose when we left the house, she would often defecate while still barking, howling and whining. If barricaded into the kitchen, she chewed up the drywall and scratched and bit at the barricade while making all the noise. and when we came home, she would yelp frantically with excitement and jump all over us.
I tried Adaptil (canine pheromone diffuser), which helped, but did not stop any of the behaviour. She has most recently shaved off her canines almost right to the gemlike. I was at my wit's end, and as much as we adore her and it would tear my heart out, I even considered the possibility of re-homing her to someone who will always be at home due to her severe separation anxiety.

Finally, I tried a ThunderShirt. Why didn't I do this sooner????? My poor little pooch has gone through so much! We tried a ThunderShirt on in the store, and she was quite comfortable in it. There was a large hound dog at the checkout who was barking and jumping around. Normally, my little girl would have some 'input' as well. Instead, she simply watched what was going on! Left alone for an hour wearing the shirt we came home to a dog that was happy to see us, no whining, barking, or frantic behavior. Left alone for a work day, and she whined a bit while greeting us, but again, no sign of any frantic behaviour!

We LOVE ThunderShirt! You can see in her picture, she's posing and wagging her tail!


Saskatoon, SK Canada

Retired Explosive Detection Dog

My husband recently retired his partner Roy whom he'd worked with in Afghanistan for several years. Roy came to our home but my husband had to return to work with a new partner. unfortunately, due to the nature of Roy's intended purpose when breed, he'd never learned how to be just a house dog. As Belgian Milionis go, he's as high driven to work as can be and can't seem to let the "work" go. I've tried everything natural and my next step was to take him to a vet to try medications but then I remembered I have a few ThunderShirts laying around that I'd bought several years ago for my boxers and thought I'd try that before a vet visit for meds. Well... I'm so so glad I did!!! Although the shirt is a bit big on him, the moment I put it on Roy, I saw a difference in his drive to "work". He laid down on the couch and was just content to "be" rather than remove all the cushions to search the couch. He's now laying on his rug with his Kong and his shirt on just relaxing. WOW WOW WOW. It's been hectic keeping up with him but I have hopes for a new, peaceful, retired house dog. I'll have to order one that fits him better but for now, I'm just in amazement at how well this is working. I'll have to remember to suggest this to the other families of my husband's co-workers as we are seeing a huge amount of dogs his age coming home for retirement. THANK YOU ThunderShirt!


Moscow Maine United States

Night & Day

My puppy was DESTROYING our home. He ate carpet (we now have no choice but to replace it) & everything he could get ahold of when we were gone for the day. This is the first pet we have ever had this happen with. Determined to find some sort of solution I figured why not try it. FIRST DAY I cam home to a clean uneaten home. Praise came very high for him. What a godsend ThunderShirt is!


Rathdrum Idaho United States

Thanks ThunderShirt for helping our dog make friends!

The ThunderShirt has been a game changer for our pup Willa. Typically when on a leashed walk she gets aggressive or tries to avoid other dogs. We recently went on a walk where she met small dogs and big dogs, while wearing her ThunderShirt and it was a completely different story! She sniffed - they sniffed - they became friends. We can only attribute the different experience to her new ThunderShirt. Thanks for helping her make friends! :)


Mount Hermon California United States

A life changer for a rescue

I adopted a rescue from a year and a half old dog (mixed Lab, Saluki border collie) from Mexico about 4 months ago. She was afraid to be alone so I was prompted to get help from a trainer. The crate wasn't really an option (she would just get herself out). Over time she was getting better (meaning she wasn't howling), but she would still show lots of extra energy after being alone, or would chew or move things around. The trainer thought she would be a good candidate for the ThunderShirt. I didn't get it right away as I thought she would chew it off (she came from Mexico to Canada with a coat to acclimatize but just tore it off). Anyway, I was in the pet store and found out about the money back guarantee so thought it was worth a try. The effect was immediate. I felt like he was a different dog.

Now when I come home, I can tell she was fine - nothing chewed or moved around. She is also much calmer when guests come over (she would previously get over-excited). And when I take her out in the dark, she isn't so over-distracted by fear. She is instantly and completely calm. Also, as an aside, its almost like she was so grateful for it. My dog loves attention, but could almost not be still - so she would come around and poke me or lay nearby with a bone, but otherwise if she was finally tired (which looked like hyper and then almost instantly collaping on the floor) she generally preferred her own space. When I put on the ThunderShirt she could come over calmly and place her head in my lap. That had never happened before. I think it has finally brought this dog some peace, and its changed her life and mine.



WOW!!! What a Great Product!

I have a black lab and a yellow lab who are both getting older now and have never liked having their nails done. They went to the vet to have them done, (not good) then I just pills for them and tried doing it at home (which worked but didn't like the lasting results from the drugs) then I tried ThunderShirt and was blown away at the results.

They both are so good now at getting their nails done. They lay and let me dremel their nails. I put the shirt on about 1/2 hour before and then leave it on for about 1/2 hour after just so they are relaxed and don't associate the shirt with nails. I am so happy now that I have found a positive and gentle way to relax my dogs and get their nails done. SO HAPPY WITH THE THUNDERSHIRT!!!!!


Orangeville United States

Rescue Anxiety

We rescued Blossom our lovable Chocolate Lab from an abandoned house where she was living under a cedar bush in a dirt hole, literally starving to death and had hardly any fur left. A friend recommended the ThunderShirt to us for her separation anxiety and all the others listed. It made an immediate and noticeable difference to her, she became calmer, less anxious and happier. We could not be happier with the ThunderShirt. I now recommend your high quality products to everyone. Thanks for making Blossom's new healthy happy life even better!


Gage Oklahoma United States


Merlin is a rescue dog. He barks at EVERYTHING all night long. He has worn his new pajamas (ThunderShirt) for two nights, and I have finally gotten some sleep! Absolutely no barking at all!


UNIVERSAL CTY Texas United States

Cushings Relief

Monet suffers from cushings. Even though he is on regular medication to treat it, he is very fidgety, licks, and stresses over the smallest things. I bought the ThunderShirt in hopes it would help him relax, which is important to keep his symptoms under control. I put it on him and immediately he became quiet and content. I took it off and the symptoms started again. I picked the ThunderShirt up and he walked over for me to put it on him. He hates sweaters, but he loves this ThunderShirt. It must make him feel so much better. What a godsend!


Owensboro Kentucky United States

ThunderShirt is The Best Gift We've Given Our Dog.

ThunderShirt is worth significantly more than its weight in gold. For 12 years, my Cairn terrier has turned into a groveling, panting mess at the first sound of thunder (even on TV!). We've tried everything, and nothing helped. So my husband and I spent many a sleepless night with our dog panting himself to death beneath our bed. Enter the ThunderShirt.

We've seen immediate and consistent results. It's magic. Last night, at the height of Hurricane Patricia, I awoke to the sound of something exploding over my head, the thunder was that loud. Immediately, my dog was concerned. To say the least. So I walked him over to his ThunderShirt, which he gratefully let me put on. In less than 30 minutes, he was calm and snoring beside me on the bed. It's literally a miracle. Even in the midst of a killer storm, my little man was able to find peace. ThunderShirt is the best gift we've ever given our dog (and ourselves!).


United States


I have 2 boys; a Pom that is a puppy mill rescue, and a Chihuahua that is the most nervous worried boy in the world.

My Pom is deathly afraid of loud noises any loud noise, and has major separation anxiety. He has epilepsy and his fears were bring on seizures, ThunderShirt literally saved his life, I know that some say this because the product is great, but it has helped control his seizures to where he is now on a much lower dose of his medication and we have not seen a seizure in 2 months!!

My little chihuahua worried about everything, wind, noises, mommy being in a different room...he would shiver and hide almost 24 hours a day.
With ThunderShirt he has a confidence about him and is the happiest most loving boy in the world!

I NEVER write things like this but, you have helped my boys quality of life so much I HAD to tell you!

P.S. - Thunderspray is also WONDERFUL. I highly recommend it!! THANK YOU!!!!!


Tucson Arizona United States

ThunderShirt Really Works

I have had a ThunderShirt for my small dog Sally (half jack russell and half miniture pincher) since 2005 when we encountered 4 hurricanes that summer. Sally was very nervous after all the storms and now whenever there is any thunder or if it really rains hard and also when there are any fireworks she will run and hide behind the toilet. Having the ThunderShirt really helps calm her down so she is not panting and shaking anymore. However now one of my cats Steve feels that he should be scared too so he will hide under our bed. Once I figure out what size to buy for him I'm sure he will feel better too.


Lehigh Acres Florida United States

ThunderShirts & Raincoats Both Great!!

To Whom It May Concern at the Thundershirt Company:

We have two golden retrievers Baxter and Chelsea. Baxter is rather relaxed when it come to thunderstorms, fireworks and riding in the car. Chelsea on the other hand is quite the opposite. We overlook a lake so every weekend there seems to be a reason to celebrate and so there is usually fireworks nearby. Needless to say Chelsea does not enjoy them. I initially bought one ThunderShirt as I was skeptical that the thundershirt would work. I could see Chelsea immediately relax. I tried it on Baxter to see what he would think but Chelsea immediately came over to see why I was putting her thundershirt on him so to be fair I bought him one too!! The ThunderShirt helps Chelsea with thunderstorms, fireworks and riding in the car so far. I was so impressed with the ThunderShirt I bought the raincoats which are really nice and fit very well with the Velcro under there stomach and around there neck. The dogs really don't mind them at all and they do seem relaxed wearing them. In the picture they both are wearing their ThunderShirts below their raincoats. On this day the picture was taken it was raining hard all day so we couldn't avoid going out in the rain. Not having to dry their backs or bellies when I brought them in made the drying off a whole lot easier. Thanks so much for developing such great products.

Maureen & Al


Brighton Canada

It works!

It works! I put the ThunderShirt on my cat for 5 minutes at a time. And after I take it off him, he is calmer. I make sure I am watching him while he wears the ThunderShirt and I don't leave it on him for too long since he's not quite used to it yet.



New Dog!!

I have a chihuahua, Snickers. He hates when guests or unknown people come over. He growls and will even bite them. I purchased the ThunderShirt today and put it on him. He immediately became calmer! But the real test would come when an unfamiliar guest came over. About an hour after having the ThunderShirt on, an adult man came over that Snickers had never met. This is the worst case senerrio for Snickers. He would usually bark and bite. He walked up to him and licked his leg and wagged his tail. We were all very impressed. The house guest even commented on how calm and sweet he was. I can't wait for him to meet more people now. THANK YOU THUNDERSHIRT!


Dallas Texas United States

it really really works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About 6 months ago my friend took Ginger out for a walk and somehow she got out of her collar and ran, she took off and couldn't be caught hence a 3 hour hunt. I was beside myself - thought she was gone for good.

I found her hours later hiding in a field - across three major streets. By the the grace of God I found her. She was shaking and I believe in shock. Ever since that she has been so anxious at every little noise and barking when ever she was left. So you can imagine the poor little dogs state. Then yesterday someone suggested this ThunderShirt, as I was desperate for anything to help her, I went out and bought one yesterday. My husband said they saw me coming, and didn't think it worked. Well let me tell you it worked right away!!!!

Ginger is so relaxed in the ThunderShirt; she even walks with my other dogs without begging to be picked up. It's like she is another dog!!!!!! Before there was no way to take her out unless you carried her, no she just trots along like she owns the street. I never in my wildest dreams did I ever think this would work and work so well!!!!

I now have a happy and relaxed dog. Thank you so much to the creators of this amazing product!!! IT REALLY REALLY WORKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


toronto United States

Thundershirt Saved my Chihuahua's Life

It's difficult to put into words how significant the change in my Chihuahua's life became after only 5 minutes in her ThunderShirt. I work with rescue dogs on a daily basis. I come into contact with many breeds and personality types. I have had another Chi for almost 12 years and a terrier mix that I rescued 3 years ago.

Then came Lula. I adopted Lula from my good friend's rescue organization 2 years ago. She was about 6 years old and 3 pounds at the time, rescued from a 7-11 parking lot where she was bullied by humans while begging for scraps at the garbage can in front of the door. She was NOT easy to capture. A nervous, aggressive mess. I took her in to foster her and help her overcome her anxieties so that she could be made available for adoption. It became very clear very quickly that this poor dog was not going to be adoptable. My fear that she may pass a potential adopter's "cute" test, but then end up in a shelter because of her anxieties, prompted me to keep her as my own. That's when the real "fun" began.

She chewed at her paws constantly - they were always raw. She paced incessantly throughout the night. She ate her own feces. She would bark like she was being murdered if I stepped out of her eyesight. Loud noises, forget it, no one in the house is getting any sleep. She wouldn't budge on a leash. She overate like she had never tasted food, nor ever would again. She went from 3 pounds as a stray to 9 unhealthy pounds - all while under my watchful eye!! If I took my eye off the dogs at mealtime, I'd turn back around and she would have inhaled the food in the other dog bowls. Candles flickering would send her into another stratosphere. Sirens. Storms. Fireworks. Running water. Bathing/grooming. Car rides. DOG PARK??? - forget it!

Over the course of 2 years I spent well over $7,000....vets, cardiologists, name it. Drugs, drugs and more drugs. And the anxieties only got worse.

At my wit's end and struggling with lack of sleep, frustration and financial crisis, I thought "I am going to have to let this dog cross the rainbow bridge. This is no life for her." I had almost come to terms (but never was at peace) with the fact that she should not be forced to live this way. Nor should my other dogs suffer because every ounce of my attention was on her.

In July of this year, at PetSmart buying dog food, I overheard a conversation between a customer and an employee in front of the ThunderShirt products. Based on their conversation, I read the packaging, did some research on my cell phone and thought "well, it's only $45 - a drop in the bucket by comparison to what I have willingly spent already." I bought it, took it home, put it on her and OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 minutes was all it took. This is a COMPLETELY different dog. I could go on for hours. She immediately stopped biting herself, the OCD was GONE....she stopped overeating. I could walk out of the room to do laundry again. Within a few days she even became more affectionate. The fear left her eyes. Her tail wagged for the first time since she came into my life! She took to sleeping in her bed on the floor with NO encouragement from me. She plays with the other dogs. She plays with toys. She doesn't bark at every shadow. Every door knock. No more poop eating. She rides in the car quietly. She even somewhat enjoys the dog park 3x a week!

ThunderShirt quite literally saved my dog's life. And my sanity. I'm overcome with joy and relief that she is now a healthy pack member. I cannot thank ThunderShirt enough, truly, for giving me the opportunity to love her affectionately.

I swear, she should be the poster child for ThunderShirt.

With utmost gratitude,

Kirsten Mickelson


Aliso Viejo, Unit I California United States


I honestly did not believe that the ThunderShirt could possibly help our little Ike, he is 8 years old. A 5lb toy fox terrier who is always on edge, I think he sleeps with one eye open. Storms really scare him, he pants and shakes and hides behind anything he can find. I decided we didn't have anything to lose. I didn't want to drug him, so with great hesitation, I bought him a ThunderShirt.

My son even came in - and Ike usually acts like he is going to tear him up. He didn't even raise his head! I am totally amazed and thankful for ThunderShirt.


Bloomington Indiana United States

The Improvement Was Immediate.

Our dachshund Lucy used to be a real pain when we travelled. She would cry and pace on the backseat, never settling down. Putting her in a crate only made the situation worse.

When we heard about ThunderShirt, we were skeptical but also desperate as we were planning another road trip. Since we started using ThunderShirt, Lucy lays quietly and naps during our road trips.

The improvement was immediate. She is a very happy girl in her ThunderShirt, and we are so pleased that she can now relax and be happy when we travel.


Beaver Dam, New Brunswick Canada

ThunderShirt is for More Than Fireworks in Our House

My 9 year old golden retriever has always been afraid of fireworks and has always had allergies of an unknown nature. In 2014 we bought a ThunderShirt to try for the 4th of the July. She wasn't perfect but was much calmer than usual. This year we used it again and wow...our girl slept the night away; it was awesome. She has always had bad allergies (seasonal but origin unknown) and we've spent lots of money on itch creams, etc from the vet. This year, which has been bad due to the heat has been even worse. Even with cream she wakes me up scratching in the middle of the night. We were going to take her to the vet when I said hey why don't we try ThunderShirt, just for the sake of trying and see if it makes a difference. OMG - she slept the entire night, no scratching - unbelievable. She gets sleep and her allergies relax. We put on her ThunderShirt almost every night and it has been so good for her. I have talked ThunderShirt up to others re. fireworks but now I'm telling others about her allergy relief. Thanks so much for such a wonderful, non-medicinal product that actually WORKS!!!!!


Olympia Washington United States

If I Didn't See It with My Own Eyes, I Wouldn't Believe It Worked

Billie is my Cairn Terrier. About 2 years ago she developed anxiety, particularly around severe weather. She would come to me for safety, and by that I mean she tried to claw my stomach open so she could crawl inside of me.

My vet suggested tranquilizers but also suggested I try the ThunderShirt first. I knew from experience that tranquilizers work but take time, and this dog didn't give me a warning period.

When the next thunder and lightning storm hit, I quickly grabbed her and put on her ThunderShirt. Within two minutes, she curled up on her pillow and went to sleep while the thunder boomed and lightning cracked.


NEW YORK New York United States


Baily came to live with us when her forever family had to move to Germany. The first time we had a thunder storm I had 75 lbs. of Border Collie in my lap. My wife and I saw the commercial for ThunderShirt and thought we would try it. What a difference - she still does not particularly care for the storms but she will lay down on the floor next to the couch or bed and not jump up during the storm.


Virginia Beach Virginia United States

Big sister

I have nothing to say but positive for ThunderShirt. A year ago our Golden Retriever passed from kidney failure. She left behind our Dalmatian -- 1 yr younger. They grew up together - even had 2 puppies together. Once she passed, the vet said about 2 months to recuperate -- never happened. Every time my husband or I had to leave home, he sat in the front window waiting for our return. We believe, since Ginger -- our Golden - left the house " gone " and never came home, he felt we wouldn't come home. The 1st day we got our ThunderShirt, it took a little while for him to get used to it, but after 10 minutes he totally calmed down, went to bed, and chilled out. We did a test. Told him we were going to the store. He always sat there waiting. We only drove around the block. He was NOT in the window once we reached the car. When we returned he was still sleeping in bed. OMG -- so grateful for this invention.


Macungie Pennsylvania United States

Fourth of July

Our family would dread every 4th of July. Our shiba inu Lola would just bark non-stop; nothing would console or calm her down. This stopped when we bought her a ThunderShirt. Just amazing! No barking, calm as can be. Wonderful product, really works!! Lola not a fan of thunderstorms either. But while wearing her ThunderShirt, no longer an issue. Thank you ThunderShirt!


Chicago Illinois United States

No More Terror for Uni!

Dear Folks at ThunderShirt:
This past weekend I tried your product for the first time and I just have to share this you. I bought a ThunderShirt for Uni a couple of weeks ago and we had the chance to try it out last night and also today. And you know.. I gotta say IT TOTALLY REALLY WORKS!

Uni is totally afraid and completely freaked out by Fireworks and The Blue Angels. While the ThunderShirt did not get rid of her fear completely, it helped like nothing else we have ever done before.

Last year she hid in the bathroom, totally dark, shaking and vomited over and over because of her terror. She refused to go out and pee/poo for 20 hours.

This year she improved by 95 percent all by using ThunderShirt. She sat in the house completely still during the Fireworks and while she still paced a bit and was breathing a little bit faster than usual... it was NOTHING like years past. She walked around the house and even went out to pee and poo. Unreal!

I just wanted to let anyone who might be thinking of buying one, that if you follow the directions correctly, use it in the way they tell you to, it will really really make a huge difference. And I would expect over time, it can only get better for them. I fully believe that for all of her fears the ThunderShirt is going to make them all go away or at least be 95 percent better! A totally wonderful product!!

Happy 4th everyone!


San Francisco California United States

Missys story

Missy is my 5 year old chocolate lab. She has always been afraid of fireworks and thunder but I didn't know what to do about it. A friend of mine recommended I try a ThunderShirt for her. I was hesitant because I didn't see how it could help. I decided to try one this year and I was amazed!!! She laid down on the couch and went off to sleep! No shaking and whining like she usually does. ThunderShirt is amazing!! I would recommend it to anyone who has a pet with this problem.


Hamilton Ohio United States

So Much More Peaceful.....

I've thanked you once before, but I wanted to thank you again for the awesome product ThunderShirt is. We now have two in ThunderShirts; Cookie, my "closet cat" who would never come out and socialize and was petrified of the other cats, and Spike, who even though is neutered, continued to spray to mark territory. Cookie now openly comes out, sleeps out, and plays out in the open for all to see. Spike has completely stopped spraying, and as a bonus, whenever I go to bed at night, he's stopped getting up and down and being restless. He'll stay curled up at my side the entire night. Something he's never done. Thank you, so much!


Otisville Michigan United States

Calming Penny!

Penny is a 6-year old rescue who I adopted a year and a half ago. I had never had a dog before so frightened of storms. After some anxious times during our first storms together, I bought a ThunderShirt. The difference is amazing! She is still uneasy with storms but that could have something to do with her past before I adopted her. The ThunderShirt takes so much of the edge off and as long as I'm nearby, Penny is much calmer...even able to sleep. ThunderShirt has made BOTH of our lives easier!!!!!!


Baltimore Maryland United States

Thundershirt Saves the Night for Aging Dog

Jet is a 16 year old lab with failing kidneys who was waking me up about every 2 hours at night to go out. I put the ThunderShirt on her as her "pajamas" and now she is only getting up once in the night. This is the most amazing help for aging pets who eventually get dementia just like aging adults. She actually wags her tail when I say "ThunderShirt" before bedtime! Thanks so much for a truly amazing product that has given both of us a much better quality of life!


Maryland United States

Skittish Scamper

I was seeking to adopt a dog to serve the purpose of a comfort pet for my autistic nephew, unfortunately, my brother's landlord sold the property and he was unable to bring my now dog Scamper home. As for me, I was in the process of apartment hunting because my place no longer allowed pets after hearing that I was housing another small dog my first dog is a 4 yr old chihuahua named Lila. When I first was given Scamper he was still very small & nursing from a bottle as I looked for an apartment a good friend of mine housed both of my pets, let's flash forward to this year Scamper is now 2 yrs old & was diagnosed with separation anxiety we tried everything short of medication only to see my vibrant buddy growing more skittish everyday & trembling in fear, we ran across ThunderShirt in Bed Bath & Beyond as a last resort we tried it, and INSTANTLY WE RECEIVED RESULTS !!!! This truly is an amazing product literally the day before purchasing ThunderShirt I was heavily contemplating giving Scamper up for adoption simply because I am a full-time student & his condition has been very costly . Now even without having his ThunderShirt on he still remains calm and comfortable. I LOVE THIS PRODUCT I AM SAYING THIS TO ANY PET OWNER DON'T HESITATE MAKING THIS PURCHASE IT HAS LITTERALY SAVED MY DOGS LIFE. THANK YOU SO MUCH THUNDERSHIRT!


Long Beach California United States

Thank You Inventor

We have a ThunderShirt for our chihuahua Lola. And it is the best thing ever invented for dogs. It calms her within a minute during thunderstorms or fireworks. No meds necessary . Thank you so much to the inventor, if you have any other helpful products we would like to try them.


Fenton Michigan United States

Car Trip

We have taken our 12 pound pet poodle Pepper to Florida on 2 occasions with 6 hours of yelping, whimpering, and moaning. Pepper is usually an easy going, well trained dog and a wonderful part of the family. He meets no strangers and is a joy to be around. However, car travel is miserable. We tried the veterinarian's suggestion of giving him medication, but no amount helped. Finally, a friend of mine recommended the ThunderShirt. I am an occupational therapist and often use deep pressure to calm students with various anxiety behaviors. I often recommend the use of pressure garments for students so that they can participate in the classroom curriculum with less stress. This strategy made perfect sense to me; however, I was impressed with the immediate effect it made on our Pepper. We went on our 6 hour drive to Florida and had him wear the ThunderShirt. The beginning of the trip can be the most anxious part for Pepper. He jumped in the car as requested and he sat in his bed. He initially sat up and made a few whimpering sounds, but not his usual excited high pitched barking. Once we started on the road and got to the highway, he layed down and snuggled under his beach towel. He became the model traveler. Of course there were the occasional barks when we had to stop for gas and occasional whimpering when he needed to go to the bathroom (his way of communicating). Overall, the trip was wonderful and the children were all more relaxed and comfortable. Thank you ThunderShirt.


Duluth Georgia United States

If I hadn't seen it, I wouldn't have believed it. Darn thing works..

My 18 month old chorkie, Reagan whom we rescued last fall, is absolutely terrified of thunder. Shakes uncontrollably, and it usually starts well before the storm..she's sensitive to the atmospheric changes, I guess. Being in Florida, it's out rainy season now ( June) and we get a storm most every afternoon/evening. I was skeptical when I first heard about the ThunderShirt, but the company had very good customer reviews, and also had a 45 day return policy. So there's really nothing to lose. The ThunderShirt actually arrived during a storm. The dog's shaking. We opened the package, put it on, and it's like you turned the switch to OFF. Trembling stopped immediately! Nothing! Dog sat calmly for 90 minutes, just panted a little. If I hadn' t seen it, no way would I believe it. We've had continued success for several days now, and I expect it will be very useful during her first 4th of July..fireworks are BIG down here. Again, if you have a problem with your dog trembling, there''s absolutely NO reason not to try the ThunderShirt. Hopefully, it works; if it doesn't, send it back. One more thing...the customer service is excellent. I had questions about what size to choose, and they provided a detailed explanation and recommendation.


Temple Terrace Florida United States

Shockingly Successful !

We adopted an abused 4 year old 90 lbs. Lab that was very skittish, particularly to storms. He would hide in closets, hyperventilate, attempt to crawl under bed and roam aimlessly. We felt great compassion for his discomfort. Out of desperation we purchased a ThunderShirt: OMG, the product has made a tremendous difference for not only our baby but us as well. He willingly allows it to be put on. This evening as a storm approached he chose the ThunderShirt over a dog bone. It calms him down, no pacing, hyperventilating, hiding. He will curl up on the couch or on the floor near the couch. I would and do recommend this product to anyone who has a dog that displays any of my described behaviors. To me it's like swaddling a baby. Fabulous and thank you!


Texas United States

Gauge is a TV Star & Wears His CAMO ThunderShirt!

We bought the camo ThunderShirt to help our puppy Gauge with new situations and separation anxiety. He was on the news as one of the cutest pets in Northern MN and wore his new ThunderShirt!! He just wore it on his first camping/fishing trip and it helped immensely.
We definitely recommend ThunderShirt !!


Goodland Minnesota United States


We live in a multi-cat household, which our cat, Cookie, has never been fond of. She's always hiding away, only coming out to drink or use the litter box and then she goes right back to hiding. Some of our younger boys like to harass her because they sense her fear.
But this Thundershirt is amazing! I put it on her for the first time last night and the response was immediate. She actually started walking around(I made sure the other cats were away so that she had a more serene environment), and when she saw one of the other cats, instead of hissing and immediately hiding away, she just sat there, and watched them. What a difference! I'm seriously considering on purchasing one for my cat Spike, who, although neutered, is a nervous sprayer and still marks objects when he gets nervous.


Michigan United States

Cooper is a Fashion Statement!

Cooper is a gentle giant, but he freaks out in thunder storms. I purchased a ThunderShirt and he is a new boy. We took it off to wash and he went and hid until we put it back on him. Had to buy another so we could keep him in one while washing one. He struts his stuff in his ThunderShirt.


Carmel Indiana United States

You Have to See It to Believe It!

I'm not usually a review-writer, but I'm sitting here at 12:30 am during a good ol' North Carolina thunderstorm writing this review because I am so amazed by and thrilled with this product!
Our 6-year-old 15-lb Cockapoo just recently began, seemingly out of nowhere, having very intense anxiety in response to thunderstorms and fireworks (we live near a ballpark so the fireworks are a weekly issue).
Just last week we were away from home when a huge storm came through. Our dog apparently tried to hide behind the toilet; in doing so, she chewed the plastic tubing that carries water to the toilet tank, I guess she thought the tube was in her way? We came home to a flooded bathroom and a drenched dog. Something had to be done.
Sharing our hometown with the ThunderShirt headquarters, we had heard about the product but were admittedly skeptical. During a middle-of-the-night storm-- with our dog panting, shaking violently, and standing on our chests as we tried to sleep-- we placed the order online just it case it might help.
We acclimated her to the ThunderShirt for a few storm-less days by giving her treats on it and leaving it in her bed.
Tonight is the first time we've tried it during a storm, and while there's pouring rain, thunder, and lightning outside, she's asleep next to me on the couch in her ThunderShirt, as I write this!
She seems to think that she can't move very well with it on, but it turns out that's fine. Don't let that discourage you! I helped her realize that she could curl up and get comfortable, and within moments she stopped shaking and FELL ASLEEP.
I'm so relieved that we won't have to go the medication route, and that she can relax and we can relax.
Beyond amazed, THANK YOU hometown heroes! :)


Durham North Carolina United States

My Buddy Buttwell

Buddy was so terrified by thunder & any loud noise. My dad gave him the nickname, Buddy Buttwell. He acted terrible when he heard thunder. I put the ThunderShirt on him & he immediately calmed down. He even went to sleep. I was amazed & posted this picture on Facebook of him. I highly recommend a ThunderShirt to all dogs with anxiety.

Lee Ann

Kettering Ohio United States

Niko's Success

My husband and I had welcomed a foster dog named Niko to our family. On his first day here, the people who dropped him off informed us to avoid taking him in the car as he had thrown up four times on the way to our house. We didn't think anything of it as Niko was supposed to be a short term placement and it was winter.

However, things changed and Niko has stayed and has become part of our family. We knew we would have to take him to the vet to keep him updated on his shots and we feared with us living out in the country, the drive to the vet would be horrible. We were right; he threw up three times on the way there.

We decided that we would just avoid taking Niko places except when we had to like for vet appointments, but as the weather warmed up, this was just not an option for me. I wanted to take Niko to the dog park, so I set upon myself to get him used to the car. I tried slowly introducing the car to him, sitting in the car without moving it, and driving short distances. It didn't work. He would lay down in and just puke. I even tried using Dramamine that my vet recommended because we thought that it could be motion sickness.

I called out to Facebook for help and had multiple friends suggest the ThunderShirt. I was skeptical, but I read the reviews and gave it a shot. My husband and I wrapped Niko up in it and set off to go to the edge of town. We were scared that it wouldn't really work, so we didn't want to push it to the dog park. However, when we got in the car and started moving, we noticed Niko did not seem nervous at all. When we pulled out onto the road, he sat with his held high, which was totally out of the norm for him! We made it to the edge of town without any problems. No nerves. No throwing up. My husband wanted to turn around, and I said, "No! No! Keep going! Let's take him to the park!"

We made it to the park and for the first time ever Niko got to get some socialization in, which was awesome! We never knew how great he was with other dogs, and he looked so happy. I wish I had pictures, but I got to be honest, I didn't even take my phone with me because we never dreamed he would be able to make it that far in the car. I have NEVER been one to advocate for a product, but I have also never seen one impress me like the ThunderShirt. I will be recommending this to everyone who has an anxious dog.


Ohio United States

Stopped Crying at Night

Our dog Patches is like or baby. He travels well in the car but when we get to the motel to spend the night he cannot be consoled whatever we do. He cries all night and we have to travel 8 more hours to get home and we are exhausted not getting any sleep. We have tried medication from our vet to relax him so he can sleep but THE MEDICATION DOES NOT WORK. This has been going on for three years and we usually travel at least twice year. I bought a ThunderShirt a few weeks ago and put it on Patches and he immediately laid down in the motel and he was very relaxed. We all went to bed about 15 min later and Patches went in his crate and we told him good night. My husband and I were waiting for Patches to start crying.....guess what....he went to sleep and did not make a peep. Thank you ThunderShirt. It was really like a miracle... I would have PAID $100 TO GET A GOOD NIGHT's SLEEP!


Clinton Tennessee United States

ThunderShirt Saved My Dog's Life

The ThunderShirt saved my dogs life. He had terrible itchiness, and we did EVERYTHING to help. Constant visits to the vet, many sprays and calming creams, new bedding and sweaters, special diet, etc.. His scratching got so bad he would make himself bleed - it was up to the point where we had to take turns sleeping next to Sparky to prevent him from scratching (he would bite off any sort of bandage we would put around him). We also tried using cones for the biting... nothing worked. One day, we had bandaged him as well as we could, all around his midsection, very securely, and we (the family) had to leave the home for a few hours. When we came back, he had ripped off the bandage (even with his cone on) and was dripping in a pool of blood and shaking. Blood was on the walls, on the floor, all over him, it was gruesome, and we all cried and hurried to rush him to the emergency animal hospital. He suffered a significant amount of blood loss from his own scratching. It was heartbreaking. It happened again a few weeks later. And again..We were not sleeping, because we took turns every night watching him. And whenever we left him alone, he would manage to rip apart his protective sweaters or bandages. We even duck taped the bandage ends to keep it secure. We were in a desperate mode to prevent him from hurting himself. We cut his nails, tried to put doggie boots and socks on him, everything. So eventually, our vet told us to let him stay in the animal hospital for a few days for observation, but they called us back the next day to tell us to pick him up because he was depressed and would not eat. Then, my dad bought the ThunderShirt. He bought out of desperation, not really thinking it would do anything at all for Sparky. But little did we know, it would save Sparky. Immediately once Sparky had on the thunder shirt, he stopped scratching completely. We were able to sleep again, he stopped needing his medicines and special diets. Everything we had tried had failed. But the thunder shirt worked!! Sparky's anxiety stopped.. He had scratched his hair off, and in a few weeks, it grew back after wearing the ThunderShirt. ThunderShirt literally saved his life. His scratching that we could not find a cure for was cured with this vest. After we saw the immediate improvement, our veterinarian was in awe, after all the medications and diet plans, and doggie care that we paid for, in one day we saw the immediate change. So our vet adopted the ThunderShirt, and he now sells it in the animal hospital. It really works! Thank You to the creators of this ThunderShirt. You saved my dog. We were almost at the point of having to put him down because he was mutilating himself and nothing we did would work. Thank you.


United States

Believe Me, This ThunderShirt is a Stress Saver!

I just wanted to let you know how much your ThunderShirt helped my cat. We have a second home that is only 2 hours away (under normal circumstances) from our regular home. When we go up to the mountain home (last 40 minutes of the drive is extremely curvy), I drive separately from my husband so that I can take our 4 cats and Rottie. My Himalayan gets very sick on the trip, she throws up 4 times and usually poops too, getting it all in her fluffy hair. Needless to say this is a very stressful trip for her and I both. I have to pull off the side of the road, change her puppy pad in her carrier, clean her up, and continue on, until the next sick moment. I have tried all the medications and sprays, I have tried driving slowly, I have tried keeping her in the dark, in the light, cool, where she can see the road, where she can't see the road. You name it, I have tried it. Nothing worked. I decided to try the ThunderShirt for cats, knowing I could take it back if it didn't help. I got her used to the ThunderShirt for a couple of days, from a few minutes to longer. I then put it on her about 1 hour before the trip so she wouldn't be stressed from me putting it on her, then I put her in her carrier for the trip. On the way up to the house she only threw up just once, literally in the driveway of the mountain house at the end of the trip. I was ecstatic. On the trip back down the mountain to home, the worse part of the curves would now be at the beginning. I put the ThunderShirt on her 1 hour before leaving. She threw up halfway down the mountain about 20 minutes into the trip and that was the only time she threw up. Believe me, this ThunderShirt is a stress saver for her and for me. Going from 4 throw ups, 1 poop, down to only 1 throw up is INCREDIBLE. Thank you!!!!


New York United States

Wallace Really Likes His ThunderShirt...

Wallace really likes his ThunderShirt. Immediate calm blinking and meatloafing. Climbed a cat tree, played and ate while wearing his ThunderShirt.


Short Pump Virginia United States

My Dogs Are So Chill Now

I have owned 2 female mini doxies for at least 11 years, with constant issues, separation anxiety, barking at everyone outside; even warnings of leaves falling, they thought I should be warned! Oh geez and when it storms, the thunder and lightning, the 4th of July is terrible too!
But I just purchased two of the original grey ThunderShirts - 1 S and 1 XL. Both my dogs are so chill now, not a bark all night or today, just laying in the sunny window.. I love you ThunderShirt !!
Thank you,


vacaville California United States

Thank You for Making Her Life Better...

In Nov. 2014 I returned to MS after 30+ years in MT. My purpose and my husband’s was to take care of our aging mothers. One at each end of the state. We brought 2 cats with us, one who was bought at a pet store, the other adopted to save from euthanasia at the pound. We intended this to be the extent of our family. I had clearly forgotten how things are in the South. We found homes for many of the “drop offs” and took the rest to the Oxford Lafayette Humane Shelter.

In October 2005, we found 4 small puppies at the brink of death. They were dehydrated, starved, covered with fleas and had mange. We took them home and began our mission to save them. I don’t think they could have lasted another hour without intervention. I was afraid that the vet would say they were beyond saving, so although I did go to his office for medications, I did not bring them along. He was able to find a home for the male in the bunch immediately. The rest we kept for 6 weeks, marveling at their progress. We finally placed the second dog. The people who took her would have taken the other 2, but I could not part with them.

Our latest acquisition was in Jan. 2012. While I was visiting my son, my husband found a young female black lab cringing in the corner of our pole barn, where we have a pen for our two biggest dogs. He believes that she had been there for a couple of days, but he just had not noticed her until “Red” directed him to her. She was starving and had developed skin problems from foraging in the dirt for nourishment. She had also recently had pups. We have no clue what must have happened to them. Mike got her into treatment immediately and she was looking much better by the time I met her.

Once we decided that we would keep her, he asked what shall we name her? When she gave me her toothy grin, I knew right away that she was Grace Jones. She is a very loving creature, but still at times somewhat insecure. We hated that and wanted to get past that for her, so we decided about a week ago to try a ThunderShirt. Living in a rural area it’s either travel or order from the Internet. Given our luck at getting the wrong size, we decided to take an excursion to PetSmart in Oxford. Gracie loves to ride, so it would be an added treat. The folks at PetSmart met us at the door. Praised Grace for her beauty and gave her treats. She seemed to enjoy it all and was not nervous as I had feared. We found the perfect shirt and it is working. It’s very obvious that she is proud of her shirt and seems much more relaxed. We take it off for excursions outdoors, but she is always happy to have her ThunderShirt refitted when we come inside. Thank you for making her life better. She certainly did not deserve the poor start she had in life and we want the rest of her life to be as trouble free as possible.


Charleston Mississippi United States

Nineveh South

Traumatized by a House Fire

Several years ago, our house caught fire while we were out and our dogs were trapped inside. A passing neighbor broke the door down and got the dogs out of the house. Ever since the sounds of thunder, fireworks, or frying foods sends her into a state of panic. We just happen to be making bacon last night and with the ThunderShirt on, she was just a little nervous but she didn't run and hide and didn’t shiver in fear. She actually fell asleep.


United States

Christine M.

I really want to say thank you for changing my life and thank you for saving our 6 yr old chocolate lab Shelby.  I have spent well into the thousands trying to get to the bottom of Shelby's excessive scratching and licking.  The pads on her feet were licked raw and she could not walk at times.  We had socks on her feet, as she had scratched almost all her belly hair off.  We were heartbroken!  Allergy test revealed nothing, so not being able to stand to see her suffer, we had been trying to find the courage to put her to sleep.  THEN I came across your page on the Internet looking for some help, and thought, 'What the heck I'm going to give it a shot.'  OMG the minute we put the ThunderShirt on her, she stopped!  I mean stopped everything; no scratching, no licking paws, for the first time without drugs to knock her out she slept so peacefully I cried!  I could not believe my eyes!  Well its been over a month now and I just ordered her a pretty pink one for a change. Thank you so much!!

Dog: Shelby


United States

The minute we put ThunderShirt on, she stopped everything; no scratching, no licking...

I really want to say thank you for changing my life and thank you for saving our 6 yr old chocolate lab Shelby.

I have spent well into the thousands trying to get to the bottom of Shelby’s excessive scratching and licking. The pads on her feet were licked raw and she could not walk at times. We had socks on her feet, as she had scratched almost all her belly hair off. We were heartbroken! Allergy test revealed nothing, so not being able to stand to see her suffer, we had been trying to find the courage to put her to sleep. THEN I came across your page on the Internet looking for some help, and thought, ‘What the heck I’m going to give ThunderShirt a shot.’

OMG, the minute we put the ThunderShirt on her, she stopped! I mean stopped everything; no scratching, no licking paws, for the first time without drugs to knock her out she slept so peacefully I cried! I could not believe my eyes! Well its been over a month now and I just ordered her a pretty pink one for a change.

Thank you so much!!


United States

My dog loves it!

I purchased a ThunderShirt from my local PetSmart.  My dog hates going out in the rain to potty, she will refuse.  Ever since I bought the ThunderShirt, no refusal from her!


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ThunderShirt for my Akita - Wow!!!

This past month, use of the product literally saved the life of a 10 year old Akita named Meko. Over the years, we've used Prozac, Ace, Chinese herbs, acupuncture and diet changes to deal with his anxiety. We really had come to the end of our options. I made an appointment to euthanize him. One of the large ThunderShirts that we had loaned out as part of our AKITA COACH prevention program was returned after the dog passed away. So I put it on Meko as a last resort. The results were immediate! The panting stopped. The destructiveness ceased. The screaming, whining, crying that we've listened to for a month practically disappeared. I am amazed, and feel guilty that we didn't use the shirt sooner. Thank you so very much for this opportunity to use your product.


United States

Akita Rescue Society of Florida Inc

Dog: Jennings, Owner: Margot

Woof Woof,
My name is Jennings, and I am a 5 yr old Mini Goldendoodle from Massachusetts. Noises never bothered me when I was a little guy, but a couple of years ago, some neighbors of ours decided to have fireworks over and over and over.... and, well, I don't like loud noises anymore. Mommy's friend had bought a ThunderShirt for her Sheepdog, and then her cousin bought one for his pug, so she got one for me. And guess what? She put it on during a FEROCIOUS thunderstorm we had, and I went right to my bed, curled up, and took a nap!!!!! Before that, I would have hid in a corner, panting!!! Mommy took a picture of me sleeping in my shirt because she was so thankful and she said it warmed her heart to know I wasn't scared. I don't really understand what she means (humans are confusing), but she said you would understand :)

Thank you Thundershirt, and many wags to you


United States

Elvis wasn't "All Shook Up" during the last storm...

Jack Russels are pretty high strung but even Elvis (that’s his name) wasn't "All Shook Up" during the last storm after spending a few minutes in his ThunderShirt


Edison New Jersey United States

Dog is now off of all anti-anxiety medication

One of our employees is using the ThunderShirt with very good results.

Her dog is now off of all anti-anxiety medication and is much more relaxed during storms.


Chatsworth Georgia United States

Dog: Wilson, Owner: Chris B.

Our Shih Tzu, Wilson is petrified during thunderstorms.  He paces, pants, shakes and will not leave my side.  I thought you would get a kick out of seeing him during a storm with his Thundershirt on.  Yes, he is breathing but out cold and snoring!  Yea Thundershirt!


United States

Dog: Burger, Owner: Michelle W.

We adopted our Australian Cattle Dog, Burger, from the county animal shelter and he is wonderful.  He is so happy in his new home, and regards thunder as an unseen intruder coming to do harm to him and his new family.  As much as we appreciated the sentiment behind his robust barking in our defense, he was clearly stressed, and the barking was wearing on our nerves as well.  When we put his Thundershirt on, he goes into a zen-like state and is transformed into the doggy Yoda you see in the photo.  We can't thank you enough for making such an effective, chemical-free stress reducer!

North Carolina

United States


It worked on the very first walk! Miura quickly figured out the cause-and-effect that it would become snug around her chest and that she could control that. Because of the stops it never over-tightened her collar either. Great design!

Amy Cross
Coloma, MI

United States

Nicole A.

I recently adopted a very friendly, 1 year-old, pit bull - boxer mix from a local rescue. For the first half of a typical day, he was extremely well-behaved and seemed to be adjusting well to his new home. However, I noticed that around 4-5 PM everyday he would become very rigid and painfully distracted. All of the commands we'd learned went straight out the window. When he wasn't barking at the front door, he was pacing, desperately searching for something to chew on. He was completely overwhelmed by the sounds of people in my building returning home from work. I tried treat-stuffed toys, more exercise, running a fan for white noise - anything to distract him. Nothing seemed to work. I finally did some research online and came across the Thundershirt. What a great idea! I had to give it a shot. When I first introduced Rocky to the Thundershirt, he was more than apprehensive. I had to go very slowly, first offering him treats on top of the shirt, then laying it over him when he was exhausted from a run. The first time I put it on him, he was not a happy camper. He chewed at the shirt and spun around growling. I was only able to leave it on him for 10 minutes. HOWEVER, the second time, he walked right over to me (tail wagging) when he saw it in my hands! It was actually pretty amazing. He plopped himself on the floor in the next room and napped for an hour while people walked right past the door! Not one bark. When he woke up, he went straight to his chew toy and entertained himself for another hour without a sound. I'm very impressed with this product and so grateful for the relief it has given Rocky. And to anyone who feels discouraged after a less-than-perfect first try, try again! It really can take two or three usages to see results. Just be patient and stay positive!

United States

Dog: Meeker, Owner: Merrilee P.

My yorkie Meeker has always shook and panted with thunder and rain.  I purchased her a Thundershirt and it has been a life saver for her!  Anyone who has these issues with their dog should not hesitate in purchasing one!

United States

Dog: Squirrelly, Owners: Kim & Eddy L

We got our dog, Squirrelly, a Thundershirt yesterday.  She has major anxiety attacks in thunderboomers~ enough to send her trying to smash through windows.

We had boomers in the forecast from yesterday through the rest of the week.  We were anxious about the forecast because we know how hard she is to handle.  So we decided to try one of these Thundershirts.  We read things on-line about them and wondered, but we didn’t have much faith in the chances of it working. But we figured that we didn’t have anything to lose since they offer a money back guarantee.  Well, by the time we got home last night I was emailing my best friend saying 'I'm going to have to write the company!!  It's AMAZING!!!!!'

Squirrelly sat through the storms without even batting an eye... no panting, no panic.  She curled up and went to sleep at one point in the middle of the worst one.  I have never seen such a thing in my life.  INSTANT cure!!!  I hear that it doesn't work for all dogs, but when it works,  let me tell you~ it WORKS!!  It has changed our whole family dynamic instantly.  We can't believe it.

Squirrelly also gets nervous in stores.  Last time Eddy took her to one of the large marts” to be groomed he had to pick her up and carry her in.  We fairly DRAGGED her in yesterday... and it took the two of us and a sales person to fit her... panting, FULL BODY TREMBLES~ practically seizures.  But once it was on, all of a sudden she stood still, stopped shaking, started looking around, wagging her tail... smelling things, exploring.  We all walked through the store and she shopped.  She was scared if a stranger tried to touch her, so we just asked people to leave her in peace as she adjusted.

And it is cool for her to wear... it feels like a very light cotton sheet, sort of thin fleecy breezy material.  She does not show any signs of overheating.

She is sitting in bed against the pillows like a teddy bear right now in her shirt.  I don't think I'll take it off because we are having storms throughout the day.  The last ones passed just a half hour ago.  I just took a picture and broke the calm with the flash, ha ha... typical... but she just got up with the attention and got down for water!

The worst of the storms are supposed to be Thursday & Thursday night.  Now I’m looking forward to them just to watch to see her calm temperament.  We are so relieved- she no longer has to suffer, and we no longer have to worry.

United States

Teresa P.

Thank you so much for making a leash that works so simply and naturally for my dogs who love to pull. It worked the very first time and was not uncomfortable or scary for even my nervous dog. I could have walked either my 94 lb or 60 lb dog with just one finger if I had wanted. It's nice to take them for a walk AND have circulation in my hand. ;-) I'm going to order another so both of my pullers can have their own. Thanks--awesome product, sturdy and well worth the money.
Teresa Pratt; mom to pullers Jake and Pepper and Petey, the non-pulling beagle.

Teresa P.

United States

Solution to our cat's anxiety problem without drugs!

Casper, our Persian cat which we adopted as a 5 month old kitten, has had an anxiety disorder which causes him to cry continuously through the night, starting at 3 a.m. and continuing until it is light. For the past 11 years, our vet has medicated him with Elavil (amitryptyline) a tricyclic antidepressant drug used to treat depression in humans. As the years went on, we need to continue to increase his dose. We found a partial solution in using a calming collar, which contains mother cat pheromones. However, the problem was not solved. Since buying a ThurnderShirt for Casper, he has been quiet at night and is completely off medication. He is also much more affectionate during the day. We have observed a synergistic effect with the collar plus the shirt and continue to use both.

I have recommended the ThunderShirt to everyone I know with pet behavioral problems. Thank you so much for a final solution to Casper's anxiety problem without drugs!


United States

Today I came home to a calm dog

Saturday I adopted Rajah and her anxiety when I left was concerning to me. She broke out of her crate twice, the second time chewing up my entry door to my apartment. I found ThunderShirt at PetSmart and today I came home to a calm dog, sitting in her crate waging her tail. I truly believe the ThunderShirt helped keep her calm while I was at work and I hope it will do the same while I'm in class.
It's only day 1 but I hope this improvement continues!
Thanks ThunderShirt!!


Indiana United States

It worked the very first time that she wore it!

We rescued our little girl about two weeks ago and my wife said that when I left the house to run errands puppy howled the entire time that I was gone. My wife had to sedate her and this is not what we like to do with our fur babies. We were told about ThunderShirts by our vet so we purchased one. It worked the very first time that she wore it! She remained calm and even took a nap while I was gone. She wears it whenever I leave now and it is just amazing. No more calming meds, just her ThunderShirt! It is very easy to put it on her too. We are all very happy and we recommend trying it first before using any drugs. It is the best purchase we have made other than paying the adoption fee for our new baby. Thanks ThunderShirt!


Arizona United States

I feel so good when I am wearing it!

I love my ThunderShirt. It makes me so relaxed and happy! When Mommie puts it on me I start to purr. Thanks you for making it. I love it and feel so good when I am wearing it!


New York New York United States

The difference was immediate.

We found Popeye running down the street in our new neighborhood and took him in as a foster until he can be adopted out. It became apparent that he suffers from extreme seperation anxiety. He destroyed blinds, doors, baseboards and walls. He has managed to escape from every crate we tried, hurting himself in the process. His anxiety quickly transferred to the rest of my family, never knowing what we were coming home to was taking its toll. We tried herbal remedies, prozac, sedatives, diet changes, distractions, kongs, tv's and training - nothing worked! Then we invested a measly $40 in the ThunderShirt and our entire lives have changed. The difference in his demeaner was immediate. We can now leave our house in peace knowing that it will look the same when we get back. Even more importantly Popeye is set up for success when we manage to find him a lucky forever family.


Arizona United States

We put on her ThunderShirt and it calms her down immediately.

WOW!!! I would not have believed it possible but the ThunderShirt has been such a blessing for our English Shepard Shelby... She used to try to practically climb inside one of us when a storm was approaching but now we put on her ThunderShirt and it calms her down immediately. We got one for our Lab too even though her reaction was not extreme... They look really cute together when they both have them on. Thank you so much for developing this product... IT WORKS...


Massachusetts United States

She asks for it when she senses a storm coming.

We adopted our dog 10 years ago. She was living in a soccer field across the street from our favorite taco stand. We live on a small Island off the coast of Cancun Mexico, Isla Mujeres. The taco stand owners named her Clienta because she was a female customer. Up until last September, I dreaded hurricane season & all the Mexican holidays with fireworks. Clienta would shake, pant, paw me do death with her nails & then started digging” through couches, beds, chairs, etc. After shredding some Egyptian sheets I was at my wits end. Putting her in a crate didn’t work. She would try to claw her way & I was afraid she would cut up her pads.

My mother sent me an article about the ThunderShirt. A week later a client in our restaurant was telling me about it after I had to excuse myself from taking her order to call my babysitter & ask her to go comfort Clienta during a storm. And then the next week, while on vacation in Flagstaff, AZ I saw an article tacked up in a ladies room about the ThunderShirt. I figured it must be a sign.

I had to make an unexpected trip to the States. I had it sent two day mail to my parent’s house in NY. When I first saw it I wondered if I had been duped. A week later back on Isla Mujeres, we had a terrible tropical storm, I called my babysitter & asked her to put the ThunderShirt on Clienta. That day when I arrived home from work. My babysitter was talking a mile a minute in Spanish, I am far from fluent but I did pick up ,Clienta mucho nerviouso” then tranquilo”. It was a few days later when I witnessed the magic.

Clienta is a new dog while wearing her ThunderShirt. She eats, she sleeps. She even asks for it when she senses a storm coming. She goes to the drawer it is in & paws the drawer. It is truly amazing.

I cannot thank you enough for your research & development. I now sleep soundly during the New Year’s eve celebrations that start at midnight & go until 5am. My sheets are all intact & while my couch needs to be replaced I will wait until my young children grow up some before we get a new one. Thank you again!


United States

Highly recommend!!!!!

I have a 13 month old male Pitbull. He had the worst case of separation anxiety I have ever seen. We would leave and come back to a disaster. He ate my memory foam mattress, shoes, blinds and pillows. He would poo and pee on everything. We even had to sit with him so he would eat.

I bought him a ThunderShirt this morning and I have successfully walked around my house without a shadow (i.e. my dog). Highly recommend!!!!!


United States

I can't brag enough about this ThunderShirt!

I can't brag enough about this ThunderShirt! Anyone who owns a dog with anxiety issues should invest in one for sure! This time, my dachshund is sleeping soundly beside me through a storm - Not because of me, but because she is wearing her ThunderShirt!! It is amazing folks, I have been passing the word around and all my friends are buying one for their dogs who HAD thunder anxieties.. Yes, past tense... it really works!!!!



Ohio United States

I put the shirt on her and it was amazing

While shopping in PetSmart with my dog, Sasha, a huge thunderstorm erupted. Sasha was terrified. She cleared out one of the shelves, backed into the shelf and wouldn't move. I sat on the floor of PetSmart, gently rubbing her, trying to coax her to come out of the shelf. There was no way she was moving. The employees and patrons came by and commented on how cute she was, but in fact, she was terribly frightened.

After about twenty minutes, one of the PetSmart employees came over and asked me about the ThunderShirt. I told him I was willing to try it, so he went to pick one out for me. I put the shirt on her and it was amazing. She walked out of the store with me and seemed to be comfortable. Once I got her home, she didn't want to take it off.

Sasha can vouch for the ThunderShirt. She loves it!


United States

Now he's the perfect little angel whenever I go out.

I was a little apprehensive before placing my order, but I figured why not, ThunderShirt will refund my order. I have one of the sweetiest and loving Royal Poodles around, this 2 year old's problem was he hated being left alone. Whenever I'd leave to go out for any period of time, he'd start barking, whinning, and howling like a coyote. I know this because I'd record his performance on my webcam. It's a wonder my neighbor upstairs didn't want me thrown out of my apartment. It took about a week for this great product to do it's magic. I've had this for about 2 months now, and he's the perfect little angel whenever I go out. I highly recommend this product.


Mirabel United States

Now I can travel drug free!

Hi, My name is Buddy. I'm a former medical research beagle who gets so car sick that the only thing that works for my nausea is Cerenia (prescription). Every time we go to our cabin in the mountains, I have to take Cerenia in order to survive the trip. Well, here's good news for all of us who struggle with doggy motion sickness. I now have a ThunderShirt. I thought it was just some crazy shirt I had to wear to look cute. Well, let me tell you, I love it. Now I can travel drug free. I feel much better about going in the car, where I hunker down and sleep most of the way. ThunderShirt works for me. No vomiting, no wrestlessness, no pooping, no anxiety. ThunderShirt works for me. Now my sister beagle is wearing one too. We former research doggies are anxious about pretty much everything. Thanks, ThunderShirt, we appreciate you.


California United States

ThunderShirt works for my cat.

As a first time cat owner I noticed my fluffy all black adorable cat Dusty wasn't fond of the vacuum, fireworks, routine apartment maintenance noises, the required monthly fire alarm test (that hurts my human ears!), tornado siren tests and cried (neighbors heard him) while I was away. He would hiss and growl at me if I just touched a back foot much less tried to trim the claws (he is front declawed, got him that way). He can be loud & squirmy when we go to the vet but since the ThunderShirt for Cats kept him way calmer through everything else I have no doubt it will keep him quieter and calmer when we do go for a vet visit. With 2 fireworks shows every summer and weekly vacuuming we'll use it over and over again! ThunderShirt works for my cat and I don't need a pheromone diffuser and refills!


Minnesota United States

My dog, Oscar, just loves his ThunderShirt.

My dog, Oscar, just loves his ThunderShirt.

As you can see from the attached picture, he is very calm during our recent thunderstorm. Without his ThunderShirt on, he is wrapped in my arms trying to get even closer to me than he already is. He even growls when I take it off, which I interpret to mean that he approves!

Thank you for all your help!


United States

I just had to tell you how GREAT the ThunderShirt is!

I just had to tell you how GREAT the ThunderShirt is. It has made such a difference in my two boys during the very bad storms we have been experiencing in our area. I live near the ocean and the ground lightening and thunder is fierce.

We were not at home when one of these storms came on suddenly and when we walk in the house the boys had pulled their shirts onto the floor of the little antique rocking chair where we keep them. It appeared they were trying to put them on to feel safe.

I am sending you their pictures along with a BIG THANK YOU! I hope you enjoy meeting Polar Bear & Grizzly Bear, two very special Pomeranians.


United States

Truly amazing!

I bought a ThunderShirt for my 120 pound lab who is deathly afraid of thunder storms and will keep us up all night during one! I also bought a ThunderShirt for my daughter's two dogs, a pit/lab mix and a Jack Russel mix. Both of my daughters dogs are afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, etc. but they also suffer from separation disorder... It's hard to see them so panicked when she leaves them for a weekend. So we both had an opportunity to use our new ThunderShirts over the weekend. We had a huge thunderstorm and it was amazing!! My lab, who I think is always going to have an anxiety attack or hyperventilate because he pants so hard, calmed down in about 3 minutes after putting on his shirt! It was amazing!!! He laid down at my feet, quit panting and fell asleep! Not a few minutes later I get a facebook message from my daughter that grandma's money was well spent and sent me a picture of her dogs wearing their shirts and calm! Truly amazing! All these years I have suffered through sleepless nights during thunderstorms and all I needed was one of these shirts. Looking forward to using it on the 4th of July too!! Thank you so much!!


Illinois United States

She will ask to have her ThunderShirt put on!

My Jewel is very afraid of any loud noise. Just having the snow plow or garbage truck going down the street was enough to set her off, hiding under any chair, bed, or behind any door.

The ThunderShirt really helped to calm her. She's to the point that she will come to me asking to have the ThunderShirt put on her.


Michigan United States

NO MORE panting, trembling or pacing!!!

We adopted Gizmo from a local shelter. He suffered fear anxieties. He panted, shook and clung to us when it stormed and with loud noises. A friend on Facebook suggested 'ThunderShirt.' We followed the simple suggestions of introducing the ThunderShirt to him and he liked it from the start. Now, when it rains, or with loud noise, we snuggly wrap the shirt around him and he SLEEPS!!! NO MORE panting, trembling or pacing!!! In only 1 week, POSITVE reinforcement and ThunderShirt have erased Gizmo's fears!!!


Pennsylvania United States

This has helped with everything! Thunderstorms, fireworks, noisy neighbors, children outside...

I love the ThunderShirt! My dog, Figi, was rescued from a puppy mill. She has severe seperation anxiety. This has helped with everything! Thunderstorms, fireworks, noisy neighbors, children outside, walking her without fears of loud noises, even car rides cause it has helped get rid of her travel sickness. I saw that anxiety listed on the package after I bought it so that was a plus! I have recommended this to several other pet owners. This picture was taken during the second round of thunder in one day!


Wisconsin United States

I have purchased 5 of them this year!

I have three dogs, two are puppymill rescues who are frightened of noise and have PTSD. There is major construction going on in the neighborhood and the ThunderShirts have helped them so much that I have purchased 5 of them this year!


Wyoming United States

I bought the ThunderShirt too and now she's much better.

Our dog Roxie has always had some form of anxiety since she was given to us. For some reason she would do constant licking. Recently we were on vacation for over a week, but spent time in and out of the house. For some reason this triggered constant shaking and panting, even in the house. We took her to the vet and they said it was anxiety and gave us meds that helped some. I bought the ThunderShirt too and now she's much better.


Florida United States

I'm Not Anxious Anymore

Since I keep my parents awake when it thunders and rains they bought me this ThunderShirt.

It holds me tight like a body suit so I can control my anxiety. It stops me from crying, scratching the door and running around.

I really like it cause it is gray like me.

Dog: Kai


United States

He is a totally different dog!

We adopted Jolly last summer from a local shelter. We were warned he was extremely co-dependent, however, it soon became obvious that he had been previously abused and his problems ran deeper than just being co-dependent. He has separation anxiety as well and would tear things up when we would leave and he would be loose in the house. He hates being kenneled. He jumps all over, bounces off the walls and furniture when he's excited.

We are planning a vacation and have to take him with us because of his anxieties, but what do we do when we are at the amusement park? We have to kennel him.

So, we talked about taking him to a vet to get meds for our trip and then we saw the ThunderShirt TV commercial. So I did some research and we got him a ThunderShirt and he is a totally different dog. It hasn't changed his personality as drugs would, it works instantly and he seems to like it.

He is so much more calm, doesn't seem anxious and when we left today for several hours he didn't tear anything up. I am actually looking forward to taking him on our trip.


Nevada United States

I cannot get over the change in her

I don't very often contact a company who makes a product that lives up its claim (which I probably should) but I was compelled to write you. My little Papillon was a trembling, panting mess when either a storm hit or we went for a ride in the car. Now when she wears her ThunderShirt I cannot get over the change in her. Her ears perk up a bit because she knows something's coming but in no time at all she's calmed down and even sleeps! That has NEVER happened before. Thank you for making a product that really works!!



United States

The $40 price tag paid for itself within 10 minutes.

If anyone has ever thought, wondered, scoffed, or considered buying a ThunderShirt for their critter... Ziggy is total proof that it works. The $40 price tag paid for itself within 10 minutes. The dog that was whimpering, clawing, having a complete spaz attack on the way into the store (pre-ThunderShirt)... Came out with a wagging tail and slack leash (wearing said ThunderShirt). The girl at the Humane Society wrangled her into this thing in record time and there was an instant, and I mean INSTANT change in Ziggy. She stood there at the end of her leash, in her new pretty pink shirt, letting people pet her - Even men (who she normally hates) without as much as a concerned look about her.

Now to mention the adventures of Ziggy in the car... Window to window, seat to seat... All over the place. (Enter ThunderShirt) She was rewarded with a new bone. She took it and LAID DOWN on the seat next to Natalie. SHE FREAKING LAID DOWN IN THE CAR.


Nebraska United States

He LOVES his ThunderShirt!

I've tried everything with my very sweet, but very anxious (which I can sarcastically thank my ex-husband for!)Great Dane. Xanax helps marginally, training wasn't working out that well, it was very frustrating! My best friend works at an animal hospital and uses one of these on her dog, so when I was at a friend's dog store over the weekend, I decided to pick one up. I laughed and said he would be more likely to chew it off than like wearing it. Much to my surprise, he LOVES his ThunderShirt! I put it on him and he immediately calms down, which, in turn, calms down his bestest buddy older brother (a high-strung coonhound) and his older sister (a docile Catahoula/chocolate lab).

I've recommended this product to several people already, posting the attached picture on Facebook and Instagram. Thank you for making the equivalent of a weighted vest for dogs!



Virginia United States

Simon Bones loves his ThunderShirt!!

Simon Bones loves his ThunderShirt!! He is so much calmer through storms and traveling. Thank you so much :o)


West Virginia United States

Mac's Story

Mac was very difficult to handle on his first trip to the vet and had to be trapped with a blanket prior to a traumatic journey. Yesterday he wore his Thundershirt for the first time. He allowed me to pick him up and put him in the carrier with no resistance and the drive to the vet was much less stressful for him. Now we do not have to worry about the next visit. Thanks

Wendell, NC

United States

ThunderShirt helps to calm our cat.

Mochi the cat is ready for Hurricane Irene. He is typically a very vocal cat, and the ThunderShirt helps to calm him down. He’s quieter and tends to sit more while wearing his ThunderShirt.”


Florence New York United States


ThunderShirt has been successful in eliminating Jack's vocalizing in the car and at home, and reduced hiding at home. His symptoms of fear during noisy events, such as vacuuming and thunder, have been completely eliminated. He will stay in the same room now and even watch me vacuum. During thunder, he calmly sits beside me and will even sleep stretched out on my bed. He has expressed a much calmer nature while wearing his ThunderShirt. I am so glad to have it.”

Lithonia, Georgia


United States

When the storms came Rickie did not go into hiding.

My 8 year old cat Rickie has been terrified of thunderstorms, high winds, heavy rains all of his life. His fear seems to have increased and as he gets older. I read about the Thundershirt for dogs and cats with anxiety issues and decided to give it a try. Rickie was extremely relaxed in putting on the ThunderShirt and wearing it. No fear or hesitation when it was placed on him several times prior to needing it. In the past, Rickie would go in hiding to the darkest, smallest place he could find and he would stay there for hours shivering with a wide eyed terrified look. He is inconsolable or even allows me to hold him or prevent him from hiding.

The last few times I heard threats of a storm I would put the Thundershirt on him early. When the storms came I found that Rickie did not go in to hiding. Even though his ears would perk up when he heard the thunder and heavy wind and rain he was much calmer than ever before and did not seem to be bothered or scared as in the past. The pictures were actually taken during a recent stormy evening. I am grateful for Thundershirt and will continue to put it on Rickie at threat of storms especially upon the arrival of the Spring and Summer storms here in Southeast Michigan.

The ThunderShirt is very well made, easy to apply and the material very soft. Thank you ThunderShirt for providing relief for my sweet Rickie during a storm.


Trenton Michigan United States

Wallace and his Thundershirt

Wallace really liked his Thundershirt. Immediate calm blinking and meatloafing. Climbed a cat tree, played and ate while wearing his Thundershirt.”

Short Pump, VA

United States

ThunderShirt helped Luci with Vet Visits

I bought my aging cat, Luci her own ThunderShirt because vet visits had no longer become viable. The stress it caused us was terrible, but the stress on her was just cruel and outweighed any benefit of general healthcare. She would panic, literally soil herself and even lose fur for up to a week after a vet visit. It had gotten so bad my husband and I agreed that we just wouldn’t even take her in anymore unless it was an EXTREME emergency, and as a responsible pet owner you can only imagine what a difficult decision that was.

Then I found the website for ThunderShirt. Voila! She behaved so well and was even calm and happy the minute we got home... it was like she was a completely different cat!

This was the vet office’s first encounter with a Thundershirt too. I asked them why they don’t sell them in their own office because the benefit was tremendous…the gal at the front desk said she was wondering the same. Thank you very much, Thundershirts, for coming up with not just a small bit of help, but a SOLUTION.

Chef Heather Lee Henry


Chef Heather Lee

California United States

Most definitely is the greatest investment for our sweet Meli Jo!

I ordered the ThunderShirt for our Staffie who was terribly afraid and anxious during thunderstorms! I must admit that I was skeptical, but I am so pleasantly surprised!! I do not know how or why it works but it most definitely is the greatest investment for our sweet Meli Jo! You will NOT be disappointed! I am attaching a photo of Meli Jo during a storm. She is totally relaxed! THANK YOU ThunderShirt!!


North Carolina United States

I don't know what I would do without it

Not long after we got Chico, we noticed he had some issues going on. He was constantly itchy and had inflamed skin because he kept biting himself. After hundreds of dollars spent at different vets, multiple tests run and skin scrapings, we still had no answers. He was put on allergy medicine, different food, steriods, antibiotics, fungal medicine, multi-vitamins, you name it... We did notice putting shirts on him seemed to help with him biting, but he would get them off somehow.

Then I saw a commercial for ThunderShirt, and I ordered it. Quite honestly, I don't know why, but your 'money back guarentee' is what did it for me. Here are our results with the ThunderShirt.. I don't know what I would do without it, even ordered one for my other dog. :)


United States

Best product I have ever purchased for any of my dogs!

This is the very best product I have ever purchased for any of my dogs! At 6:30 AM a very mild thunderstorm moved through our area, our dog woke us up by standing on our heads on the bed. We put on his ThunderShirt and he INSTANTLY calmed down and we all went back to sleep in on our rainy Saturday morning. I will ALWAYS have one of these shirts on hand for my dogs, even though only one has issues, because it works so very well. I can not sing the praises of the ThunderShirt loud enough! Thanks so very much for such a brilliant product! I am actually now looking forward to the 4th of July because our dog will be wearing the shirt CONSTANTLY and not freaking out!



United States

The ThunderShirt is truly a miracle.

The ThunderShirt is truly a miracle. I had to give our 12 year old dog anti-anxiety meds from the vet when we lived in Michigan. They made her so out of it and took so long to start working that I needed to find another way. When we moved to Florida, thunderstorms can occur daily so I bought the ThunderShirt. WOW. She no longer shakes, crawls all over me or freaks out during thunderstorms. I was very skeptical that something so simple could be so effective. So glad our dog is no longer miserable. Thank you!


Florida United States

We love ThunderShirt

Disney is 17 years old and blind and deaf.

The ThunderShirt calms her anxiety down and eliminates her circling and panting.

We love it!


Indiana United States

The Peace & Quiet is Almost Overwhelming

I have 2 dachshunds who were rescued from abusive situations. One of them is fairly calm, while the other one is anxious and barks at everything, including dust mites. This has gotten bothersome.

A friend recommended ThunderShirt. I was willing to try anything that wasn't invasive or harmful to Dude. He had been through enough trauma in his life already.

The ThunderShirt came yesterday and Dude hasn't barked once since I put on his ThunderShirt, not even when Gunther barked first.

The peace and quiet is almost overwhelming. Thank you so much for making my little dog happier.


Arkansas United States

ThunderShirt is an amazing product!

My daughter, her boyfriend and their very large dog had moved in with me. Their dog had very serious separation anxiety. He was also on almost constant alert and was barking all of the time.

I decided to buy a ThunderShirt for him. The dog owners laughed at me and said that it would never work.

It worked wonderfully for him! Within two weeks they were saying, 'Where's his ThunderShirt?' Now I am buying one for my new dog! ThunderShirt is an amazing product!


Indiana United States

It paid for itself the first time she wore it!

Works fantastic!! My chihuahua mix had severe storm anxiety until she got her ThunderShirt! She no longer shakes in fear when a storm comes up. It paid for itself the first time she wore it!


North Carolina United States

It's a miracle!

I am totally stunned at the effect the Thundershirt has on my 6 yr. old Chocolate Lab/Spaniel male dog. It's a miracle! He's very hyper, determined, smart and protective. My family and friends all said he needed tranquilizers, but I just didn't want to use drugs on him. Then I found the Thundershirt... It's like he's been given a sedative with immediate results. I show everyone how it changes his attitude and behaviour. Thank you!


Georgia United States

He is being comforted by his beloved ThunderShirt!

When I began to observe that my dog's anxiety was not limited to thunderstorms and unexpected loud noises (he began to become afraid if he even saw that it was raining heavily outside), I figured it was time to try the ThunderShirt. The first time I put it on my dog, he was a little wary because he's never been a huge fan of wearing things. After his first few times wearing the ThunderShirt in stressful situations, he now gets excited when I take it out to put it on him. This has helped immensely with my dog's anxiety and I feel better knowing that even when I am not at home, he is being comforted by his beloved ThunderShirt!



Virginia United States

Thank you for changing our lives!

Amazing! Thank You. Our dog, Griffin, had (notice the past tense) an increasing issue with thunderstorms. Last week we bought him a Thundershirt. Today was our first storm. I woke to a peel of thunder, got up and grabbed Griffin's (who was already a quivering mass of black fur) Thundershirt, and put it on him. By the third clap of thunder, he had already stopped shaking. He even went out to the bathroom, where before nothing could get him to move, not even an R.I.D.E., his favorite thing. Today not only did he move, but he played slept and ate. Truly amazing! Thank you for changing our lives!


United States

It actually works!

My dog is super nervous about anything since we adopted him as a puppy (otherwise he's a perfect dog). He's so fearful from the tiniest bangs and slams. When it's new, he's scared of it. We tried everything, well almost. When I saw he looked so miserable one evening (of thunderstorm), he was pacing back and forth and I knew I had to do something. Giving him Benadryl wasn't an option (I gave him 3 for his allergy that morning, 3 more wouldn't be such a good idea. The next day I bought this product, put it on him and noticed he acted a lot calmer (though didn't diminish all of his anxieties, but it helped). He jumped on the couch (which was a good sign, he usually ducks under the table) and slept soundly. My husband and I looked at each other in amazement. It actually works!


United States

This year I tried a ThunderShirt, it was night and day.

I have a 8 year old rottie mix that has been awful and fearful at the Vet clinic for all of her life, we have worked with confidence building and done everything I could find and research. This year I tried a ThunderShirt, it was night and day. She was still muzzled (more for her protection) but she did not scream, thrash or any of her typical behaviors. I was able to muzzle her right before they drew her blood instead of having to muzzle her before stepping foot in the building. I had originally purchased my first ThunderShirt for my Whippet for her Anxiety, but after a week of her using it I knew I had to try it with Lexi. It is all my vet clinic talks about, and now they are proudly recommending the shirts to their other clients!


Wisconsin United States

It has been a God send. He is so much happier

Our Rhodesian ridge back/pit bull mix Seven was suffering from separation anxiety after my husband switched jobs. We were at our wits end. He had been crated and fine, and then after the job switch he was literally hurting himself trying to get out of the crate. We brought him inside and he was destroying the house. Anything and everything he could get his paws on. The vet had told us to muzzle him while we were gone with a mesh muzzle. He could still breath, pant and drink, but we hated doing that. Then a woman at PetSmart recommended the ThunderShirt. She said it was returnable so I figured, 'what the heck.' She said it was like him getting a hug. I will admit I was skeptical, but after over a month of Seven wearing it = it has been a God send. He is so much happier and doesn't mind the shirt at all. It really is amazing. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!


Pennsylvania United States

Put the shirt on and it was magic!

After fostering then adopting a rescue dog from our local APL, this wonderful dog developed separation anxiety and after trying everything else to manage her, one of the Vets that I work for recommended a ThunderShirt... I was doubtful since it seems like I had already tried everything else, but tried it any way out of desperation! I was shocked with the results, suddenly she would not follow me to every single room, she would continue to play on her own and with help of the ThunderShirt she now is being a good girl when we leave the house as well! Then once storm season hit we noticed her afraid of storms and cowering in the corner... put the shirt on and it was magic! No hiding or panting or sitting in the corner! I am now a believer! My only word of wisdom would be...make sure you fit it appropriately and also put it on snug! Thank you ThunderShirt, you helped us through a difficult and stressful time, it helped our dog be as perfect as we knew she already was! :)


Ohio United States

Wearing her ThunderShirt has given her a sense of calmness

I purchased three ThunderShirts about a year ago for my Golden Retriever, Jack Russell and Beagle as they were very stressed out when it stormed. They would whine and shake and hide under the bed. My Golden Retriever would get in bed beside me or not leave my side the whole time. It would make for a very long night having a 125lb. dog panting on top of me and the Jack Russell running around the bed barking at the Beagle under the bed! Now at the first crack of lightning I say do you want your coats on? and they all line up and become much calmer. Recently I noticed my Beagle displaying some very concerning symptoms - She walks around with her tail between her legs, her head down, doesn't sit in the window people watching as she usually does with other dogs. Usually all the dogs sleep in bed with me but the last few nights she won't and sleeps out in the living room by herself. I can't encourage her or pick her up as she cries. I felt her all over to see if she was in any pain or I wondered if all this was because we recently adopted a baby Chihuahua. One day I left the two little dogs in the house and I put the ThunderShirt on my Beagle and sat with her and the Golden Retriver in our garage quietly for a couple of hours. I would calmly talk to her and pet her and after this she started wagging her tail and seemed to come around. In the past few weeks we have been on vacation and had to leave them with sitters. I think she has developed separation anxiety and dosen't want me to leave her. Wearing her ThunderShirt has given her a sense of calmness and associating it with being with me. I almost made a call to my veterinarian to see if it was physical but it seems to be more emotional and by wearing her ThunderShirt has she (Bella) and myself relieved and happy. Thanks ThunderShirt from Virginia, Bella, Amber and Cuddles!!!

Ontario, Canada


United States

We saw IMMEDIATE changes

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the thundershirts. I immediately placed the XS ThunderShirt on one of our very scared, timid, undersocialized chihuahuas (Vanessa) at our shelter. Before the ThunderShirt, she was very nervous, cowards, and submissive. Since putting the ThunderShirt on she came out of her shell. She is approaching people with confidence and she is becoming one social little butterfly. We saw IMMEDIATE changes in her once placing the shirt on her. Thank you for supporting shelters and rescues!

Because of your generous donation, you allowed a once nervous dog to be more confident and hopefully adopted soon.


United States

ABCDT certified dog trainer, TJO Training & Enrichment Coordinator Animal Control & Adoption Center

It is truly amazing to see the difference in his calmness when his ThunderShirt is on

My standard poodle used to stand and pant like crazy during a bad storm, and especially during a thunderstorm. Now when it starts raining, he comes and stands and looks at me, even if it is while I am sleeping, until I put his ThunderShirt on him. Then he simply goes off to his bed to sleep! It is truly amazing to see the difference in his calmness when his ThunderShirt is on. Here is younger brother Max and Big Brother Forster in their ThunderShirts! Max has to have one on just because he sees Forster having one!


Massachusetts United States

I love the ThunderShirt!!!

I love the ThunderShirt!!! I bought one for my kids dogs, tell friends, relatives and perfect strangers! My Maggie doesn't freak unless the storms are severe. If they are severe, she lies on the bed and I take a corner of the sheet and wrap that around her middle like an extra ThunderShirt!! Usually works!! My son has a rescue dog whose a nervous dog with severe separation anxiety. Put his ThunderShirt on and he became sooo mellow!!! Quit following my son around constantly and just laid down!! Amazing!!
Thank you!!!
Patti and family


United States

Thanks a lot!

Maddie loves it! And she looks really good, too. Thanks a lot!


United States

ThunderShirt helps make Jasmine a little more brave

Her new ThunderShirt helps make Jasmine a little more brave. Thanks Thundershirt!


United States

He absolutely knows it's his and loves to wear it

It worked immediately. It's so nice to rid my dog of tranquilizers. He absolutely knows it's his and loves to wear it when it storms. Cooper sends his thanks to the creators of ThunderShirt.


Tennessee United States

ThunderShirt Seems to Comfort Them

We have ThunderShirts for both our Golden Retriever and our Cocker Spaniel.

They are terrified of storms and fireworks. While it is not a miracle cure, ThunderShirt definitely takes the edge off their anxiety! It really seems to comfort them and make them a bit less clingy.

They are happier and we are happier! :-)


Ohio United States

ThunderShirt worked miracles for my dog!

I adopted/rescued a lab mix from the local shelter who turned out to be significantly afraid of thunderstorms.

I did not want to medicate her so I did some research and found ThunderShirt. I admit I was skeptical but was willing to try the product. I am ecstatic! The ThunderShirt worked miracles for my dog.

The entire family was able to sleep through a nighttime thunderstorm because the ThunderShirt kept my dog calm and relaxed!


Texas United States

ThunderShirt saved the day

Winston, my high anxiety 4 year old schnauzer-poodle mix, met my future in-laws in March without his ThunderShirt, as I had accidentally forgot it. Winston wore himself out that day running from person to person, making my future mother-in-law nervous with all his activity. Yesterday, while meeting the mother-in-law for a second time, this time wearing his ThunderShirt, Winston calmly sat next to her and waited to be petted. It was an absolute 180 from the first meeting. ThunderShirt saved the day and helped my dog calm down to make a new friend! Thank you ThunderShirt!


Kansas United States

Mollie, Abbie, & Mr. Smoke love their ThunderShirts!

Mollie, Abbie, and Mr. Smoke love their ThunderShirts!

Dave & Barbara

Florida United States

I tell all my friends about it

He wears it during the day when its just him and the other dog (Zyndr) in the house... I tell all my friends about it, expect a jump in sales for the Louisville area =]


Louisville Kentucky United States

It’s a miracle

I have a 5 year old poma-poo, who has been a nervous wreck since we got her at 6 weeks. She had never slept a full night the entire time we’ve had her, getting up not just 1 time, but she would get up 4 or 5 times a night, barking and running around in circles. I bought a ThunderShirt, not believing that it would work as advertised.

The first night I put it on her, she slept through the entire night. It’s incredible! When it’s getting close to bed time, she stands by her Thundershirt and barks until I put it on her… I can’t believe it! And I couldn’t get her to sit still for anything before, but with the ThunderShirt she sits like a statue to put on leashes or anything.

It’s a miracle in our household! I’m getting ready to order a new one now that I’ve seen them in pink!


South Carolina United States

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United States

Monkey the Cat Made Brave By the ThunderShirt

Monkey's ThunderShirt has saved both she and I much stress. We just moved to a new house. I have a multi cat and dog household, where unfortunately, she is low cat on the totem pole. Monkey is also very smart and sensitive. She was starting to withdraw to the closet, and only coming out when I would retrieve her (not her normal behavior).

Then came the ThunderShirt!  Now, she is out of the closet, wearing her shirt for about a half hour once in the morning, and once in the evening. She seems to have regained her sense of confidence, and she is behaving in her normal Monkey nature.

We are a ThunderShirt family!


United States

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United States

It works exactly how they say it will

This product is absolutely unbelievable, and it works exactly how they say it will. I was really hesitant to order it when I first saw on a TV infomercial because I thought it was too expensive. I saw it on sale at PetSmart and decided to buy it because returning it would be easier there. I have two mini dachshunds, and one of them is uncontrollably active. If she was awake, she was pacing, whining, looking out the window, barking, growling, constantly under my feet, begging for food - whatever bad behavior you can think of, she probably had it. She was just not a calm, happy dog like the other one....until I put the ThunderShirt on her. She is like a different dog while wearing her ThunderShirt. She's now calm and happy, and no longer irritating or destructive. Thank you for saving our pack ThunderShirt!


United States

THANK YOU, my baby is normal again

Got the ThunderShirt for my 9 year old Border Collie who is so scared of storms that she has torn the side out of window air conditioners and got a nasty cut from trying to go through windows to get inside. When I am home during a storm she would sit on me, panting and shaking. I tried drugs and that helped none.

I got the ThunderShirt and the first time it seemed to help some, so I used it on her when there were no storms. Last night a storm came through and I had put it on her and all I can say is WOW. She acted like nothing was going on. Awesome product, my vet told me about it and I will have to fill her in on how things went. THANK YOU, my baby is normal again.


Ohio United States

Karen K.

We are so pleased with our Thundershirt experience that I bought one recently, during a trip to Florida, for my sister's dog. I have recommended Thundershirt to many friends, we even got our local pet store to carry them. Otis would live in his shirt if we allowed it. He has been tranquilizer free for a year and we couldn't be happier! Thank you, Thundershirt!

United States

Jodi M.

I have a foster pug who suffered from anxiety when ever he was on the leash. I say suffered because once we started using the Thundershirt he truly enjoys his walks now! People would refer to him as CUJO. Your product has truly saved him! Click here to watch his video on YouTube!

Thank you!!!!!

United States

My dog sleeps like a baby w/ her ThunderShirt

Current weather conditions here: Stormy and rainy... I recently purchased two ThunderShirts; one for my personal Labrador, rescued a few years ago, who has had a horrific fear of rain, and debilitating with thunder; resulting in hiding under the table, couch, or wherever she could. Her ThunderShirt put on today, in the rain and stormy weather has her laying in an open relaxed manner on the couch.

The other is for a 95 pound mastiff in our rescue who has managed to break through chain link fence playpens, crates of various makers, and most recently a KONG crate. Now with her ThunderShirt on, she's sleeping like a baby in her crate.


United States

Karissa S.

I purchased the Thundershirt for my noise-sensitive border collie last year. Any time we had a storm or there were any loud, unexpected noises from outside, Secret would run to the bathroom and hide for the rest of the night.

The Thundershirt has helped her so much! She is now able to ride out storms with the rest of the family and sleeps through the night despite any light show & booming that may be going on outside. Often times she doesn't even need to wear her Thundershirt anymore because she has learned that these things aren't so scary.

In addition to its use during storms & fireworks, the Thundershirt also came in handy at several agility trials when Secret was first starting to compete. She found the trial environment very stressful, but wearing her Thundershirt in her crate calmed her down and took away a great deal of stress for her.

We love our Thundershirt and always keep it handy!

United States

Iris L.

Our 7 1/2 year old dog, Piper, has always been terrified of thunderstorms. I used to think it was the electricity from the lightening. I tried prescription medications, homeopathic ones and the only thing that has worked in Thundershirt! Within minutes of putting it on, even if she is already a wreck, she calms down and passes out. Thank you!!

New Jersey

United States

Robyn G.

My 4 month old chihuahua Hercules loves his Thundershirt!! The past 2 nights have been storming like crazy and he hasn't even batted an eye over them. He also wears it when I leave him alone because he was an adopted dog from the humane society. He never messes while I'm gone and is always asleep in his bed!


United States

Michelle R.

The Thundershirt works! We have a 2 year old Staffordshire Terrier who had seperation anxiety. Every time we went out & left him outside of the crate, we would come home to find a mess & a trail of destruction. We had no other choice but to crate him whenever we had to go out. Ever since he's been wearing his thundershirt we can leave him outside of his crate without worrying about him being destructive. It is a relief knowing that we can go to work without having him confined to a crate for so long. He can be comfortable at home & roam around as he pleases. I highly recommend the thundershirt to any dog owner. Red (our dog) thanks you too!

Michelle Rivera
New Jersey

United States

Thundershirt ROCKS!!

My wife and I just bought a Thundershirt for our 2 years old Havanese/Poodle Mix, and we can't get over the difference it makes after him only having worn it for 10 minutes!

He licks instead of nibbles on our hands, doesn't cry when someone leaves the house, and there has been none of the hyperactivity he has shown since we got him about a Month ago.

If we ever have any problems with our other dog, we know where to come :)

Thanks again! Thundershirt ROCKS!!



California United States

The improvement was unbelievable

We have a 10 year-old Cairn terrier who is TERRIFIED of thunder. She would jump, bark, pace and bark some more. I would swadle her in a blanket and rock her during storms... Even if it was 2 a.m.

A couple of weeks ago, after a very long night of severe storms, I ordered the Thundershirt. All the reviews were good, even if it didn't work, so I had nothing to lose. It stormed today and she laid on the couch without a peep. There was one really loud clap of thunder, and she whined, but the improvement was unbelievable. I'm now ordering one for our 3 year-old Bichon who barks at the TV and is generally hyper. If it works half as well, I'll be happy!


United States

Judy L.

I bought a Thundershirt for my 3 year old Chiwawa after we brought two puppies of the same breed into the house and he became what we thought was aggresive with the puppies. I put the shirt on him and he settled right down and fell asleep in my arms. I have repeated this whenever he gets upset or aggresive with the same results he no longer gets upset and just accepts the puppies It is a miracle it was that easy I only put the sshirt on maybe 5 times and the results are unbelievable

Thank you for making this product and Pet Smart for recommending this product to me.

United States

Bert S.

Baby was from a puppy mill and looks like she has also been abused - she has been very nervous about strangers, bad weather, and in general she is a nervous dog! I saw Thundershirt on tv and in magazine ads and I was skeptical about it, but I needed to cut her nails and she wiggles all over. The Thundershirt has been great. She gets it that she is going to feel fine in it, so she is so adjusted to having me put it on. No wiggle or shaking! She now goes through thunderstorms calmly. I haven't personally cut her nails yet but its getting that time. But I am anticipating that she will be less of a problem. So far, so good!!! I just want to know what makes it work!!??

United States

Brenda C.

Barkley is a traveler again. He had extreme anxiety while riding in the car. I did not like the effect Rx had on him, so I ordered the Thundershirt. He only wears it when he is in the car seat, and it stays in the car. He actually loves to put it on. I'm a believer! I'm very thankful for his Thundershirt.

West Virginia

United States

Betty D.

THANK YOU THANK YOU for coming up with such a useful item for dogs terrified of storms. My 10 year old Corgi just became affected by storms last year after losing both her mates. I thought I would give the shirt a try as the only way to keep her calm was failing. I have had the shirt for about 2 months now and experienced some mild weather where the shirt appeared to work. Last night, however we experienced lightning, rolling thunder, hail and just plain bad weather. I put the shirt on her as soon as she started to act agitated and within minutes she was yawning and laying on her bed. She slept all night without as much as a stir in her crate. This morning she is well rested and happy.

Thank you again!

Betty A. Delfosse & Laurel the Corgi

United States

I am so thankful for the Thundershirt

I am so thankful for the Thundershirt. Barkley is able to travel comfortably. He had such travel anxiety that the vet had to prescribe meds for long trips. I did not like the effects meds had on him. I decided to try the Thundershirt. Hooray! He is a happy traveler and so am I.

Brenda Cobb
Eleanor, WV


Eleanor West Virginia United States

Jana P.

My dog, Lucy, wants to thank you for her Thundershirt. Whenever, the wind blew or we had rain falling or thunder, she would hide behind the couch or behind the bed and be trembling. I could never coax her out from her hiding place. But now, these things do not bother her when we have that kind of weather! She is playful, does not tremble anymore and is the same Lucy. Thank you so much!

United States

She loves her Thundershirt!

She loves her Thundershirt! Look at the wagging tail! We are amazed how much the shirt calms her during a storm, from running around whining to lying quietly. Thanks!

Buffy & Ted

United States

I would definitely recommend this

My 15 year old Brittany has always been a very active dog but recently she began acting very anxious during the day. A friend had told me about the ThunderShirt for her dog who freaks out during storms, so I thought maybe it would also work on anxiety for older dogs... And sure enough, it does! I would definitely recommend this for anyone with an older dog to help them get through those senior days.


Massachusetts United States

Sue S.

I can't believe how well this works. We have an American Water Spaniel that is so hyper and has separation anxiety. We put the shirt on him yesterday and he is a different dog. I have never bought anything on TV that works as well as this does.

I would recommend everyone with a problem dog to try this.

United States

She looks for the shirt when a storm is approaching!

Our dog panicked and tried to run away from storms and fireworks. Thundershirt has calmed her so much that she looks for the shirt when a storm is approaching! We couldn't believe it until we actually tried it!

South Carolina


United States

Theresa M.

My Jack Russell, Nelson, would get totally freaked out about fifteen minutes before a thunderstorm even started. From the very first time he wore his Thundershirt, he settled down in his bed, without having an anxiety attack. Now, when a storm is coming we say, 'Time for your Thundershirt,' and he runs to the laundry room where it's hanging on a hook, so we can put it on him. Best purchase I ever made, and he looks pretty spiffy too!


United States

Ericka C.

This is truly a remarkable product - As soon as I put it on my collie, he goes into this state of relaxation and literally begins to lean and want to lay down. Having this product has really helped with what we have recently experienced this past week. We had to put his best collie friend and companion down and he is missing her greatly. Having this shirt is helping him get through the loneliness that he is experiencing not having her around.I would recommend this this product to anyone who is thinking about purchasing it.

Ladson, South Carolina

United States

Rossann D.

My dog Gypsy was rescued as a pup from a dog pound. She and her brother were next to be 'put to sleep.' An animal rescue group was on premises and decided to take the pups. Eventually, they ended up in Coshocton, Ohio at 'Four Paws Adoption Center' on Main Street. The brother was adopted out first, and poor Gypsy was devastated! I was told she cried, paced, rubbed her crate until her nose bled! I fell in love with her! I had lost my boxer in an accident, and she just came to me with love the first time I met her! Well after she was home, we quickly learned she had 'separation anxiety.' Our vet was helpful with tips and we even did opt to try medication, which did no good. She was such a good dog but when I went to work, or put her in her crate she would whine, bite the rails, pull them, and salivate so badly you would have thought it was raining in the house. She was quite the 'Houdini!' She managed to learn how to use her paw to lift the latch, pull it back and open the door! Then when thunderstorms came, it was shake, rattle, and roll! She was scarred to death! I saw your add on Facebook and clicked on it. I read all the information and testimonials. I thought it was worth a try. What a Godsend! It really works. She will calm down almost immediately during a thunderstorm! No more shaking, jumping, panting! Now when I go to work, she asks for the shirt to be put on! She will come to me, sit down in front of me and look up at the shirt on the computer desk. I put it on her tell her to lay down on the sofa and stay. She does! That's where we find her when we come home and nothing is torn up!! Oh my thank you, thank you, thank you! I have told my vet, my friends, my neighbors and everyone I see about your product! Thank you!


United States

Rita H.

Lindie had such a fear of traveling that she would start shaking just putting her in the car. She would start vomiting after about 20 minutes of riding. We realized that it was anxiety, and not motion sickness, after nausea medications did not work. A sedative relaxed her enough to travel without getting sick, but I hated to drug her. I really had my doubts about the Thundershirt, but decided it was worth a try. We just returned from a trip that was 4 hours each way, and she did great! She was so relaxed, we couldn't believe it!

Spartanburg, South Carolina

United States

Ann O.

We had our first thunderstorm since I bought the Thundershirt. It came on suddenly and Katie had started to panic. I put the shirt on her and within minutes she was so much calmer. She still looked a little nervous but compared to her behavior in the past it was nothing. She used to shudder, pant, drool, and try to hide. This time, she climbed up on the couch and just seemed to relax. I was so pleased with the way the shirt worked. I have recommended them to friends. My vet asked me to tell him how it worked and I gave him a glowing recommendation. My sister is a vet tech and I told her about the shirt also. She said she would recommend it to her clients.

S. Yarmouth, Massachusetts

United States

Sandy R.

Thundershirt is amazing! A friend suggested this to us because our dog was having panic attacks due to storms. She would shake uncontrollably (shook our whole bed at night... Weighs only 17lbs!), paced constantly and heavy panting. We tried other means to calm her, but nothing worked. Have to admit I was skeptical, but after using I am a true believer. She no longer does the above mentioned, and as a bonus when left alone she doesn't tip over laundry baskets or tear up our bathroom. We definitely recommend. Thank you Thundershirt

United States

Jessica S.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this product. I bought it for my greyhound who has really bad anxiety during thunderstorms. He slept through the night of really bad storms instead of pacing and shaking. I also got one for my Italian Greyhound who is fearfully aggressive on her leash, and it works great on her as well! Definitely recommend this product, its so much better than using medication!

United States

Jeanette G.

I received the Thundershirt on Saturday. Within two hours, the thunder started. I followed the excellent instructions. My basset hound adjusted to it immediately. He got on the couch, stretched out and went fast to sleep. This is toally amazing! I am very grateful to all who had anything to do with the creation of the Thundershirt.

Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania

United States

Gretchen H.

Our 14.5 peke, Sissy, has doggie dementia and this jacket has helped her and us so much. She wears it all the time. She now sleeps, can handle storms without trembling like crazy, and she does not pace so much. She is hard of hearing and her sight is bad but she is a new dog with the thunder jacket on. hasn't done much for the barking but i'll take the rest of the good stuff it is doing for her. i would recommend this to anyone that has a dog with problems. i already have told alot of people about it.

Lady Lake, Florida

United States

Marlena R.

I had dogs my whole childhood, and thought I was pretty well prepared for when I got my first dog as a adult. Did Angus ever put me to the test. I'm his third owner, and somewhere along the way he became extremely anxious. Angus was a pretty good dog inside, except for getting too excited when people came home or visited. But it was outside that was the real issue. I couldn't walk him with out at least a harness. Lately he's had to be muzzled too, due to snapping at other dogs and barking. In the truck he would uncontrollably shake and whine. I love Angus dearly and couldn't bear to see him like this. I was looking up trainers, dog rehabs, more harnesses. I happen to work in a pet store though, and I knew about Thundershirts but never really put the two and two together. I ended up buying one a little hesitant that it would work. I showed my boyfriend and he was more hesitant than I was, saying it was just a shirt. As soon as I put it on Angus, I noticed an immediate change. He's calm and relaxed. He's excited to see me when I get home, but not crazy like before. And here's the best part, I can walk him on his regular collar. He doesn't pull, he doesn't lunge. I'm speechless. My boyfriend even called me at work the other day so excited as well that he could walk Angus without a harness.
Because I work at a pet store too, every time someone asks me about harnesses, I show them the Thundershirt as well.

Thank you so much Thundershirt!

United States

What a wonderful product! We highly recommend it!

Our 14 year old lab mix would tremble and pant and hide in the bathroom at the first sign of an approaching storm. The first time we put the ThunderShirt on her we saw immediate results. She curled up in front of the couch and slept through the entire storm. What a wonderful product! We highly recommend it!


Walnutport Pennsylvania United States

Marilyn K.

This product is amazing! My freind sent me your site and said I should try this for my Dachshund. She is so fearful of rainstorms, thunder and some cell phone ring tones. When a rain storm starts she starts to pace, shake so bad that she actually vibrates and pants until she has no saliva! She will try to run and hide somewhere and while doing so will make a puddle on the floor and leave me a surprise.

So I gave it a try. The first time I used it on her it just rained, but she started her ritual. She went to hide and I put her in her Thundershirt and brought her back where we were in my office and put her on the sofa. She sat up a few times and looked around, then curled up in a ball and tucked her nose. I thought this is to good to be true, when it really storms will be the test. The second time it rained and thundered. I put her back in the shirt and she did the same! She would sit up when it thundered but stayed with me and laid back down! Last night was the true test. Bad storm with wind, rain and loud thunder and lightening. She got off the sofa a few times but came back to it and laid down. She would sit up with the loud thunder but know more running to hide, or accidents in the house and she is so calm and stays curled up next to me and rides out the storm. She likes her shirt too. When it is not on her I have it sitting on a small table. I see her jump up on the chair next to it and tries to pull it off the table like she does her walking vest. I was so skeptical but now am a believer. I call it 'spanx' for dogs. The odd thing is that if I tried to hold her and make her secure, it was not enough. But with the thunder shirt on I don't have to hold her and console her. She just lays next to me and waits for it to be over. I have already sent your web page to others and they have ordered. Thank you!

West Bend, Wisconsin

United States

Alicia O.

This testimonial is long overdue, but we just moved across the country and got married. I cannot say enough about the Thundershirt product and Customer Service. I ordered a Thundershirt for our Australian Cattle, Delilah, because after about 10 minutes of riding in the car she gets sick. We had a 34-hour drive ahead of us since we would be moving from California to Mississippi. She did very well -- it was like she was another dog. She only got sick TWICE over the long 34-hour drive, which was a miracle. We could not believe it.

As far as Thundershirt's great Customer Service goes, they were wonderful. I had ordered Delilah's shirt and the process was taking longer than expected to go through and ship. We had just moved and forwarded our mail to California, but were still in the South tying up loose ends as my husband was finishing up training with the U.S. Navy. The entire process was slower than expected by Thundershirt and by that point, the U.S. Mail had already began forwarding our mail. With that, Delilah's Thundershirt was being tossed back and forth between sorting facilities since we already moved out and forwarded our mail. I called and emailed Thundershirt and within 30 minutes, received a phone call. I explained everything to them and requested that they overnight a Thundershirt since we would begin our 34-hour drive home to California the next day. The Customer Service Rep took care of everything and was very accommodating. We received it the next day and were on our way. I highly recommend Thundershirt--Delilah was so calm and their service speaks for itself.

Thank you!

Alicia & Curtis Zamora
Port Hueneme, California

United States

Laurel G.

I have a little rescue dog with many issues, one of them being afraid of thunder or sudden noises.

A friend asked me if I had ever heard of the Thundershirt which I had not, so she sent me the link. Having been in the veterinary field for over 30 years, I was interested in the concept. It made sense to me but I still wasn't quite sure it would work well enough. I was wrong!

(This is this very moment there's a car horn that hasn't stopped in several minutes. She has her Thundershirt on and is just twitching her ears watching. Ordinarily she would be off the wall barking and pacing!)

Anyway, today she heard distant thunder and she came to get me so I would lie down with her. I put her Thundershirt on and within five minutes her trembling had stopped. I needed to get back downstairs to my studio to work on a project, so she followed me down. I took a few photos of her and even posted them on my blog for others to see!

One thing that amazes me with this product as well is the fact that she remains calm long after the Thundershirt is taken off.

Thank you for this brilliant idea that brings a little peace and calm into both of our lives!

Barrington, Rhode Island

United States

Anne M.

When the weather looks threatening, and we pull out the Thundershit, Bonnie comes running to put it on!

Maplewood, New Jersey

United States

Andrea W.

Moose, our big baby of a Border Collie, wore his new Thundershirt for the first time last night. The storm was a pretty loud one but Moose acted like it was just another day. Normally, he would have thrown his 75 pound body against me, trying to climb up onto my lap and be hugged until the storm was over, no matter how long that was. But with his Thundershirt on, he slept through the storm. I couldn't believe it! Moose was our 'test' case. We'll now buy one for the Great Pyrenees that guards the alpacas. You can't very well have a good dog that is afraid of storms and I'm sure the Thundershirt will take care of that!

United States

I have been amazed at how well this shirt works.

I have been amazed at how well this shirt works. We were thinking that we would have to start sedating our dog. Jozie can actually go and lay down and fall asleep, before she would be panting and stuck to our legs. I have recommended this to everyone I know that has a dog. Thanks!


United States

Berry S.

Both of my dogs have problems with fireworks but the small silky terrier is very very fearful of thunder, fireworks, and has separation anxiety! I bought 2 Thundershirts and tried them. It was totally amazing! Both dogs will sleep through storms and when the little terrier thinks it is thunder or fireworks, he literally begs for the shirt! Truly and amazing and a great value! Far better than medication the can leave side effects! Worth every penny!

Aliquippa, Pennsylvania

United States

I do believe she LOVES it and so do I!

Our cock-a-poo deals with fear of loud noises, storms, fireworks, etc. She also has allergies that cause her to scratch and lick all the time. With the Thundershirt, she becomes calm and relaxed. Not sure why it helps with the allergies but it does! We sometimes leave her in it for prolonged periods of time. When she sees me with it she actually comes to have it put on. I do believe she LOVES it and so do I!


Braidwood Illinois United States

Sue S.

I have a Boston Terrier who is very anxious when lightning cracks, thunder is loud and fireworks are going off. She pants, shakes, paces and barks.

Today we had a scary thunder storm and put her Thundershirt on. She barked twice at the really loud lightning and thunder but did not pace, did not shake or pant. I am amazed. As a retired Animal Health Technician, I had my doubts but this is just amazing. For most of the storm she was laying at my husbandj's feet sleeping. I highly recommend this product and get it soon before the forth of July.

Fairview Park, Ohio

United States

Madison was very calm as the lightning cracked

Madison, our 60 pound Boarder Collie/Black Lab mix, is deathly afraid of loud noises, such at thunderstorms, fire works, etc. We've tried all kinds of things to help her, and until now the only thing that helped was medication from the vet. We hated to drug her, but it was the only way to calm her fears that were so bad that she'd hide in the bath tub or become a 60 pound vibrator sitting on my lap.

Recently we heard about ThunderShirt, I was a little skeptical wondering out how a tight garment would help. Last Saturday when the ThunderShirt arrived we attempted to put it on her and she wasn't too sure if she liked it or not. But, a couple treats later and she had it on.

I still wasn't sure it was going to work. But, this morning we had a line of very strong thunderstorms roll through the area, and before they arrived I put the ThunderShirt on Madison. It surprised us, she was very calm as the lightning cracked around the house. No shaking. No running around trying to hide. She wasn't completely calm, but laid at my feet and was calmer than we've ever seen her.

Now, I only wish we'd found it earlier. Thanks!


United States

I love my ThunderShirt so much!

I love my ThunderShirt so much! Every time she wears it, she is a different dog. She is so calm and not jumping around all the time... Thank you so much.


New Mexico United States

Bronwyn B.

My in-laws gave me a Thundershirt after it didn't work for their dog (an extremely high strung terrier.) Our pair of dachshunds are major barkers, with a BIG BARK for <10 lb dogs! Our little boy, born blind, would also try to snap at strangers out of fear. We put the Thundershirt on him and he slept through the doorbell ringing, a package being delivered, and he didn't cry when my husband left, or growl at his sisters when they all ate out of the same bowl! Plus he looks so dang adorable in it! We're now ordering them for our other dachshund and our cat for when we clip her claws.

The Bacons

United States

Roslyn T.

I thought I had nothing to lose... Our 5yo JRT is scared of storms. Needless to say she now rolls around on her back snorting and there is a thunder storm outside! If I had not seen it with my own eyes, I would never have believed it. Gone are the days of shaking and pacing.Thank You - I don't know how this works & I don't really care - It Works!


United States

Kate P.

I bought a few months ago for my now 18 month old Labradoodle, Yindi. She is dog reactive and I thought it might help when taking her to the dog park! It sure did! I don't need it for that reason any longer.

But today I had a 'lightbulb' moment... She hates having her feet groomed. I trim her nails and shave her feet close, like a Poodle to keep her from tracking in dirt. She hates this part of grooming and is constantly jerking her foot away and it takes so long to do a short job.

All of a sudden, I thought 'Thundershirt!' I put it on her, gave her a little snack and a brief massage and she became like a limp dishcloth! She even stayed put when I got up to get something to drink, which she never does. So this is a good thing to share about the Thundershirt!

Los Angeles, California

United States

Steve S.

A friend at work told me about the Thundershirt, so I did some research on it and my wife and I decided that we should try it for our dog, Spicy. Spicy starts shaking and panting any time she hears thunder or the sirens, here in town, for a tornado warning. The first time we put the Thundershirt on her during a storm, WE WERE AMAZED AT THE DIFFERENCE!!! She still pants a bit, but she is ALOT more calm now than before Thundershirt! My wife told her friends at work and one of them ordered one for her dog. I haven't heard how it worked for her, but I AM VERY, VERY PLEASED with the results on Spicy!!! THANK YOU,THANK YOU THUNDERSHIRT!!!

United States

Jim M.

This is an update from a previous testimonial about my Thundershirt. I am so happy with the product, I can't begin to tell you what a difference it's made in Sadie's life (Yorkie). She was terrified of thunderstorms and it has taken several times and storms for her to get used to the shirt, however, now she actually looks for her shirt when she hears thunder approaching. I usually try to put the shirt on her a few hours before the storm and now she lays in the middle of the living room and does not attempt to hide behind my computer system as in the past. This has been a blessing in her life and I would recommend this product to anyone having similar issues. It took several storms so you just have to be patient.
Thank you for your product and service!!!

United States

Melissa K.

Our dog has suffered so many times during thunderstorms and fireworks displays! Now, once he has his thundershirt on he is fine within minutes. It's a remarkable change!

United States

Tina P.

My dog Bandit, who is a rescued sheltie, was given the Thundershirt by his Dad. I was doubtful at first, but much to my surprise it really works. He doesn't mind wearing it and it gives him a feeling of support and comfort that I have never been able to provide when the rain and thunder start to rumble. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product!

Gainesville, Virginia

United States

Kathy B.

Absolutely amazing product!! I used to HAVE to be home whenever a thunderstorm was coming since my oldest Husky would totally flip out. My vet prescribed meds but by the time they took effect - the storm was already over, and I really hate to sedate a dog. My dog loves wearing her thundershirt and if they're predicted I just put the shirt on her and the storm doesn't even phase her. Amazing!! I've told many pet owners about this product! On behalf of my dog, Saki - thank you!!

Long Lake, New York

United States

I am so thrilled to have found the ThunderShirt!

I am so thrilled to have found the ThunderShirt! I have a wonderful senior dog with special needs... She cannot hear or see, who recently developed terrible anxiety causing her and myself to be unable to sleep at night. With the ThunderShirt, we both now get a great nights sleep and could not be happier!


Florida United States

Lacey H.

The Thundershirt is a true miracle worker!! We have a 1 yr old Akita/Australian Cattle Dog mix named Blue Belle. She is a lovable, sweet dog, but prior to using the Thundershirt would destroy our house while we were away. She has destroyed 2 couches, window sills, coat racks, even our wedding album :(. 5 months ago, our vet put Blue Belle on 50 mgs of amitriptyline 2x a day. The medicine did not help with her separation anxiety. She still takes it but only because it helps with her allergies. For the last 5 months, we have had no choice but to crate her while we are away (sometimes 10 hrs). I hated it! I wanted her to be able to play with our other dog and be free to use the doggie doors! 2 weeks ago, we were on vacation we went to The Holistic Pet Shop in Kill Devil Hills, NC. We purchased the Thundershirt for my mom's dog who has a fear of thunderstorms. Our friend who is a vet said it worked. On a whim, I decided to buy one for Blue Belle too. I was at the end of my rope!! I even emailed Victoria from 'It's Me or the Dog' for help!! When we returned home, we tried it. It was seriously like someone turned on a calm light switch in BlueBelle. My husband and I were both shocked how instant it was!! For once, she did not follow me wherever I went. She was truly content/at peace!! The next day we decided not to crate her. When I came home my house was exactly like I had left it! Nothing was destroyed. Blue Belle didnt even jump/knock me down when I got in the door!! She was sitting on the couch patiently for me to greet her!! It was seriously a miracle worker!! Our entire family is very grateful for the Thundershirt. I am going to purchase one for our other dog, Minnie, who is not destructive but nervous at times!! I am a believer!!

United States

Stuart H.

Guinness, my oldest dog, has always had a problem with thunderstorms. He's almost 14, and to this day when a thunderstorm comes, he'll run through the house like a crazy person screaming 'We're all gonna die!' I've replaced one set of window blinds after another. If it happens during the night, he jumps on the bed and sits on my head. 63 lbs. of canine panic on your head is not the ideal way to get good sleep. Recently, my girlfriend, Andie, was in her friend's store in College Park, Georgia - Urban Pet Supply. She saw the Thundershirt and sent it to me to try. It took a couple of times for Guinness to let me put it on him to try it out (He's not that keen on doggie apparel). Last night we had hail, a horrible thunderstorm, the worst I've seen since I moved here. And tornado warnings all night. Guinness, who on a scale of 1 to 10 would ordinarily be "beyond Thunderdome" was merely a 4. As it says, the vest might take a few times for them to get completely used to it. But if last night was any example, I'll take it. Now I may get one for my other dog, Daisy, to stop her from barking when I fall asleep on the couch.

United States

Diane B.

My little Maltese, Parker, all of sudden became afraid of thunderstorms. Whenever there was a storm in the middle of the night, he would wake me up by sitting on my head and panting. I purchased the Thundershirt and now during a storm he just lays beside me in bed. A big clap of thunder hit the other night and he just picked his head up and laid it back down, no more climbing on my head. Thank you so much for inventing the Thundershirt... I'm a true believer.

United States

Rick A.

We own a large German Shepherd. The reason we own her is because in her past life she drove her owners crazy, during storms jumping on cars and going nuts. We love her but she continued to have issues with storms. She's hurt herself several times trying to get out. She's an indoor dog and it wouldn't be unusual to wake up with a 90 lb. Shepherd lying across your legs. We tried herbal meds and vet meds. They sort of worked but the after affects weren't ideal, often taking her several days to get over them. And she was still freaked out.

When I saw the Thundershirt, I was skeptical but it didn't cost that much. One of our local pet stores carried them and we were ready. We were amazed! Still are. She is so calm during storms that all we do is talk about how laid back she is. It is absolutely incredible. Thank you Thundershirt.

In the picture I've enclosed, there is a very active storm outside. Lightning and thunder, the works. This is her reaction wearing the Thundershirt. She's more interested in getting a treat from the pantry than the storm. We can't sing enough praises.

Jeffersonville, Indiana

United States

Lindsey J.

My dog was terrible with thunderstorms, but with the Thundershirt it is a different story! The first day we got the Thundershirt, there was a thunderstorm so I put the shirt on and it seemed to work right off the bat. We use to have to give her medicine when we put it on she was a lot calmer and she was not shaking like normal. I would tell anyone who has sleepless nights with thunderstorms to get this shirt.

United States

I have been able to substitute her ThunderShirt for sedatives!

ThunderShirt is one of the best products ever invented. It has changed Katie's life and mine - For the better. She sleeps through storms and fireworks. I have been able to substitute her ThunderShirt for sedatives! Again, we cannot thank you enough for this wonderful product!


United States

Program Development Director, C.A.R.E. (Community Animal Rescue Effort)

ThunderShirt has literally saved my life!

ThunderShirt has literally saved my life! My dog had severe anxiety to the point that he shook and cried so severely that I was afraid to leave him. I was to the point of going to the vet for medication. When I got the shirt, I figured I had wasted my money but after putting the ThunderShirt on him the first day he was so calm and relaxed, I couldn't believe the difference. He stopped crying and shaking. Now any time he is distressed by anything, I put the shirt on him and go on throughout my day. I have told all my friends about it and even my family is amazed! Get one, try it out... You'll be shocked.


Texas United States

A great product with instant results!

Shadow is a shepherd mix who becomes very anxious in the car and at the training center where I train him in obedience. He usually acts like he's hyperventilating, pants and whines and just generally freaks out in the car and constantly whines and paces at the training center. I never thought this would work and I was skeptical when my boss gave me one as a gift. I figured I would be giving it back to her the next day because it wouldn't work. I put it on 15 minutes before leaving for training. Shadow slept the entire car ride and immediately laid down and relaxed when we sat down to wait for our class to start. This is such a great product with instant results and I am getting 2 more for my other dogs, one that has constant barking and the other who has separation anxiety. I am definitely a believer in the ThunderShirt!


Ohio United States

ThunderShirt really does work.

I really cannot believe that this actually works. I have a 98 pound lab mix that is deathly afraid of storms, fireworks, etc. so I thought this would be the perfect thing to try. I guess I really didn't believe that a shirt would calm him down but ThunderShirt really does work. We were outside the other day with my 3 dogs and someone started lighting off fireworks across the river. My Shamus got really scared and starting whining to go in. I went and got his shirt and put it on him and he was immediately content. Then yesterday it was thundering so I put his shirt on him and while he still crawled under my desk, he went under there and went to sleep instead of crying. I will definitely consider another one for my other lab that has separation anxiety. Thank you so much for a great product.


United States

It made me want to cry to see him so peaceful.

I have an 8 year old Golden Retriever, Sandy. He is terrified of any load noises. He has been known to tear the cabinet doors off the wall when it was storming. He would just shake and try to get as close to me as he could making it very uncomfortable for both of us. I bought a blue rugby ThunderShirt for him and he has worn it a couple of times to get used to it. Today at 2:30 it started storming. I had put the ThunderShirt on him at 1:30. He went into another room and lay down and went to sleep. I could not believe that he was asleep and by himself. It made me want to cry to see him so peaceful. Three hours later it is still storming and he has not shown any symptoms of panic attacks or clinging to me. I give the Thundershirt a rating of a Gazillion stars. It is that good! To see him peaceful during a storm is well worth it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


United States

Such a relief to get Sophie off the tranquilizers.

Our 14 year old Shi Tzu, Sophie, had to be medicated before thunderstorms and fire works. She trembled and hyperventilated intensely. No amount of comforting helped. ThunderShirt worked like a charm! We just had a hefty thunderstorm that lasted several hours, and Sophie was relaxed the entire day - not one iota of stress. It is such a relief to get her off the tranquilizers. This is really a miracle for Sophie and peace of mind for us.


Dallas Texas United States

Sandra M.

I am seeing a big difference in Mollymae, my little Cairn terrier. She is making up with more humans than she used too, vehicular traffic noises aren't bothering her as much, if she barks out in the backyard, I can just tell her no & for the most part she stops. Have had numerous people see the enormous difference in her. On top of all this, we have been having to deal with separation as I had to put my older Cairn Jesse to sleep just this past week & she has only known life with Jesse.

Collingwood, Ontario Canada

United States

Anessa J.

I adopted a Huskey/German Shepherd mix from the shelter three years ago. Rooney had been severely neglected and abused and because of this had some serious anxiety problems. He was terrified of loud noises and if he came near a car he would vomit! I heard about Thundershirt from my sister who read about it in a Family Circle Magazine. The Thundershirt first got my attention because the ad mentioned how it calmed dogs during thunderstorms. I was a little hesitant but when I went to the thundershirt web-site and saw that it may also help with travel anxiety I was sold because when I go on vacation, Rooney goes with me. I noticed a difference the second I put the vest on Rooney! The first car ride we were only gone for a couple of minutes, just to try it out, and he did fine! No vomit! The next day, we went for a 35 minute drive and he had NO problems at all! Now I can't wait until it storms again, just so he can be comforted by his new Thundershirt! I have told all of my dog-owner friends and they are all going to be purchasing a Thundershirt for their four-legged family members! THANK YOU THUNDERSHIRT!!!

Lithopolis, Ohio

United States

Marie-Ann D.

I have a 7 year old Australian Kelpie named Roxie. About a year ago, she started suffering severe anxiety during thunder storms and high winds after a winter ice storm knocked down a 90 foot pine in our yard. When storms arrived, she would shake uncontrollably, try to seek shelter in the bathroom or basement or lean up against any adult that would pet her. Petting her and reassurance did not help. After the storm she would pant and be physically exhausted. We bought a thundershirt and I was truly skeptical that it would work. Today was our first thunder storm of the season. I put the Thundershirt on her and she very calmly laid on her dog bed the entire time. She did not shake once. She did not try to seek shelter and did not follow anyone around. She was truly calm through the entire storm. I don't know how or why but the thunder shirt really works! It truly is a miracle and it's nice to know my dog is not suffering an anxiety attack each time it storms. Thanks for a great product.

United States

Allison D.

I have a golden retriever that is almost 7 years old. She has always been a timid and nervous dog. Since receiving the Thundershirt she has made it through 2 storms and is so calm. She actually looks like we gave her something to sedate her. She is passed out at the foot of the sofa instead of panting and nervously paing around the whole house. We are going to try a car ride next and I will let you know how it goes. I have already recommended this to my sister-in-law who has a very nervous soft coated wheaten terrier. This is picture is Maggie snoozing during a storm!

Granite Falls, North Carolina

United States

Lisa J.

I have to say when I first learned about the Thundershirt, I was a complete skeptic. We have had our dachshund/beagle mix for about 3 months, and he's extremely social, loves people. But the moment we'd leave the house without him, he was barking up a storm with a high pitch bark that was piercing. I started to get complaints from our neighbors. We put in a doggy door, thinking that would help, and it didn't at all. He still would run out into the backyard after we left, and just start barking. Finally, about 3 weeks ago I went to the store to purchase a shock collar after leaving him home for a few hours and he non-stop barked the entire 3 hours. My poor neighbors. I'd had it! I was looking at the collars, when the sales associate at the pet store asked me what the problem was. When I told her, she took me over to the Thundershirt display. I looked at her like she was crazy while she explained how it worked. But as she talked about using it on her own dog, I started to listen. When she assured me it was 100% money back guarantee, I decided to give it one more shot. I knew the shock collar would cause my dog to have more anxiety, and didn't want that, so the thought of relieving that anxiety was very appealing. I took it home and Buster loved the shirt from the moment I put it on him. The true test came when I left the house. He didn't run outside to bark as he watched me leave! I pulled my car out and everything, making it look like I was gone. After ten minutes, I went back inside, and there he was, sitting on the floor by our couch, just curled up, comfortable. Amazing! I thought it was a fluke, but we've now had it for 3 weeks, and except for one day (the second day we had it), he doesn't bark anymore. At all! My neighbor asked me last week if we'd bought him the shock collar, because she doesn't hear him anymore while I'm away. I told her what we were doing, and she looked at me like we were crazy. I told her I didn't blame her... but it has been working! He knows the routine now, and knows that when we leave the house, the shirt goes on. He has no problem with it, and somehow it has helped him understand that we WILL come back home to him. I am a true believer of it.

United States

Lisa E.

I have never written a testimonial about a product before, but I have to write to you about the amazing Thundershirt! We have 3 German Shepherds, one of them (Yogi) suffers from severe anxiety. He is fine when he's alone with just my husband and myself, but if we have someone over or he has to go to the vet, ride in the car or anything at all, he goes bonkers! 4th of July he has always been medicated. Now, when he wears his shirt he's like a different person, and when he sees one of us approaching him with the shirt he comes running over wanting to wear it! I can't thank you enough for such a great product and a great idea. It's so easy to get it on and off of him and he loves it! We will probably end up getting him a second one just so he has a back up when one is in the laundry.
Thanks again.

The Ellsworth Family (Yogi's parents!)

United States

I can't believe it but we're so grateful and thank you with all our hearts. It is a miracle.

We adopted a longhaired chihuahua about 6 months ago who barks a lot and has about every fear! We were at out wits end with him until a wonderful behaviorist told us to try ThunderShirt. We took him to the pet store today and he was terrified UNTIL the salesman put the thundershirt on him.

He immediately stopped crying and shaking and settled down in my lap(I'm in a wheelchair). He allowed 2 people to pet him and we rode out of the store with a new dog..When we got home he walked into the yard, watched several people walk by and never once barked.

I can't believe it but we're so grateful and thank you with all our hearts. It is a miracle.


North Carolina United States

She is SO calm now

I'm fostering a rescued dog who is a really sweet dog - except that she is very possessive and protective. I bought the Thundershirt hoping it would calm her while she learned that this is a safe place to be.

She is SO calm now. Her response was immediate and she's beginning to trust that she does not need to protect her space and me. I am thinking of adopting her myself. Wow, this is amazing, and the shirt is very soft and much lighter than I thought it would be.


United States

I purchased it and put it on her, and immediately she relaxed

I have a dog named Buttercup. She is a rescue I got 5 years ago. She had never lived in a house and came from a puppy mill where she lived in a kennel in a garage. We adjusted well together, but she has always had a fear of all noises. If I would drop something on the floor, she would run into a corner and shake. Fireworks and especially thunderstorms would send her bolting. She would knock everything down and make a mess trying to hide from the noise.

I saw the ThunderShirt on the Today show, but was very skeptical. I gave her medication from the Vet, but she was so lethargic that it scared me. I was online looking at the ThunderShirt again, and thought, 'well it may be worth a try.' I purchased it and put it on her, and immediately she relaxed. Wow! This really works. Now,when I go out, or if there is storm and I am home, we get her ThunderShirt!She shakes some,climbs into my lap and goes to sleep.She is so much calmer,and we have less mess.

Thank you,for your wonderful product!
We love it!


United States

Even though it rained last night he did not mess the floor and went back to sleep!

My dog started having issues with thunderstorms, rain, and wind. He would keep us up all night and would mess the floor. Meds did not help much either. Just recieved the Thundershirt and Can't wait until it thunders to see how he reacts. But so far so good! Thanks for a great product.


United States

It works for her and that's important, cause that's my baby.

Angie, my 92 pound pitbull, fears nothing... Except thunderstorms. The panting, shivering, restlessness and trying to become a second skin to my wife or myself was an awful transformation to behold. My wife's sister sent us one from Arizona to try... And it works! She is much calmer wearing it during a storm, still likes to be close, but generally just lies down and has even been noted to nod off. It works for her and that's important, cause that's my baby.


Grandin Florida United States

The Thundershirt is amazing and the BEST money I have EVER spent!!

Our 9 year old Basset Hound, Maggie Mae, is terrified of storms. Our house was struck by lightning a few years back and she was inside at the time. We usually know when a storm is coming way before we ever hear thunder because she seems to sense it's arrival.

Skeptical, I purchased the ThunderShirt simply because I was willing to try anything to keep from having to put her on meds for anxiety. Living in the south has given us many opportunities to use the ThunderShirt over the last several weeks due to spring storms. We noticed a small difference the first time and each one since she's been more and more calm.

Even during some very violent storms with the thunder rattling the windows, she's either been mildly distressed or simply ignored them all together and slept right through them! We are so grateful! As old as she is, we were afraid she'd have a heart attack with all of the panting, pacing and nervousness. The Thundershirt is amazing and the BEST money I have EVER spent!! Would recommend it to anyone who has a dog that is terrified of storms, it WORKS!!


United States

Sandra H.

Having tried Rescue Remedy, Benedryl, and Xanax for Lucy's fear of thunderstorms, I decided to investigate the Thundershirt. (Lucy's record of non-stop barking and running around during a storm was 3 hours!!) I was very skeptical. The shirt was late in arriving due to thunderstorms in Memphis (!!!). It came this week. We had terrible storms Wednesday night. When I put the shirt on Lucy, she immediately quieted down. One horrific boom of thunder caused her to whine a couple of times, but she went right to sleep and slept throughout the night which is more than I can say for myself. The next day we saw more storms; I used the shirt again and she was calm throughout. I AM SOLD 100%! How great to achieve calmness without the use of drugs and to see her relaxed during a bad storm! This is an incredible product. I will be ordering another one in a fashionable color. Lucy thanks you and so do I!

New York

United States

Brenda L.

I read about the Thundershirt in Family Circle and thought I would give it a try as my Shih Tzu and Black Lab were uncontrolable during storms. I was awoken to panting,pacing, trembling dogs at 1:00a.m,I put the Thundershirts on them and the difference was amazing. The both calmed right down and we were able to get some sleep! Thank you so much!!

Brenda Lewis

United States

Maggie O.

My husband and I were very skeptical about using this product but we had to do something. We have 4 dogs and our biggest boy was terrified of storms. Not just the thunder, but the lightning as well. We were giving him benedryl to help him relax but it wasn't working. The next step would have been tranquilizers. And we didn't want to do that. We were afraid he would have a heart attack! Always made everybody in the house uptight. I saw this ad for this product in a magazine and decided to try it - After all it had a money back guarantee. We recieved it in the mail the same day an all day long storm was taking place. I immediately put it on him and it worked instantly!!!! We both are shocked and amazed! I could actually cry!! Lewis is a 90lb. baby and is resting peacefully for the first time during a storm. I would recommend this Thundershirt to anybody whose pet has anxiety of any kind. It truely is amazing!!!!!

United States

Toni D.

I live in Sydney, Australia. I recently purchased a Thundershirt for one of my dogs who suffers from severe separation anxiety, storm phobia and fireworks phobia. We haven't had an opportunity to put it to the test until last night. We knew there was a fireworks display planned in our area over the easter weekend as they had sent flyers out with dates and times. I put the Thundershirt on our dog a little while before I knew they were due to start. While the fireworks weren't as loud as they are at New Years, they were definitely loud enough that normally he would have reacted (panting, pacing etc - if severe he will try to climb out the windows). I was totally amazed to see that he just curled up on the lounge and didn't bat an eyelid. I don't expect such a great result when New Years come around because the noise is so much wrose but this is a great result for all those in-between times when their are fireworks in the area. The next test will be in 2 weeks time when there are more fireworks due. Thank you for developing this product!

Sydney, Australia

United States

Sandra D.

Princess is our Lab-Pointer mix. When she was still a young pup, about 8 years ago, we were out of the house when a severe storm came with lots of lightning and hail. She was pretty much spooked, and ever since is very anxious around thunderstorms in general.

It has gotten bad enough that we have to use Valium with her. So... when we heard about this 'gimmick,' we were doubtful it would be worth looking into.

It was after a couple different TV stations/cable channels did reviews, and hearing about the experience of my sister and her family.

So, we ordered the shirt to see, and it was the 'money back if not satisfied' that encouraged me want to test this out. I mean if 85% of the folks are having success, it's worth a try.

When it first arrived, did the suggested treat with the shirt, then draped the shirt loosely over her for about 10 minutes. We did another round a couple hours later, again for about 10 minutes a little more snug. And that evening put it on her snugly for about half an hour (she went off and fell fast asleep) I had to wake her to get it off her. Then during the night had a thunderstorm skirt us, put her in the shirt and gave her the usual meds (5 mg Valium). She went right back to sleep on the bed. The next day, had more storms, she wore it and laid down to doze...

It was worth the expense in just one weekend.

Severn, Maryland

United States

Lynn H.

HOLY COW!!!! We have had 6 English bulldogs. Never before did we have a "barker". NOTHING had worked. I bought the Thundershirt at Pet Supermarket yesterday and we are ASTONISHED! Coco actually looked relaxed with it on. None of her usual "triggers" caused barking . Now, just please make one in a light weight fabric for those of us in south Florida. I have already recommended it to my Friend on FB!

Sarasota, Florida

United States

It does what the commercials say it will do!!!!!!!

I have a completely new dog! Well, not really... But yes! Our miniature schnauzer has the reputation in our neighborhood of being a demon dog. I have been training her for a year and she still wanted to wrestle with every dog, bark at every little noise, chew on everything she wasn't supposed to... Well let's face it, she acted like a dog with no training. I put the ThunderShirt on her and immediately she was the dog of my dreams! I took her around the neighborhood with no pulling on the leash and she was quite the well behaved visitor to all dogs and people on the way. Back home, no barking at the neighbors while they were out in their yard. No barking at my husband when he went outside without her. We took her with us to the store and left her in the car and NO BARKING when we went in the store. I am just so totally thankful for such a great product AND that it does what the commercials say it will do!!!!!!! Thank you just doesn't say enough.


Ohio United States

The ThunderShirt worked so well I ordered a second one to keep in my car

The ThunderShirt worked so well I ordered a second one to keep in my car when traveling with my dog. He gets so upset when it thunders that he makes himself throw up. The last storm I put the ThunderShirt on him and he slept all night like a baby. Just love it!


Virginia United States

We are VERY pleased with the results!

We rescued Abby from a shelter, the week before Christmas, 2011.

We don't know her history, but found that she gets anxious in the car and at other people's homes. Even at our home, she was licking her paws and lips a lot.

We've only been using the ThunderShirt for a week, but what a difference! She comes to me when I ask her if she wants her shirt on and wags while I'm adjusting it.

When she's in the house, I put it on her in the evenings and she no longer licks, but curls up in her bed and relaxes, or sleeps!

In the car, she still wants to watch out the windows, but doesn't incessantly whine!

We are VERY pleased with the results and are happy that this helps Abby's quality of life! She's only about 6, so we want her remaining years to be fun and stress free.
Thanks for helping us achieve this goal!


Washington United States

This probduct is one of the best investments I have ever made.

I had seen this on TV and must admit, I was very skeptical. We have older dogs and one of them has always been flighty but lately his behavior was nerve wracking! High anxiety, heavy panting, and whining horribly. Because of his age, I did not want him on tranquilizers so I was getting very frustrated trying to calm him down - It was so bad I couldn't leave his side for 5 minutes. I bought my ThunderShirt at Pet Supermarket and was told that while it works on most dogs, it sometimes takes a little longer on some. The first night he was still restless but the whinning was cut in half, the second day it was like a miracle - A comeplete transformation; no whinning, no panting, no restlessness! Today is the third day and I had to leave him to go to the Doctor's. office, my son was in the back of the house and he said, 'Mom, he never cried or carried on once, he just went into his Kennel and stayed there until I came home, then came out trotting and tail wagging to greet me. He is laying at my feet now napping. Please, anyone who has a problem like this at least try it out, there is a money back guaranty. This probduct is one of the best investments I have ever made. Thank you to all the people at ThunderShirt. You guys ROCK.


Florida United States

I am telling all my friends that they have to have these for their dogs.

Now that my Rottie mix, Spyke, is in his teens, he's become irrationally afraid of thunder. Our vet gave us drugs to calm him, but they just knocked him out at first, and now they don't work at all. I saw ThunderShirt in Petsmart and decided to try it. Today, with storms all around, I put the ThunderShirt on Spyke and honestly didn't expect it to work. Boy, was I surprised! He liked the shirt, and it worked immediately and all day. When I took it off of him a while ago, he seemed like he wanted to keep it on. I am telling all my friends that they have to have these for their dogs. I wish I had found it sooner.


United States

I was amazed!

I ordered a ThunderShirt for my standard poodle, Judder a couple of years ago. She was very afraid of thunderstorms. I was not convinced that it would help but decided it was worth a try. I was amazed! Instead of pacing, panting, and being terrified she usually gets in her bed and sleeps! Also, she recently had major abdominal surgery. In order to keep her from chewing her staples and pulling out her tubes we put on the ThunderShirt. Not only did it calm her down it prevented all the licking and chewing. We love the ThunderShirt and are ordering her a new pink one!!


Virginia United States

He just lays down and goes to sleep, very content.

I just tried the ThunderShirt about a month ago. We are just starting to get the spring thunder storms, we've had three storms since I started using the ThunderShirt, and my 3 year old border collie loves his ThunderShirt! He gets nervous during thunder storms and anxious, we noticed it last summer and thought we'd give this a try before the symptoms got any worse. He just lays down and goes to sleep, very content. It works great in my case so far. He sleeps in bed with me and we had some loud cracks last night, he raises his head looks around and goes back to sleep. Thanks!


United States

The car ride home was nothing but peaceful.

We purchased ThunderShirts for all 3 of our dogs today. We have 2 mini schnauzers and a maltipoo. Only one of the schnauzers actually had a problem with the travel anxiety. She would shake horribly and pant from the time we left the house until we returned home. A recent vacation was horrible for her. While on vacation we saw an advertisement for the ThunderShirt. We checked on them and found a local place to purchase them. We went to get them today and the immediate change was astounding. The car ride home was nothing but peaceful. She laid down in the seat like she didn't have a care in the world. We are also expecting some very major storms this evening, so we will see how they work through the storms. We think they were worth the purchase just for the car ride home! We also purchased one for my mother-in-law's westie. She is horrified of storms. When we put hers on this afternoon she immediately became a totally different dog. She was so calm. She didn't bark at the squirrels outside or people walking down the street. Totally amazing. We are totally in awe. Thank you for an awesome product!


Oklahoma United States

It can save a life (the dog and yours). I would recommend this 200%!!!

I have been seeing the commercials and read about this product, so finally thought I would try it (because of the generous return policy) for my toy poodle, who is scared of every noise. I put it on and took her for a walk and I saw the difference immediately. Her confidence and lack of regard for the usual noises she was scared of was unbelievable. I immediately called my daughter who has a rambunctious dog to get it and we just went on Skype so I can see her dog and the change is magical.
If you have a dog who is scared, anxious, all over the place or you just don't know what to do, get ThunderShirt before you do anything drastic. It can save a life (the dog and yours). I would recommend this 200%!!!


Hawaii United States

Each night before we all settle down she presents herself for her ThunderShirt

We have an old dog who has little sight and less hearing. In the early hours of the morning she has been wandering aimless around the house, leaving little puddles. We bought a ThunderShirt because she is affected by thunderstorms. By accident we found when she has the ThunderShirt on at night she sleeps through, no wandering, no puddles. She also gets relief from thunder storms(what a bonus!!). So each night before we all settle down she presents herself for her ThunderShirt, and who said animals don't know? Thanks from us all.


Alabama United States

Best walk that we have had in 4 years.

I was not sure if ThunderShirt was the answer. Our 4 year old miniature schnauzer was a handful on any walk. Put the ThunderShirt on her today. A 180 degree turn. It was the best walk that we have had in 4 years. your product is highly recommended by me. Thank you.


Illinois United States

He will actually pick up the shirt and bring it to us to put it on him.

Our dog is a mini Jack Russell... so he's naturally protective in nature. Though storms don't bother him, he feels he has to make his presence known to motorcycles, other dogs barking outside, or anything else that comes as 'outside of the norm' in his little world. We bought this shirt in a size Small and IMMEDIATELY we noticed a HUGE difference. He's easily agitated by men (not women or children) and will bark to them if we see them in pet stores or in public. Right after we put this on, he'd look at them but keep walking by. At first, he whimpered or whined as we walked past a few male customers but then that stopped too! In addition to this, he loves wearing the shirt. It completely relaxes him and makes him feel safe and secure to the point where he will literally fall asleep in a sitting position while in it. He's toppled over a few times and my son thinks it's cute. As the package says, it's effective for 80% of dogs. Bolt loves wearing his ThunderShirt and the only time we take it off of him is when he's crated at night for sleeping. He will actually pick up the shirt and bring it to us to put it on him. Other than at night when he takes it off, he wears it all day long and loves it. The shirt is extremely breathable and we haven't had any issues of overheating or anything. I would recommend this to everyone who has a pet.


Wisconsin United States

It's wonderful to see her calm and relaxed

I purchased the ThunderShirt after trying herbal pills and then researching dog anxiety treatments online, and I have to say that the ThunderShirt is amazing. We have had on and off storms all day... thunder, lightning, heavy rain... and our storm-fearing dog is laying down, even sleeping! Normally she would pant, shake and then pee on the floor. It's wonderful to see her calm and relaxed, finally. Love the ThunderShirt!


Stafford Virginia United States

The FEAR & ANXIETY were totally GONE!!!

I wanted to share my story about the MIRACLE of the ThunderShirt! I just received it yesterday, and it's AMAZING how it works!! We have an 11yr old Golden Retriever named Major who hates thunderstorms & goes crazy. He would climb behind couches and anywhere he could hide completely, and was very aggressive to our Corgi also. This morning it was raining (no thunder yet), the anxiety was building. He headed for the head of our bed and tried to climb underneath it when I immediately put the shirt on him. A MIRACLE happened!! He was instantly CALM, layed down on the floor and the FEAR & ANXIETY were totally GONE!!! What a BLESSING for him and for us!! If you have any doubts about purchasing one for your pet fear not, IT WORKS!!


Hendersonville North Carolina United States

She'll get her ThunderShirt for us to put on her.

Our dog, Sadie, a Jug (Jack Russel/Pug) has been very anxious during thunderstorms. We saw your ad in Good Housekeeping and decided to give it a try. When a storm is coming and Sadie gets anxious, she'll get her ThunderShirt for us to put on her. It truly works. She's better for it and we are happy she stays calm. Thank you for a great product!

Bob & Jane

Sussex New Jersey United States

If you have a dog that is nervous, ThunderShirt needs to be your next purchase.

OK so rarely do I endorse a product, but I'm going to now. If you have a dog that is nervous/anxious due to thunderstorms, vacuum, etc.. the ThunderShirt needs to be your next purchase. My pekingese is terrified of storms; it was getting to the point where I honestly thought she was going to have a heart attack during one. She would pace, pant and shiver. She simply would be completely stressed the entire time during a storm. This of course meant I would get zero sleep during stormy nights, as I would be worried about her and trying to calm her down. A friend told me to check out - I took a chance and purchased one. Last night, the thunder came in @ 3am. I put the shirt on her, by 3:15 she was back asleep again. It was a MIRACLE! She was calm and snoring. I'm glad I took that chance because she was relaxed and not stressed. Which meant I got some sleep!


United States

Even my skeptical husband agreed she's a lot better since we purchased the ThunderShirt.

My Shih-tzu, Maggie, is terrified of thunderstorms, gunshots, and fireworks. Since purchasing her ThunderShirt, she still doesn't like storms but she'll lay quietly now, without pacing around or sitting with her body as close to my feet as she can get without actually sitting on my feet. Even my skeptical husband agreed she's a lot better since we purchased the ThunderShirt. In the picture, she's lying quietly on her pad with one of her favorite toys, Harriet Horse.


United States

I don't ever want to be caught without one!

I was very skeptical, but willing to try anything for my German Shepherd who would tremble from head to toe at the slightest rumble of thunder. Having spent much more on much less, my husband and I decided to try it. The first time I put the ThunderShirt on Yukon, he immediately layed down. We thought it was a fluke, but a few days later we had another storm. . . and he grabbed a stuffed animal and settled immediately!

This evening it thundered and he stood completely still so my husband could put the ThunderShirt on him. This is a complete shocker!

Tonight I ordered a second ThunderShirt - one to keep in our camper. I don't ever want to be caught without one!


Harrisburg Pennsylvania United States

I wish we would have known about ThunderShirt a long time ago

Cody, our Golden Retriever, is terrified of thunderstorms. So much so, that he hides in our first floor bathroom, in the tub, behind the shower curtain, as it is the only room in our home that does not have a window. He is also not to fond of the vacuum cleaner, nor high winds. A friend of my wife's told her about ThunderShirt. I looked at the web site and it seemed pretty positive to me, that this could help Cody get through these times of very high anxiety.

When it arrived, we put it on him and it fit really well. He wears an XXL. I took out the vacuum, for a little test. He did not seemed to be bothered anywhere near as much as he was when not wearing his new ThunderShirt. Then we had some high winds and some moderate thunderstorms. Again, he showed signs of being comfortable, as opposed to huffing and puffing and sometimes, shaking uncontrollably. We used to give him Ultra Calm, which helped some, but this past weekend we were expecting major thunder storms and high winds in our part of the Midwest. I put his ThunderShirt on him early in the day, as we already had strong, gusty winds and it threatened to storm all day long. After about a half hour or so, he acted as if nothing at all was going on outside our home. He was lying down, and every once in a while a gust of wind came up - he just lifted up his head, and went back to relaxing with us.

My wife and I and Cody Spamoni, are very pleased with the results of Cody wearing the ThunderShirt. We would highly recommend the Thundershirt for anyone whose pet has anxieties.

I wish we would have known about ThunderShirt a long time ago - It would have prevented a lot of upsetting moments for Cody.

Thanks for a wonderful product.

Dennis & Denise

Winthrop Harbor Illinois United States

Goodbye Ace and Valium.

Oh my goodness -- Goodbye Ace and Valium. I cannot believe the difference. My dog hates thunderstorms, I always feared that he would have a heart attack its so bad--the shaking and panting, and inability to settle. Look at this photo, we have a storm going on now. Max is an 8 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier.


United States

Attorney at Law

The shirt really made a big difference!

I purchased two ThunderShirts after hearing how good they were for dogs during stormy weather. I have a little 5 lb Yorkie who would run crazy all over the house when the rain, thunder or lightning occured. First time I put it on her, she was so much calmer. The shirt really made a big difference! Today I also put one on my Jack Russell terrier mix who always went in her kennel and put her head to the wall when the weather was here. She actually did not go in her cage and just went and sat on our recliner where she normally rests! I am so impressed! Thank you, ThunderShirts have made my babies alot calmer.


Louisiana United States

Your shirt may not only work for anxiety, but also for allergy problems.

I purchased a ThunderShirt from QVC for my pitt - who is white and has severe allergy problems that we have been unable to get solved. We have had the best luck with keeping him in shirts and decided to try the ThunderShirt. The one we ordered is a bit too large as he it fits around but is a bit too long. However, he loves it and comes to have it put on him! Wish we had a smaller one in red. So, your shirt may not only work for anxiety, but also for allergy problems.


Texas United States

I truly believe it is the BEST thing that money can buy. It works BETTER than the Xanax.

Our Blue Girl is DEATHLY afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks, loud motorcycles, ANYTHING that makes a loud noise. We took her to the vet and Blue was prescribed Xanax. The Xanax does work, but not as well as we had hoped. So as a 'last ditch effort' to find something that would work, I came upon the ThunderShirt We have been using the ThunderShirt on Blue Girl for almost 3 years now. I ordered another one today . . . I truly believe it is the BEST thing that money can buy. It works BETTER than the Xanax. ThunderShirt works so well, Blue now goes with us to Myrtle Beach for the Bike Rally and is our Camp Mascot, as long as she has her ThunderShirt on. I have even given Blue's vet the website information so that she can help other pet owners! Keep up the good work ThunderShirt!


United States

So glad to have found this product!

Nala is a 3 year old English Bulldog who we adopted almost two years ago. We noticed immediately that she had trouble settling down and would pace and 'talk' to us. The talking - whining and barking - was cute at first but became an issue. We tried the penny can, the water bottle, behavior management as suggested by trainers, but nothing stopped this constant chatter and obstinate barking. When I suggested the ThunderShirt my husband had little faith since we had tried so many other things, but with the satisfaction and money back guarantee we had to give it a shot. Within 10 minutes of putting the shirt on she became calm, very calm, like she was drugged almost! She laid down and dozed in and out, not budging when people came in and out of the house at all. We've been using it for about 2 weeks and I am so impressed with this product. The barking and whining is minimal, she can now settle down and lie down anywhere and sleep whereas before she would whine and pace for a long time before settling. Bedtime is not a problem anymore, she can settle immediately and fall asleep before we do which wasn't the case before. The person who noticed most was my vet, who asked me what the product was and after observing Nala in it at an appointment said he was going to recommend it to all his patients with anxiety issues! This shirt definitely helped with general anxiety and noise anxiety. So glad to have found this product!


United States

I could not believe what I was seeing!

First of all a BIG Thank you to your company. We received the shirt for our dog due to a study of the effect on a dog with Epilepsy. Because the trigger can be various things, I believe Winnie's happens to be certain sounds and flashing light. After his last cluster which left him with a loss of sight in one eye, and impaired strength in his hind end, we were only too happy to be part of the study. On April 10, our first thunder and lightning storm passed through our area. Immediately I put on the ThunderShirt, he looked at me and followed me to the bedroom. I put him on the bed and he laid down. I could not believe what I was seeing! Usually, he paws at me to get up then wiggles to get down. Keeping our fingers crossed, when and if the monster returns it will help with the seizures. Thanks again.

Justeene/ Winnie's Mom

Ontario, Canada


Ontario United States

I wished I had come across it 7-1/2 years ago.

My poodle silky terrier is 7-1/2 years old. She is a barker and will chase anything and anyone just to get someone to play with her 24/7. She has gone to several training classes and we both have failed a few of them. I came across and said might as well try something else.

When it arrived, I immediately put it on her. Oh my gosh there was no barking or lunging while going for a walk. She walked by my side. It was fantastic. She is like a totally different pup.

Thank you, thank you. This is totally amazing and I wished I had come across it 7-1/2 years ago.


Rochester Hills Michigan United States

Two paws up!

Our five-year-old Silky Terrier, Arwen, has been a problem barker. She sits in the window when we're home with her and just goes crazy, barking at every leaf that falls from the trees (and don't even get me started on what a squirrel sighting would do to her!). We've tried lots of behavior modification methods, with very limited (ok, NO) success.

I read about the ThunderShirt on a general interest internet bulletin board where I post regularly. I was a bit skeptical, but figured with a money-back guarantee, it was a worth the risk. Sure enough, Arwen has calmed down considerably since she's been wearing her ThunderShirt! She still barks at strangers who walk by -- which is not a bad thing -- but she's much calmer and happier wearing her shirt and doesn't go on uncontrolled barking binges anymore. We even used it to calm her anxiety after a recent dental procedure. Two paws up!


Parkville Maryland United States

It's worth its price the first time you see your dog's anxiety melt away.

I saw a story about ThunderShirt on the morning news (WNBC4 Columbus, Ohio). I have a greyhound that is petrified of thunderstorms and heavy rain. He pants, paces, and has on occasion lost bladder control when a storm rolls in. I did a lot of research on ThunderShirt and was certain nothing but medication could calm him. Knowing there was a money back guarantee, I broke down and purchased a ThunderShirt online and received it within 2-3 days. 2 nights ago I was awoken at 2:30 a.m. to the sound of distant thunder and a frantic dog. I put the ThunderShirt on him and within 5 minutes he was laying down, breathing normally, and calm. I was shocked to say the least! Last night we went through it again at 3:00 a.m. I immediately put it back on him and in less time, probably 2 minutes, he was laying down. Today, the forecast called for scattered storms, so when I went to work I left it on him and removed it when I got home. Tomorrow we are expected to get severe storms,so he will again wear it while I am away. It fits comfortably, is lightweight, and he seems very content when wearing it. ThunderShirt has made a TREMENDOUS difference in his behavior, and it was IMMEDIATE. I 100% recommend it for any dog that has anxiety. It's worth its price the first time you see your dog's anxiety melt away. If it doesn't work for whatever reason, there's always the guarantee. I have no idea how this product works so well, but it does!


United States

This may just have changed our lives!

We just received our ThunderShirt in the mail today and I have to say it is AMAZING! I have a deaf JRT and barking has been a really terrible problem. I'm not sure if it is because she's deaf or because it's just the way her voice sounds, but when she barks it sounds more like screaming. And once she starts, it's really difficult to get her to quiet down; most attempts would result in more excited barking. She'll start scream barking in the middle of the night. Every time I would come home from work, she would bark (is a lot more apt) from the second I got home, through me changing out of my work clothes, and starting cooking. My daughter put the shirt on Roxie, our dog, before I got home and today when I got home it was almost scary! She didn't bark even once. Then, I went outside to pick some herbs from my garden, during which time Roxie would bark the whole time, she ran around and played, but once again didn't bark. I cannot even believe this product! It's amazing, the change was immediate! I look forward to tonight and tomorrow morning to see if this will stop the night barking and her barking for an hour straight while I get up and get dressed for work in the morning. This may just have changed our lives!


United States

We couldn't believe the immediate transformation!

We ordered the ThunderShirt for our 2 yellow labs. Our 9 year old is horrified of thunderstorms. We put the ThunderShirts on the dogs last week during a thunderstorm, when we got home from work, and the 9 year old actually wanted to go outside in the midst of a storm!!! We couldn't believe the immediate transformation! We also put the ThunderShirts on the dogs this weekend during a roadtrip, as they have been fighting out of jealousy - They got along fine! We're sold on ThunderShirt!! Thanks!!!


Glasgow Kentucky United States

So happy to have found a natural approach

We have had our puggle, Harper, for about 2 months. Although she's home with me most of the day, she still was doing the nuisance barking. Anxiety kicked in when my kids were home from school, and she became more and more intense when playing which led to biting, growling, jumping up, etc. We tried the ultrasonic bark control, she didn't care. We were going to go with the citronella spray collar when we learned about the ThunderShirt! I can't tell you what an IMMEDIATE change we saw with our girl! She's happy to be with us, barks when necessary and seems so 'chilled out'! We are so happy to have found a natural approach to help her remain calm. Thanks so much for a great product!


Washington United States

I would not have believed it had I not seen it for myself!

We have 2 small poodles (One has only 3 legs and the other is still a puppy). Beauregard is our 3 yr old 3 legged dog and Bellarosa is our 10 months old. Beauregard got sick from dental surgery and was suffering from extreme separation anxiety when Momma would leave him. Bellarosa started getting anxious because Beauregard was so sick and had to continuously be taken to the hospital/clinic. Our faithful nurse, Emilee suggested we purchase some ThunderShirts. However, it is already summer weather here so our local pet store sold us the ThunderShirts! We put them on at the store and before we could get Bellarosa dressed, Beauregard had already stopped shaking! I would not have believed it had I not seen it for myself! I quickly called relatives that have small pets to go purchase their own. They wear them all the time when we go out. Thank you so much!! They are wonderful!

Taylor & Andy

Texas United States

Our dog Chappy just loves traveling on the plane with his ThunderShirt.

Our dog Chappy just loves traveling on the plane with his ThunderShirt.


Miami Florida United States

Because my dog was wearing a ThunderShirt, he was able to survive!

My Chinese hairless Crested dog went missing approximately 2am on Jan. 2nd. He is a rescue pet who has extreme anxiety. He was in the wilderness for 2 full nights and 3 days in 40 degree temperatures. I wanted to inform you that because my dog was wearing a ThunderShirt, he was able to survive! It kept him warm enough to survive the cold temperature, keeping in mind he is hairless. I am positive that without it, he would not have survived. He returned a little wet and dehydrated and dirty, but he somehow made his way home, ALIVE! Thank you!!!


Belleview Florida United States

ASTOUNED at how WELL this works!

We are absolutely ASTOUNED at how WELL this works! After only 2 uses, our dog is able to stay home alone with no more medication, no drooling, upset stomach & no howling! He actually likes the shirt & gets excited when we get it out to put on him! We were a bit skeptical, but now are telling EVERYONE! Even our Veterinarian asked for the info! THANK-YOU!!


Maryland United States

There's no need to fear, ThunderShirt is here!

I am starting to wonder if this new shirt is laced with doggie downers or something! But seriously, you have a great product here. Five minutes after donning her new shirt, our mutt Annie was calm and relaxed. She is normally right at your finger tips with a wet nose nudge all day long, but not with the shirt on. She also was very nervous and shy around other dogs and most people, but with the shirt on, she seems to adapt easily and I noticed that she really seems to hear my commands and respond much better than before too. There's no need to fear, ThunderShirt is here!

I don’t think I have ever posted a testimonial like this before, but this product is so amazing, I just had to let you know how much it has helped! I might just need to buy some stock in your company!


Austin Texas United States

Dog Tested. Cat Approved!

Dog Tested. Cat Approved! Thank you, thank you, thank you THUNDERSHIRT! Parker is a changed dog! Within minutes of putting on his ThunderShirt, years of anxiety, aggression, and extreme territorial behavior simply subsided! It is truly amazing. This morning we tried to take it off of him and he got REALLY mad and actually WANTED us to put it back on. Unbelievable!


Tobyhanna Pennsylvania United States

The appointment was a piece of cake

Our rescue dog, Noah, is afraid of EVERYTHING, except thunderstorms oddly enough. We bought the ThunderShirt to help him with his everyday anxiety. Friends who come over every few weeks are finally able to pet Noah! Before, he would bark, raise his fur, and run away. With a veterinarian appointment coming up, I contemplated buying a muzzle for Noah since I was afraid he might bite the doctor out of fear. We put his ThunderShirt on instead, and the appointment was a piece of cake. I have recommended this product to a number of people already. Thank you so much!


Springfield Massachusetts United States

I was amazed

I recently purchased a ThunderShirt for my dog Prissy - She is terrified of thunder. I put it on her and let her wear it one day to get used to it, and the next day we had very bad thunderstorms. She barked one time, then got on the couch and slept through the rest of it! Usually she would have been under my feet whining or on my lap, I was amazed. She has bad separation anxiety so hope it works when I have to leave her alone, but I feel confident it will. Thank you for this product!


Gulf Breeze Florida United States


I have a retired Police K9 Belgian Malinois. He had to retire VERY early in his career due to a traumatic incident involving loud firearms and some really bad criminals. Directly after the firearm altercation, he would not leave the patrol car for a full day, not for food, toy, nothing!

He retired with me in my home and was literally scared of any little noise, you could not drop a fork without him freaking out and shaking uncontrollably. 4th July fireworks, THUNDERSTORMS, you name it, he was scared to death.

My veterinarian knew of his issue and recommended the ThunderShirt. To say I was apprehensive would be an understatement, but my veterinarian has a dog with the same thunderstorm issues.

I put the XL shirt on Bosco when it was calm, gave him a treat, and kept it on for about 15 min. Next day, same thing, however this time he started strutting around the house, his tail curled way up, and rubbing himself and the shirt on everything (really just enjoying it). He was excited to have it on, then after about 5 minutes of 'struttin', he went right to sleep...a HARD sleep. Again, did this a few times throughout the month and same thing, he would get excited, happy, strut around, then fall dead asleep.

Then finally the thunderstorm happened. Woke me up at 3:00 in the morning just shaking to death. I put on the ThunderShirt, and it was amazing! He got really happy, strut around, then fell dead asleep in my lap! The thunderstorm kept going all night, but in his mind, it just wasn't there.

He is a cop and a drug dog. But I think... no, I KNOW the ThunderShirt is Bosco's drug of choice. It's AMAZING and I cannot thank the company enough!

And along with the thanks that it ABSOLUTELY works, thank you for keeping it at a low enough price for a wide variety of people to try, who have already bought and tried everything else, with no result.
I tell everyone about the ThunderShirt, even my Acupuncturist and her mother bought one... Her mother lives in CHINA!

Thanks again, from Bosco, ruff, ruff, drop the dope criminals!


Runaway Bay Texas United States

He has only had it for a week but boy what a help it has been.

This is my 2 year old Tyler. He was very submissive when we got him. He then became insecure and aggressive. This was very upsetting. Tyler is a sweet boy who is also an animal actor and this was hurting his career and life. Walks became less. Till we got the ThunderShirt. He has only had it for a week but boy what a help it has been. We enjoy are walks now. I know we have a way to go but this is a real help for him. Will let you know more. Thank you.


Clinton New Jersey United States


This is the BEST money I have ever spent. As soon as I put George's ThunderShirt on, he calms right down. And, believe me, my dog can be very obsessive! But, with this shirt, I don't have to give him any doggie downers, or put him in the basement. IT WORKS! You will be so happy with this product. It's amazing!!!!


Lakeview Arkansas United States

It is nothing short of a miracle!

Our son rescued Bentley, a Terrier/Yellow Lab mix, when he was 2-1/2 months old. He is now almost 6 years old. His history is really unknown but appeared to be suffering some separation anxiety which kept getting worse. It was to the point where he would chew his way out of his plastic cage. Our son tried a bigger wire cage, and he tried to chew his way out of that and hurting his mouth and face by doing so. It got to where when he did get out of his cage, he was being somewhat destructive (i.e. bringing down the blinds and chewing on the door frame). This past Thanksgiving, our son and daughter-in-law were at their wits end to where they were thinking that they had to take him to a shelter. I had seen the ad in the newspaper for the ThunderShirt and decided to give it a shot. It is nothing short of a miracle! From the get go (Christmas), Bentley took to it and seemed to like it.

He is much calmer, and has not tried to escape his plastic cage since. I can't thank you enough for this life changing product. I would recommend this to everyone with a dog who might be experiencing any type of anxiety. IT REALLY WORKS!!


Winfield Illinois United States

He could sit on the balcony and enjoy the day without anxiety!

Ratchet is one of the dogs rescued from Iraq by Operation Baghdad Pups. Through a partnership between Operation Baghdad Pups and ThunderShirt, I was sent one in the mail. I'd have to say that I was skeptical about the claims... for about 15 seconds. Ratchet had problems with barking, anxiety, and fear of unfamiliar noises. He was particularly anxious around other dogs, having been a guard dog in Iraq. Suddenly, while wearing the ThunderShirt, Ratchet seemed to gain new confidence. Other dogs didn't worry him. Thunderstorms were just things that made the grass wet. Airplanes, repairmen, and even the cat that went for walks outside our apartment were no longer worries for him. He could sit on the balcony and enjoy the day without anxiety, and that made both of us believers! Thank you, ThunderShirt!


Georgia United States


Gordy came to us at age 8 with extreme fear of thunder or any loud noise. Nothing soothed this, and all-night barking wasn't good for him or us during storms. Then we ordered his ThunderShirt. He loves it! It works! Now he stands still to get suited up for storms or the nearby fireworks. After two minutes his anxious pacing and barking subsides, tapering off to complete calm and quiet after 5 minutes. Gordy sleeps comfortably in this, wears it indoors and out as long as needed. Thank you for this wonderful device, isn't he handsome?!

Dale & Ellen

United States


We ordered a ThunderShirt a couple of months ago for our rescue adopted dog (Maddie), a three year old Chocolate Labrador who weighs approximately 70 lbs. Prior to receiving the shirt, we had contacted our vet as Maddie had some really bad experiences with thunder and storms where she would pace, pant, and sometimes get sick. Our vet gave us a prescription for Xanax. The medication did help, but in talking with one of my customers, I learned about the ThunderShirt and decided I would try it to see if it would help as Maddie sometimes seemed to have some side-effects with the meds. I am positively thrilled with the results and her reaction to the shirt! Maddie doesn't mind wearing this shirt at all and actually begins to wag her tail when she sees it pulled from the drawer where we keep it. We stopped using medications immediately, and she has stopped all pacing, panting, and vomiting with use of the shirt. We have also found that the shirt is helpful with stressful situations such as trips to the vet as she gets a little too hyped up in those situations. I would strongly encourage everyone to try this for their pet and hope that you will have the same results that we have enjoyed with use of the ThunderShirt!


Arlington Texas United States

Susan C.

Our dog (a Vizsla) had severe nervous shaking only made worse by the drug prescription he was given by the vet. He was hyper sensitive to different sounds especially. He was waking us up at night and we were very worried about him.
Now, at the first sign of nervous behavior we put his ThunderShirt on and he calms right down! He does not have to wear it all the time. In fact, I think the shirt broke his cycle of nervous behavior. We don't need to put it on him that often now. He is also drug free.

I highly recommend ThunderShirt!


Seattle Washington United States


Our dog Molly was adopted from our local ASPCA. She is the sweetest and most well behaved dog in the world until she hears thunder, fireworks, or is left alone. In any of these situations she shakes so bad we are afraid she might have a heart attack! She drools, cries and just can't be calmed down. We have tried everything. The ThunderShirt arrived on Dec 31st, New Years Eve. In our neighborhood this means lots and lots of fireworks. We were just dreading it, but the ThunderShirt arrived and we put in on Molly. We couldn't possibly see how this would work, but work it did. We cannot tell you what a difference it made, we still can't believe it, she was like different dog, a very calm, happy dog. Thank you, thank you.

Carlene & Doug

Charleston South Carolina United States


My mom bought my 70 lb boxer a ThunderShirt prior to her dog sitting for me for 10 days. This is the most amazing product! Benny, the boxer, is pretty high energy and definitely suffers from crate and separation anxiety. I can watch him go from one extreme to another 2 minutes after putting on the ThunderShirt. A collegue at work just bought one for his dog. I love this product. Thank you!


Chicago Illinois United States

Maryann G.

I ordered this several weeks and we had no storms until we had blizzard like conditions last night with thunder and lightning. IT WORKED! My puppymill rescue calmed right down (something he has never down before) and slept the rest of the night! I am now ordering another one for another of my dogs that hide under the bed. Great product.


Tulsa Oklahoma United States

Chris R.

We have a 5 year old lab/hound mix rescue and a 6 year old Staffie. The hound has a lot of anxiety. He chews walls, fences and crates. He has torn up every metal crate we have purchased and now has started charging our front door when neighbors pass by. I am happy to say the shirts not only slowed down the intensity of his charges but has also relaxed our staffie. Both are content and relaxed.



United States


Butch is a Ridgeback/Lab mix 85lbs. We got him from a rescue and he is terrified of thunder. He is a great addition to our family. Butch is a gentle giant. It hurt so much to see his whole body tremble, while he panted and drooled for hours at a time when we had storms. He could hear them before we did most of the time. We tried holding him, crating him in dark, making him comfortable, medicating him and nothing helped. It hurt me deeply to see him suffer like that. My husband heard about ThunderShirt and it has been a miracle! Not only is he not bothered by storms, but he does not bark at the vacuum when he has it on! Unbelievable something so simple could help so much. We will be getting several to have on hand. Thanks for creating a great product and I have been spreading the word about the great results we have had!


North Richland Hills Texas United States

He is serene almost immediately after putting it on.

Tucker, my 2 yr old Brittany, suffers from severe separation anxiety. He has shredded everything under the sun, ate our kitchen table and chairs, broke his K-9 teeth, etc. We have tried everything! Crating him, leaving him penned off, medication (which does help, but not alone), day care, booby trapping the house (!) but nothing was working. We were getting close to the end of our rope and were in our local pet store a few weeks ago and came across the ThunderShirt. I hate to use the term, but it has been a miracle worker!! He is like a totally different dog. He has done a complete 180! He is serene almost immediately after putting it on. We leave him loose in the house every day and come home to him sound asleep on the couch perfectly content and the house exactly as we left it!

We are so happy with the results, I would recommend it to ANYONE who finds themselves in a similar situation!

Thank you so much!!


Clifton Park New York United States


Finally something that works for George! George is a rescue Brittany with Noise Phobias as well as separation anxiety, gun shy, you name it. For the last 8 years we have tried everything including pheromone collars, air diffusers, calming remedies, and prescription drugs. Even 'dog whisperers' failed with George - he was just scared to death.

Hubby ridiculed me for 'wasting' my money, but I was desperate; among other things George is totally freaked out when the dishwasher runs - he pants, shakes and will rip apart anything he can get his teeth into. Now he calmly sleeps or cuddles. Re-tested him without the shirt - back to his issues. Shirt back on - nice and calm.

Hope it works for his gun shy/fireworks issue - will let you know.


United States

Thank you for having this wonderful product

My toy Aussie plays flyball and when being crated she is anxious wanting to play. Talking to a team member she suggested I try the ThunderShirt. I purchased the shirt at a tournament and within 15 minutes Izzi was laying in her crate with the calmness I have never seen in her before. Thank you for having this wonderful product and taking the edge off Izzi saving energy for her career in flyball!


Hagerstown Maryland United States

Julie C.

As soon as I received the ThunderShirt in the mail I opened it and read instruction. My black lab was just as curious as I was especially when I put some dog treats on the ThunderShirt on the floor. I proceeded to feed her while I put it on. She was a little apprehensive especially when I pulled the top flap down but I saw a change immediately. I then put on her collar and leash and proceeded to take her out for a walk. I have not been able to walk her for over a year due to health problems and her need to pull me down the street. As we walked down the driveway there was no pulling and she walked as if she was trained to be careful of me and my unsteadiness. We walked around the block with no problems for the first time in 2 years. Thank you ThunderShirt.


Ohio United States


Our black lab, Hanna, was a wreck whenever a storm was approaching - much less on top of us. She would wake me up in the night jumping on top of my head, or trying to dig under me during storms. There was NO consoling her. We had resorted to 'doggie valium' but really did not like giving her drugs. Making her a Thunder Dog with ThunderShirt has been miraculous. No shakes, no panting, no digging under me as I sleep! She hardly ever goes to hide in the bathtub now either! Many, many thanks for such a great product - it really works!


Atlanta Georgia United States


I picked up ThunderShirt today at a local pet store. Our dog Capone has extreme anxiety in storms and separation anxiety. I noticed an immediate change to my dogs reaction of the pet store while just trying it on him. Training today went better than usual & meeting new friends was easier than ever! I highly recommend ThunderShirt.


United States

Linda B.

The ThunderShirt is AMAZING!!!!! My collie was a nightmare to take in a car. Ever since puppy-hood, he would get severe motion sickness, couldn't even go for a three block ride without getting car sick and absolutely slobbing up my car. When we tried the ThunderShirt, the results were instant! He now rides in the back with his head held high, no more throwing up, like he has always ridden this way. I am recommending this to everyone!!!

New York


United States

ThunderShirt works!

I was somewhat skeptical at first but, very happy now that my Lady Ga Ga has the ThunderShirt. Really helped for the fireworks and She just experienced Her first thunderstorm and ThunderShirt works!


San Francisco California United States


I have an 8 year old shi-poo. Tipper has had issues with fireworks, thunder and most of all pain! He has a herniated, degenerated disc and 'they' want $2,000 for an MRI and $10,000 for the surgery (which is not guaranteed). Well, my sister, living in Whitehorse, Yukon Territories is a Tellington Touch Practitioner and suggested I get Tipper a ThunderShirt. I was concerned, as I had never put a coat or wrap on Tipper and wasn't sure he would like it. Well, within an hour of bringing it home and introducing it to him slowly, we put it on him. At first he was frightened by the Velcro noise, but it didn't take long and he seems to love it! He now asks to put it on, walks over to where I store it, sits, barks and wags his tail. He has had no pain medications in 3 weeks and is off the steroids as well. I believe this ThunderShirt is giving him the support and security he needs to get through the tough times.

Thank you for creating such a wonderful item!


Mississauga United States

We have eliminated using any medications

Buddy is scared of everything from thunder and fireworks to rain and being alone. He loves his ThunderShirt and I am going to order a second one. It is amazing! We panic if we cannot find it when bad weather is approaching! We put it on him and he calms down and stops shaking within minutes. We have eliminated using any medications, which I hated. Thank you so much for creating this great item!


Northbrook Illinois United States

If you're on the fence, buy it!!!!!

OH MY! I have a 12 year old rescue dog who has been terrified of thunder/fireworks since she was a puppy. I ordered her a ThunderShirt and I have a different dog! I don't know if you've been watching the weather but we in southern LA have had awful weather the past couple days. With her ThunderShirt on Lucy calmly sleeps! In the past she would tear up the house trying to get away from the noise, in the bathtub, under the bed, anything! I can't say enough about the difference with it on. If you're on the fence, buy it!!!!!


Louisiana United States

It is worth its weight in gold.

I offered to foster a traumatized Papillon in July 2011. When I first met Allie, she was pancaked in the back corner of her crate, staring at the wall. She didn't respond to all the usual stimulation, would not even look at me. When the attendant went to lift her out of the crate, she immediately voided both her bladder and her bowels.

I used Tellington's body wrap on Allie, and it was a huge success. But Allie could wiggle out of it at will, so when we tried a ThunderShirt at our vet's office, I was sold. Allie nearly passed out from relief. I can't tell you how much joy that look of bliss on her face brought me.

Due to a growth in her ear, Allie had to have a modified ear canal resection. The two weeks before her surgery, she wore her ThunderShirt non-stop. I requested that she be put back in it immediately after her surgery. She remained calm enough with the coat on that we did not need the dreaded cone.

Allie has a long way to go: she still hides under the bed instead of hanging out with my other 2 dogs. But the ThunderShirt has helped her so much. I truly think it is worth its weight in gold.


Kansas United States

After the ThunderShirt, she sleeps through the storm!

I can not believe how our dog reacted to the Thundershirt... Before, she would do all the things you talk about: pant, shake until we thought she would have a heart attack, hide... After the ThunderShirt, she sleeps through the storm!


Lake Placid Florida United States

I noticed an immediate difference and calming effect

I had been looking at a ThunderShirt at a pet store across the street for my little Min Pin, Duncan. Duncan has suffered from a ruptured disc in his back for some time now, and the result has been hind leg weakness - leaving him unable to get around the house without his wheelchair. This causes Duncan a lot of anxiety when he cannot follow his humans or little sister around - thus barking when we leave the room without him and quite a bit of fidgeting at night time when we all go to bed. Upon placing the shirt on Duncan at the store yesterday, the manager and I noticed an immediate difference and calming effect that the ThunderShirt had on him! It has been 24 hours - and he has worn it continually so that he can get settled a little more. Thank you so much!


Portland Oregon United States


We received our order last week, and just last night we had terrible thunder storms which continued for a number of hours. Our mixed breed dog, Corkie, has always been terrified of thunder, and has been getting worse every year. I had put the ThunderShirt on her a couple of times during the week as recommended in your literature, and we used it "for real" last night for the first time. It is an absolute miracle!! Instead of being a shaking, crying, panting dog trying to hide in every little corner, she was panted just a little in the very beginning and eventually just laid on the bed and fell asleep. I always hated giving her drugs, and had the feeling that they just doped her up but didn't do anything to calm her. This really works! It is the best money I have spent in a long time. As a receptionist at a veterinary office, I can't wait to share this with our doctors, staff and clients. Thank you so much.


Westbury New York United States

Our prayers have been answered

By finding ThunderShirt, our prayers have been answered... Our greyhound, Bentley, has suffered many years of anxiety when entering the the 'real world.' He has always been very excited to leave the house and go walking, but his joy to go outdoors would suddenly change. His fear of children, strangers, loud noises, and street signs (to name a few) would take over. We tried various natural methods to calm him down, but nothing has worked until now. Five years after adopting him, we've finally found the ThunderShirt and I cannot express how happy we are, especially Bentley! From our big love-bug (indoors and now out) thank you!!!


Everett Washington United States


My dog, Marley, has severe separation anxiety from my partner. He had started to display aggressive behavior towards me and our behaviorist recommended the ThunderShirt. I have to say Marley has improved dramatically! He no longer shows any signals of distress (pacing, tongue licks, yawning, whining, barking etc) and now lies with me as if my partner was home.


United States


Bravo! I have a female greyhound who, since adoption, has been uncontrollable during thunderstorms. The vet had to put her on drugs to control her anxiety. For the price of 1/2 of her prescription meds, Rosa is now the calmest, coolest, greyhound in town during a storm. Today we were even out in the car when several claps of thunder struck. She just sat at the car window and watched! In the past, I would have needed to head straight for home with her! What a wonderful gift you have given Rosa and I. I am thinking about getting one for her neurotic brother and see if it just generally calms him down. Thank you, thank you, thank you!


United States

Tina C.

Our 4 year old male Golden Retriever has EXTREME storm and loud noise anxiety. We have tried everything including medication. He has CLAWED our dry wall and torn apart moldings. We would stay up with him during the storms and nothing would calm him. We were so worried he would hurt himself and destroy our home. He has broke out of his metal crate! I thought we would give ThunderShirt a chance - We have a son with Autism and know that weighted blankets or vest helped him calm. I was so excited to try it out - He enjoyed wearing it! The 1st storm we had, WOW amazing what a different dog, relaxed.! Thank you ThunderShirt!!!


United States


My almost 13 year old Pekingese, Sweetie, has Cognitive Dysfunction Disorder. She is on Anipryl but still has anxiety. I got her a ThunderShirt and she is much more relaxed and eating better. In fact I had to order the next size up ThunderShirt because she gained back the weight she had lost! :)


Wisconsin United States


My dogs storm anxiety was so bad that I always feared she would have a heart attack. When a storm was brewing and the first bit of thunder could be heard by Nimah she would start panting, shacking and her heart would be beating so fast I was always scared that something horrible would happen. I tried everything that was suggested to me. 1. training during the storm to take her mind off the storm. 2. Giving treats during the storm. 3. Not paying attention to her and reinforcing her fear. 4. Drugs, all sorts of drugs and as high a dose as 2mg of Xanax. The only thing that worked was the drugs but then she would be drugged and looped for the rest of the day so hardly a solution.

I was told your ThunderShirt worked so I tried it and sadly it didn't. I was so disappointed but I thought maybe the problem was that we got the wrong size. She is 40 pounds and we got a large size and it was too big for her. So I tried the medium on her and WOO HOO! it is working. She is still nervous during a storm and shakes a little but with each passing storm she is getting better and better. The panting has stopped, the heart racing and beating out of her chest has stopped as well! I think in time the shaking will stop as well.

Thank you ThunderShirt, she can now survive the storms and I can sleep again during the night time ones!


Englewood Florida United States


Six months ago, I rescued Max from a kill shelter 12 hours before he was to be euthanized and knew nothing about his history. It didn't take long to realize that he is petrified of thunder and fireworks. I tried everything to help him. I got him a ThunderShirt and now he is much calmer! The ThunderShirt really helped him deal with loud noises. Thank you for creating the ThunderShirt!


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My dog Bridgette has allergies, she itches and scratches, licks, and paces around the house. When she has her ThunderShirt on, she relaxes, and then I can relax! Reduction in medication is the biggest payoff. I don't know how it works, but it works for us! Maybe they can make an adult ThunderShirt huh? ha ha!


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Liz N.

I bought a ThunderShirt for my son's dog (my granddog). He is a Dutch Shepherd - A retired bomb sniffing dog who was trained at Auburn University & my son (an AU graduate) adopted him. He gets very upset when there is thunder/lightning or any loud noises. He knows before we do that it is going to rain or something is going to happen. He paces/pants/hassels, etc. We had our first storm since I received the shirt yesterday and I happened to be keeping him for his dad to go to the AU game. I put it on him and he calmed down & laid down on the kitchen floor, sighed & went to sleep. My husband could not believe it! I have spent many stormy nights with him in our walk-in-closet just trying to keep him calm because I felt sorry for him. He is the greatest & the whole family adores him. I was afraid he would be hot in the shirt but he did not seem to be. This is a great invention I just wish we had know about it sooner! One of my son's college roommates told him about this product.

This YaYa says, THANK YOU & War Eagle!!!!!!


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I am sitting at my computer with my Brittany named Tieka sleeping next to me. What's the big deal?? We are having a severe thunderstorm... Without her new ThunderShirt, she would now be crying, shaking, and panting so hard that her tongue would be blue! When I heard about ThunderShirt, I though, 'No way, it won't work with Tieka'.
I am seeing the results, and still don't believe it! Thank you for your marvelous product. - Tieka and Katie


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Marta S.

Last weekend I purchased a ThunderShirt at a pet fair and today I tried it. My dog would not go for a walk because there was a lot of noise from construction trucks on the street. I put the ThunderShirt on her and she walked right by the trucks with no problem. What a wonder!! She usually pulls throughout the walks and she walked so nicely. I am so happy with the ThunderShirt.


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I only wish I'd tried it sooner!

I adopted my dog, Mimi, knowing she had severe anxiety issues. She was four years old and suffered the loss of the few people she'd come to trust in her short life. I've learned a lot over the past four and a half years with Mimi. I thought her extreme anxiety over thunderstorms and fireworks was something that I couldn't help. One year was particularly bad leading to her shaking and hiding at the slightest hint of rain. She was miserable and I felt helpless, having already tried two anti-anxiety medications with little effect in the past. I'd heard of the ThunderShirt, but knowing nobody who'd tried it and assuming it would have no effect considering drugs did not help, I did not purchase one. Instead I spent quite a lot of money at a Veterinary Behaviorist. My dog was put on daily medication with anti-anxiety drugs to be used as needed for thunderstorms. I regret using this method for six months. There seemed to be a slight improvement, but it was not worth the side effects I observed and the potential toll it would take on her body if I were to continue it for the rest of her anxiety-ridden life.

Finally, this year, I decided to try the ThunderShirt. Why not? At worst it wouldn't help and I could always return it for a full refund. I was unsure at first. It seemed to help but I was not given a good opportunity to use it for severe thunderstorms. I used it on July 4th during the fireworks and noticed that while she still stressed, she stayed out in the open (rather than hiding) and recovered much more quickly once it was over. Still, I was unsure because we were not at home and I couldn't decide if her improved behavior was due to the change in environment or the ThunderShirt.

Today my dog told me that the ThunderShirt helps her. When fireworks suddenly sounded, Mimi began shaking, panting, and attempted to bolt to her crate to hide. I went to grab the ThunderShirt from its usual spot and heard her paws hit the floor. I assumed she'd gone into her crate and I had no chance at putting the shirt on. I turned and found her eagerly waiting at my feet. Normally something as simple as putting a coat on this dog can lead to anxiety and hiding, but I do believe she realizes the calm feeling the ThunderShirt brings and looks forward to it. She's never acted this way before! She immediately stopped shaking when I put the shirt on, and stopped panting within 30 seconds. She then laid down with me and while she is still a little on edge, she is calm enough to relax without shaking, panting, and hiding. The ThunderShirt has improved her quality of life as well as mine! I never thought that something so easy, simple, and without any harmful side effects could be so incredibly effective! I never thought this would work for my dog - I only wish I'd tried it sooner.

Belmont, MA


United States

ThunderShirt is the greatest

The ThunderShirt is the greatest for dogs afraid of thunderstorms or dogs who dislike riding in cars. I had ordered an XXS for our new 4 month old Shih Tzu and it was too small - ThunderShirt exchanged it for an XS with no extra charges! How many companies do that anymore? Thanks for everything.


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I tried her ThunderShirt last night and it was AMAZING!!!!

My minpin is terrified of storms to the point that she will cause physical harm to herself and destroy property. I tried her ThunderShirt last night and it was AMAZING!!!! I can't say it enough. She just went about her normal activities, she ate, she slept, she even went outside while it was thundering. The ThunderShirt is awesome!!


West Chester Pennsylvania United States

This is a totally different dog!

I am in disbelief this morning. My four-year old miniature schnauzer, Gus, has long suffered from anxiety during thunderstorms and 4th of July fireworks. When shopping for dog treats at my local specialty pet food store in Des Moines, Bone A-Patreat, I saw this product. Skeptical, but hopeful, I was willing to give it a try as I knew the weather forecast for today called for a thunderstorm. Thunder started rolling, I put the ThunderShirt on Gus and he immediately stopped shaking and trying to cling closely to me. This is a totally different dog! THANK YOU for creating a product that will help my dog get through future storms on the horizon - and hopefully, the 4th of July next year.

Owner of Gus and Bailey - miniature schnauzers


Des Moines Iowa United States

I am going to call my Vet and make sure he knows ThunderShirt exists...

Thank you so much for putting up a billboard to advertise the ThunderShirt. I went home that day and looked up your site and purchased the ThunderShirt. My 6 years old lab is afraid of rain, not just thunder but plain rain. Living in Florida we have daily thunder storms. Sox was prescribed a pill for her anxiety but the timing was an issue. Thunderstorm starts, medicine is administered, thunderstorm is over before medicine has time to take effect. This leaves her sitting in the corner for the rest of the day to doped up to participate with the family. I was frustrated and concerned. I can't thank you enough for the comfort this product brings her. When I pull it out to put it on her she knows relief is on the way. She stands still for me to strap it closed and then sighs with relief. I am going to call my Vet and make sure he knows ThunderShirt exists. Again, thank you for advertising in my city.


United States

They just LOVE ThunderShirt Time...

I ordered ThunderShirts for my two rescue dogs, both of whom were former abuse cases and have a myriad of anxieties, including panic attacks and separation anxiety. Their shirts have made a big difference in their anxiety levels in several different stressful situations. All I have to do is say, 'It's ThunderShirt Time!' and they go bonkers. They just LOVE ThunderShirt Time. Thank you for this innovative product. My dogs thank you, too.


Oklahoma City Oklahoma United States

The best money I ever spent!

Our mutt, Goofy, showed up at about 5 months old. He has always been an anxious dog, even without 'triggers' at times. He spins like crazy when he gets excited. A friend told me about the ThunderShirt and I immediately thought it might help Goofy relax. It arrived yesterday, and OMG is it possible to work too well? The instant we pulled the top strap snug, he went totally limp! It was absolutely amazing! We let him snooze on the floor for 30 minutes. It was wonderful seeing him so totally relaxed. We plan to give him one relax session everyday. He gets really nervous when my sister visits (she has a very loud voice and I think that is what upsets him). She will be visiting tomorrow and I can't wait to try it out then! I have read one of Temple Grandin's book and have seen the movie about her amazing life. Isn't it grand to have such a simple way to help relieve anxiety? The best money I ever spent! Thanks you, ThunderShirt!


Jonesburg Mississippi United States

My dog slept through the entire storm!

My 11 year old Bichon has suffered from severe thunder and travel anxiety her entire life. I've tried DAP collars, numerous natural (herbal) remedies, and veterinarian prescribed medications, at times doubling the dose at the vet's direction. Nothing would even begin to cut into her anxiety. After purchasing a ThunderShirt a few weeks ago, the first thunderstorm arrived and we put the garment on per instructions. My dog slept through the entire storm! The following week we took her on an extended drive, and she had a blast the entire two hours!! For the first time ever, we are planning to take her with us to the beach for vacation and I can't thank you enough for the calm and relief that ThunderShirt gives both me and my dog. I am forever in your debt for giving my dog back her freedom. Please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation, we are both eternally grateful.


Roanoke Virginia United States

ThunderShirt worked like magic...

We bought a ThunderShirt for our dog, Maddie. I was sure it was never going to work since she is so frantic when thunder or fireworks or fire crackers are heard. We got the shirt a week or so before the 4th of July. A firecracker went off in our neighborhood and she came flying out to the porch - shaking and panicked. I immediately got out the shirt and put it on her. It worked like magic. She kept it on the whole day and night as the fireworks start at dark and go on until 11. She was calm the whole day and night. What a wonderful invention. We have told many people about it. Thanks for a great idea!!!!


Staunton Virginia United States

He rode the storm out in peace...

I ordered a ThunderShirt 2 days ago and it arrived today. Shortly after I opened the package, I heard thunder in the distance. I quickly put the ThunderShirt on my 13 year old Old English Sheepdog. It was so easy to fit! Right on cue, the thunderstorm hit with a loud clap; Miles remained calm! He looked a little bewildered at first, but not uncomfortable. He quickly settled at my feet and rode the storm out in peace. We rescued Miles 2 year ago and his previous owners had never been able to find a way to keep him from barking during storms. I only wish I had known about the ThunderShirt sooner! I will tell all my pet parent friends to check it out for themselves.


Lynchburg Virginia United States

The effect was almost instantaneous!

I purchased a ThunderShirt yesterday for my deaf Australian Cattle dog Earl. Being deaf, Earl has heightened sensitivity to all kinds of other stimuli and has been chronically agitated, anxious and an excessive barker. My husband was threatening to get rid of Earl because he is home all day long with him and the barking and fact that he couldn't leave Earl alone was driving him nuts. I work at Microsoft and someone recommended the ThunderShirt on an internal Dog Lover's DL. I figured I would try it because the price is so good. The effect was almost instantaneous! Earl has been calmer, not so distracted by the slightest movements in his surroundings and the incessant barking has ceased completely. He is not even instigated when the other dogs - hearing dogs - bark. He used to fight with our other male when the postman or garbage truck came and this has also stopped.

I checked in with my husband today and Earl has been great.
I sincerely hope these results continue and I'm already planning to get two more for my other dogs who have separation, car and firecracker anxieties.
Bless you for saving my Earl!!!


United States

Thank you for helping Cody!

I was very skeptical, but was willing to try anything to help our dog! I can't believe how much calmer he is!!! Cody is 5 years old and has always been terrified of thunderstorms and fireworks. Until a friend told me about the ThunderShirt, I had to give him anti-anxiety medicine to calm him. He was completely inconsolable, paced the floor and drooled terribly for hours during storms and long after. As you can see from the picture, he is very calm - and a bad thunderstorm just passed thru!!! He would never be laying on the sofa during a storm! Thank you for helping Cody!


Liberty Missouri United States

We are so thankful that we discovered the ThunderShirt!

We acquired Treasure, a precious 5 year old Cairn Terrier, 1 year ago and she was afraid of everything. She lived most of her life in a kennel and was used for breeding. Since we've had her she has been free from that and lives a princess' life. She's come out of her shell a lot, but is still afraid of thunderstorms. A relative, who has a Bordie Collie, told us about ordering and using the ThunderShirt and how much it had helped, so we purchased one online. We put the ThunderShirt on her when we know there is a storm in our area and it calms her. We are so thankful that we discovered the ThunderShirt and Treasure especially loves to wear it!


Longview Texas United States

I don't know how it works, but the ThunderShirt is incredible!

My best friend told me about ThunderShirt but I have to admit, I was very unsure. I cannot believe what an amazing item you have created. Currently I am sitting through one of our 'normal, heavy, Florida thunderstorms and my twin doxies are sound asleep. I don't know how it works, but the ThunderShirt is incredible! Our twin dachshunds usually get very hyper when a storm is approaching. They actually come over to me knowing it is time to put on their little coats. Loud bolts of lightning or noisy crashes of thunder may actually startle them but there is no longer the hyper pacing, jumping on/off the couch or anxious trembling. Thank you for making them, we are now true supporters.

Sarasota, FL


Sarasota Florida United States

The best investment we have ever made for our pet

Your ThunderShirt is the best investment we have ever made for our pet (Skippy). In the past, an approaching Thunderstorm, the 4th of July, a passing firetruck or any strobe light would set him off. He would pant, pace, and generally keep everyone in the house awake. the ThunderShirt totally keeps him calm, to the point he becomes comatose! We don't know how it works but IT DOES!! Thank you for a good nights sleep.

Joe & Robin

United States

Thank you so much for helping me find a solution that works!!

I have a female American Eskimo and at around 6 months old she started barking in the car non-stop and biting at her leash when I put it on her. She is now 12 yrs old so this is a problem that has been occurring for years. I have tried so many training methods with no success that I pretty much gave up and accepted this was not going to change. When I saw the ThunderShirt on I was skeptical at first but thought, 'What have I got to lose?' I ordered the shirt and it came in very quickly to my delight. Following the instructions I put the ThunderShirt on her and took her for a car ride. I was impressed as we pulled out of the driveway that she didn’t start barking, but wasn’t fully convinced yet. About halfway through the ride she started to bark I gave her a quiet command and she settled right down with no further barking. I made a stop at my parents visited a while and went to put the leash on her and she just sat down quietly waiting. The ride back home was quiet and uneventful. My parents and I were both amazed at the difference and I was sold on the ThunderShirt! It really does work and will allow me to take Roxie along with me in the car to more places now. Thank you so much for helping me find a solution that works!!


Mather California United States

It began working instantly!!

I just bought a ThunderShirt today for my 3 year old female Jack Russell and it began working instantly!! She has severe anxiety and constantly paces back and forth and barks at everything out the window. She was shaking when I began putting it on and instantly calmed down and stopped shaking once it was on her! In just a few hours I have noticed a huge reduction in her anxiety and it has almost completely eliminated her pacing! My only suggestion would be to have it available in more patterns and colors! Thanks so much!!!


Everett Washington United States

ThunderShirt did everything you promised!

Milwaukee is probably all over the news today - We barely survived Friday's round of Thunderstorms. Seven inches of rain in an hour! Record flash flooding - our airport is closed until noon. A huge sink hole on the east side. I received my big, tough Rottweiler's ThunderShirt earlier this week. I put it on him when I got home yesterday and the ThunderShirt did everything you promised! No whining, no pacing, no panting, no trying to squeeze his 105 lb. body into a 35 lbs. hole. He simply laid down on his bed and fell asleep! Several times when there was a big boom of thunder I watched him, and not even a little perk of his ears! Thank you! I never thought I'd find something that would relieve his anxiety and ThunderShirt did it! That was the best money I ever spent. Bravo!


Milwuakee Wisconsin United States

He ACTUALLY knows where it is and sits still to put it on him!

Our Chocolate Lab, Nike is very anxious and shakes terribly when storms are approaching. We received his ThunderShirt a few days before 4th of July weekend. He slept thru the noise of the fireworks. We had storms that weekend - he was very calm. It has been very peaceful for us and him. He ACTUALLY knows where it is and sits still to put it on him! I am ordering one for our other dog, Hermione. I have recommended it to many people and several have ordered them.


West Palm Beach Florida United States

She doesn't shake and pant like she did before

Scarlett, out 4-year old Golden Retriever, has always been terrified by thunderstorms and other loud noises. Our vet prescribed some sedatives for her because she shook so much and breathed so heavily. When we moved to Chicago and had to deal with such heavy winds and storms on a regular basis, we knew we needed something to calm her without having to sedate her. My mom saw an ad for the ThunderShirt in a magazine and we ordered one right away. Although Scarlett still gets scared, she doesn't shake and pant like she did before. She finds a 'safe' place and lies down until the weather/noise lets up.


Chicago Illinois United States

ThunderShirt is the best thing to come along since sliced bread!

My Yorkie was a total wreck during thunderstorms or when she heard fireworks. Her ThunderShirt was delivered the 2nd of July. She wore it on the 4th and has worn it during two thunderstorms since. The results are nothing short of amazing! She is like a totally different animal! No fear what so ever. Don't know how or why it works the way it does, but I'm sold! ThunderShirt is the best thing to come along since sliced bread. Thank you ThunderShirt!


United States

Catherine H.

We have an 80 lb. Boxer with degenerative disc disease. This boy is totally bizarre in a thunderstorm. Panting, attempting to get in the bathtub, very stressed! Plus, we live at the beach - a lot of summer storms. What a different dog when we put on his Thundershirt! We have had it 3 weeks and this is a happy fellow. We were on the screen porch last night in a storm and he slept through it. I woke him when I was ready to go in. I am ordering a second. And I am certain there will be 3rd's and 4th's. We cannot recommend it enough to friends and family!

Myrtle Beach, SC

United States

It really works great!

A co-worker told me about the ThunderShirt. She saw it at her veterinarins office. I purchased one for my Multipoo. We go camping a lot and she is afraid to stay in the camper when we go away. We went to the beach last week and I put the ThunderShirt on her and went to the beach, and when we came back she was not shaking! I had to go back into the camper at one point and she was just laying on the sofa. Before she would have been trying to get out the door as we left. It really works great!


Dallastown Pennsylvania United States

It's a miracle.

It is 10:19 PM on July 4th. Usually Nelly, my Australian Shepherd, is on a tranquilizer or slammed up against me waiting for the loud noises to stop. This year she has on her ThunderShirt. She has been asleep on the floor next to me for over an hour... All through the loud fireworks on all sides of our house. It's a miracle.


United States

My baby is now back to normal

Suddenly my 10 yr old mini poodle Clyde was frantic if he heard any beeps, rain drops, thunder - Just about any sudden noise sent him into a tizzy. He would pant and watch for some phantom, even jumping and hiding in the bathtub (where he would pee). He was totally inconsolable. He would be awake all night hiding and panting which of course meant I was awake as well. I purchased the ThunderShirt with very little confidence it would help but I must say that the shirt has calmed my baby down completely. He wore it during loud July 4th fireworks and was completely calm. My baby is now back to normal and I would recommend any dog owner who has a pet with noise issues to try this wonderful shirt. Thank you, thank you!


United States

I was so amazed

My German Shepherd Abbie was born blind. Storms don't bother her but loud noises & fireworks are terrifying for her. She will hide under the bed & is too afraid to even go outside. I was considering getting sedatives from the vet for her for the 4th of July this year. As I really don't want to medicate her, I decided to try the ThunderShirt first. Our fireworks were on Friday the 2nd & I was so amazed at how well she did during them. At one point she was even outside playing. The fireworks have continued all around us for the past couple of days & the ThunderShirt continues to help. The screaming fireworks however still send her running back inside. But once inside, she is relaxed & no longer hiding under the bed.


Rantoul Illinois United States

I'm totally impressed!

Dash was totally freaked out by thunderstorms. He would back himself into a narrow space between the vanity and bathroom wall. He would be panting and very anxious; trembling with the look of panic in his eyes. The ThunderShirt was highly recommended by members of the Havana Silk Dog Association of America and Dr. Joanne Baldwin who is one of your Veterinarian testimonials and a breeder of HSDs. A week after receiving the ThunderShirt, we had a storm and Dash took off for a hiding place at the first crack of thunder. The picture is from a few minutes after I put the ThunderShirt on him. He totally relaxed! He did sit up when the thunder was right overhead, but no panting or panic! I'm totally impressed! Dash too!


East Troy Wisconsin United States

My wife and I are still amazed every time we put it on her.

Our dog, Hermione, used to be easy to find whenever there was the sound of a thunderstorm... She would be under the bed. But now, ever since we purchased the ThunderShirt, once we first put it on her, the trembling stops! She doesn't go under the bed any more, and she usually just lays down and goes to sleep. My wife and I are still amazed every time we put it on her. This is truly a great product and my wife and I wholeheartedly support it and believe in it. Thank you for creating this ingenious product!


United States


OMGoodness ... I cannot believe and MY friends cannot believe that Harley, my black shih tzu is calm when the ThunderShirt goes on ... we have been having a lot of thunderstorms in Omaha/Papillion NE area and he wakes me up; I used to be up all night with him. I put the ThunderShirt on and pat him a little bit he calms down and we both go back to sleep! AMAZING! THANK YOU!!


Papillion Nebraska United States

It is unreal! He stopped shaking the first time!

Buddy was always shaking like crazy when he even sensed rain of any kind, especially thunderstorms. I heard about the ThunderShirt and decided to give it a try. It is unreal! He stopped shaking the first time and even comes to me to have it put on! It is soft and cozy. Thank you so much; we have stopped using medication and I am thrilled, and so is Buddy!


United States

She has actually gone to where the ThunderShirt is kept.

The ThunderShirt is a hit with my seven-year-old Wheaten Terrier. When she feels the weather start to change, she has actually gone to where the ThunderShirt is kept. Several times when I thought the crisis had passed, I called her over to remove the ThunderShirt, but she backed away from me when she realized that I was going to take the shirt off! We still are using a low dose of Acepromazine when the weather really gets hairy, but the combination is much better than with the 'ace' alone. Have also started wiping her down with a new dryer sheet on the theory that static electricity had something to do with her 'creepy feeling' that something bad is about to happen. It also seems to contribute to her calmer demeanor.


United States

ThunderShirt brings serenity...

My year old Corgi used to get very excited around other dogs, sometimes too excited. He would follow my new min pin around obsessively; sniffing, licking, trying to play for hours on end, even if my other dog was not wanting to. Within minutes of putting on the ThunderShirt the first time, he went from running around to sleeping. After a few days he now knows where the ThunderShirt is kept and looks forward to the serenity it brings. Thank you!


United States

I saw near-instant results

I ordered a ThunderShirt for use on my thunderphobic 11 year old rough collie, Wings. It arrived yesterday afternoon. A really nasty storm arrived at 4:30 this morning. I groggily stuffed her into it (she'd had a practice try-on yesterday) and saw near-instant results. Instead of pacing restlessly back and forth by my bed, she went into the hallway, stood quite still with a very puzzled, attentive sort of expression, and must have decided to settle down and go to sleep (I beat her to it!) If this is what we can expect from your product, I'm more than delighted and spreading the word to all my friends who have thunder-phobic dogs. I had great hopes knowing TTouch and the science behind it, but this is really great. THANK YOU!!!

Mary and Wings

Georgetown South Carolina United States

It calms Rory and that's the magic of ThunderShirt!

The ThunderShirt worked for Rory, my Bearded Collie, who is afraid of storms - and pretty much the world around him. I've walked him in his ThunderShirt and he was much more relaxed and the big test - during a storm - he actually laid down on the living room floor - while looking very cute & cozy in his ThunderShirt - he's always ended up in the bathtub during a storm digging his way to China - this was a first!! It calms him - and that's the magic of the ThunderShirt.


United States

Elvis is 90% better with his ThunderShirt...

Meet Elvis. Elvis is an 11 year old Cairn Terrier. For the past 5 years of Elvis's life he has developed an uncontrollable fear of thunderstorms. From the moment he hears the first clap of thunder he would shake & drool. His teeth would chatter and he would extend his claws and just stiffen up. It was so horrible. I would be up all night with him and he simply could not stay still for a second. I tried everything....i.e. calming products, wrapping him tightly in a blanket, hold him tightly. Nothing helped. I found the ThunderShirt online and I took a chance. Now granted he does not completely ignore the thunderstorm while in his ThunderShirt but he is 90% better. We live in Florida and for the past 3 years since we arrived, it has been so awful for him and us during the summer months because of the daily thunderstorms. Today I visited a friend in Naples and kept his ThunderShirt on ...all the way home it thundered and there was lightning as well. He sat in the seat next to me and although he was nervous he did not shake. I am grateful for learning of ThunderShirt....Thank you.”


Marco Island Florida United States

It makes me feel better that she doesn't feel so stressed out.

Ruby was terrified of storms. The minute it started to rain or thunder she would run to the upstairs bathtub and shake. She wouldn't come out for hours. The ThunderShirt has really helped her anxiety. I am now able to take her out for a walk without her pulling to go right back into the house. Thanks! It makes me feel better that she doesn't feel so stressed out.


United States

Wow what a life saver!

Wow what a life saver! My dog hates when the thunderstorms come - She shakes and drools everywhere. When I got her shirt I put it on her and she didn't mind it at all. Then we had our first storm and we put it on her when it was approaching. She didn't shake and drool. When I thought it had passed, I took it off her and she started to shake again. I put in back on her and she immediately stopped shaking. She went and lay down until it passed. Thank you sooo much for this product. I have been telling EVERYONE about it. We will see how it goes for 4th of July. Thanks again!!!!!!


Melbourne Florida United States

She loves the security of the ThunderShirt

It works wonders! Can't solve everything - if there is a close strike she heads for the hills. The good thing is if a storm is approaching and she starts shaking, on goes the ThunderShirt and she settles right down! She used to start shaking and then look for a bed to go under or a corner to hide in. She would try to dig through solid wood floors - she went insane. Now she shakes, but she stays nearby or with my wife on the couch. She loves the security of the ThunderShirt so much she uses it for a blanket/pillow when there are no storms!


United States

Buy ThunderShirt! It truly works!!!

My dog Cody is an 8 year old, 100 pound Golden Retriever that doesn't like thunder one bit. A friend of mine told me about ThunderShirt. I must say I was very skeptical at first. Since it's such a good price, I decided to try it out. I'm here to tell you that it is nothing short of a miracle! The very first time I put it on Cody (after a thunderstorm had already started) he immediately calmed down. He actually fell asleep during the storm. All I can figure is that it feels like a big old warm hug to a dog. It fits very snugly so it makes them feel safe and secure. We own a motel that accepts pets. I'm seriously thinking about ordering several different sizes to have on hand for our guests to try. Most dogs get anxious when their owners leave them alone in the room. Maybe it would help with that! Buy ThunderShirt! It truly works!!!


United States


Absolutely amazing! I have a 90lb Thai Ridgebqack who was terrified of thunderstorms and even heavy rain. He would try and climb on top of me and was very difficult to control, howling and attacking my other dogs who were not in the least effected by detrimental weather conditions. After getting the ThunderShirt, he remains calm and even goes out into the garden with me when it is thundering. I have told all my dog friends about this shirt and they have ordered them as well. Fabulous!!!!


Harvest Alabama United States

My vet is amazed and so are we!

Our border collie/whippet was terrified of thunder and lightning. It was so bad that we would come home to chewed woodwork. She would pace and pant, climb on furniture and keep us up at night. We would have to use drugs to keep our home in one piece and to keep her from hurting herself. She would be out of it for days after the drugs and we just didn't know what else to do. Our vet was out of ideas, so when I saw your website I figured I would give the ThunderShirt a try. I am so amazed! After only 3 or 4 times of Kaylee wearing her ThunderShirt, she is completely calm. My vet is amazed and so are we! Thank you so much for giving us our sanity back and for adding years to Kaylee's life!


Wheatland Wyoming United States

WOW! What a true difference this makes

My Golden Girl has developed a fear of thunderstorms over the past five years. I have tried a lot of things short of Rx. I noticed that wearing her grooming coat during thunderstorms was helping, giving me a clue that the ThunderShirt would be helpful. Less than a month ago her new ThunderShirt arrived. We have only had mild storms and it has really seemed to help. She is not panicking, not panting, not trying to find a retreat... She actually follows me around the house.

The other night during a storm, and wearing her ThunderShirt, she was actually playing tug with her little sister! Today, I get home during a big storm and she starts barking at me!!! She wanted her ThunderShirt! I put it on her and she has been fine all evening during the storms. WOW! What a true difference this makes in my sweet girl's comfort during storms. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


United States

ThunderShirt - the best solution for car anxiety!!

Smokey the Labradoodle who had bad car anxiety (drooling, panting, throwing up) cured by ThunderShirt - the best solution for dog anxiety!!


United States

ThunderShirt has had an almost immediate effect

ThunderShirt has an amazing effect on our two Shi Tsu’s… Elli and Emma. Anytime visitors come to our home, they will bark nearly non-stop with Elli being the ‘ring leader.’ Most times, we would have to confine them in a back room until our guests left. But ThunderShirt has had an almost immediate effect… within seconds after putting it on, Elli is much more relaxed and the barking quickly subsides. She’s happy with her tail wagging and she’s able to be a polite and QUIET member of the group!”


Durham, NC


Durham North Carolina United States


Before receiving her Thundershirt, Rage would shake drool and actually broke through a window last year breaking her leg trying to ‘escape’ from a thunderstorm. After putting Thundershirt on her, wonder of wonders, during the next storm she actually laid down and was chewing her Nylabone, not paying any attention at all to the storm. It was like a miracle! I strongly recommend the Thundershirt for any dog that has anxiety issues. It is wonderful!


Cleveland, Ohio


United States

ThunderShirt worked amazingly well

Hi! I want to report that the ThunderShirt worked amazingly well for my dog the very first time we tried it (Sunday). I was very pleasantly surprised because while I was hopeful, I really didn't think that it would work!


Winston Salem North Carolina United States

We couldn't believe the difference!

The navy base in Lemoore, CA recommended that we try ThunderShirt. Our breed has obsessive compulsive disorder and was constantly running in a circle and chasing tail -even with medications. But with her ThunderShirt on, it is greatly reduced and we couldn't believe the difference! She even likes us to put it on her now. She wears it most of the day. We don't have to have it on her while she is sleeping or while going for a walk or run outside. This has been such a blessing! When we take it off, she starts spinning again.


Lemoore California United States

My mom got me this awesome ThunderShirt.

Hi name is Anoosh, and I'm a 2 year old Shih Tzu. I was afraid to go outside and explore, but then my mom got me this awesome ThunderShirt. Look at me now!


Newark New Jersey United States

We're shaking our heads like, this is a miracle...

Last New Year's we gave Mattie a veterinary tranquilizer, which took the edge off her fireworks panic, but one of the side effects was increased aggression - Mattie got in 3 fights the first week of January, and I got bitten by being in the line of fire.

Then we happened to hear about the ThunderShirt from our dog trainer who had seen it at a dog training conference. ThunderShirt has been quite effective for isolated random scary noises: a backfire, or a firecracker, or bad weather. Occasionally some jerk sets off fireworks somewhere in the neighborhood, and Mattie comes unglued, she can't be comforted, and 80 pounds of drooling, clawing, shaking, whining dog trying to crawl UNDER us in the bed is too much to handle - nobody sleeps!

Now, as soon as we hear a bang, we slap on her ThunderShirt. After about 5 minutes of standing there stiff as a board, she just sort of slides down on her bed and goes to sleep. We're shaking our heads like, this is a miracle. Lately other night noises are bothering her, so we've gotten in the habit of just putting the ThunderShirt on her at bedtime and she sleeps like a log.

We have found the ThunderShirt has some limitations. We tried to use it for vet visits, and it helps a little but she is still pretty upset. Also the constant barrage of fireworks on 4th of July was pure torture; we had to resort to tranquilizers again. So in Mattie's case, the ThunderShirt is only reliable for smaller incidents, but it is a God-send for those. A couple of times she has even brought the shirt to us in her mouth. I think she knows it is a source of comfort.


Toledo Ohio United States

I don't know how I would have gotten through without the security she found in her Thundershirt.

When my 6-year-old German Shepherd had surgery for a benign cyst in August she was very stressed. She is a long coated dog and when they shaved the area, even the air touching her skin upset her. She started to pant, shake, sniff and lick the area. I thought of the ThunderShirt we use for thunder anxiety and put in on her. It was amazing how calm she became immediately. I called and had another ThunderShirt overnighted to me. The surgery was the following day. For ten days I kept her in the ThunderShirt . Anytime I took it off she became stressed again. I don't know how I would have gotten through that time without the security she found in her Thundershirt.

Wheatley Heights, NY


Wheatley Heights New York United States

Lucky likes walking again

This is Lucky out on a walk with his ThunderShirt - we could never get out the front gate before this!!!


Charleston South Carolina United States

Rose stayed calm!

I purchased a ThunderShirt in hopes of trying it out on our darling girl, Sophia Rose. She gets anxious when loud noises occur such as fireworks or thunderstorms. And believe it or not, one night last week we had a thunderstorm so I put the ThunderShirt on her and to my surprise Sophia Rose stayed calm!


Seattle Washington United States

We noticed a big difference in his behaviour.

My friend gave me a ThunderShirt for my JRX, Little Wolfie, yesterday to help him with his pain after he injured his back. As soon as we put it on we were able to notice a big difference in his behaviour. He has made rapid progress since he started wearing it.

He had been on pain medication which didn't seem to be making any difference – it must have been making a difference but I couldn't see it. He now has to rest for another week and I can cut back on his pain medication. I’ll see how he does tonight when I take off his ThunderShirt.

Brilliant product.


Perth United States

ThunderShirt has made a big difference!

We love your ThunderShirt. It has made a real difference in my dogs life. It's a long story but Daisy seems to have several problems with controlling her behavior. Nothing really bad but enough to see her mother (me) isn't happy and she isn't comfortable herself.

Our dog trainer suggested ThunderShirt and it has made a big difference in our life. When Daisy is having control issues, on goes the ThunderShirt, and I have a happy dog. We have renamed it the snuggle suit because she just snuggles down into it and becomes a happy normal acting dog. She will even get the ThunderShirt and bring it to me when she is feeling stressed.


Houston Texas United States

Molly shows decreased anxiety

Molly shows decreased anxiety when wearing her ThunderShirt, especially on garbage truck day!


Athens Georgia United States

ThunderShirt has really helped immensely.

In the last year he has become more anxiety ridden at the smallest of things…the fire popping, gunshots outside (we live in the country) while he is inside, cars pulling in our driveway, house creeks, sometimes just the wind blowing.

He IS an inside dog (if you couldn’t tell), but does get out in the morning before we leave for work and then out in the evening to play. At night he has retreated to our extra bedroom. It is in the basement, but if Mason gets alarmed/scared by something, he will come to our room and smack his lips at my face and nudge me until I rise with him. I go downstairs with him, lay on the bed with the light on. He falls asleep beside me and is fine. All the while he has been wearing his ThunderShirt and actually doing so much better than he used to. Most nights he is on his own and sleeps well. When the weather is extremely cold our deck out back pops in the middle of night. I can hear his feet up the stairs coming to me. One of the reasons I retreat with him is to not wake my husband or daughter.

You know, our dogs are our children, right?

ThunderShirt has really helped immensely.


Parma Michigan United States

ThunderShirt, what a huge difference!

Shay came from a horrible situation where he lived in a kennel his whole life. When he got to my house, it was his first experience in a home and he couldn't stop pacing. The pacing is now pretty much a memory when he wears his ThunderShirt, what a huge difference!


Omaha Nebraska United States

Wish I'd known about your product a long time ago.

Dear ThunderShirt, My name is Zak T., and I recently purchased a ThunderShirt for my dog Sodai. My ThunderShirt arrived very quickly and fit perfectly. But that's not what was so amazing--what really blew me away was the profound effect the ThunderShirt had on my little epileptic dog. As soon as the shirt was cinched up, Sodai's eyes began to glaze over and his whole body relaxed. My little dog loves his shirt and it's helped prevent stress and anxiety from exacerbating his epilepsy. I was so impressed with your product that I wrote two blog posts about it, so that other people could find out about how helpful a ThunderShirt is. Here are the links: My goal was just to put the word out that this was available, but apparently people liked my review so much that they BOUGHT ThunderShirts for their dogs! I wish I'd known about your product a long time ago. And I'm really pleased to have found it now. I'm still putting the word out about how great ThunderShirts are and what a difference they can make for an anxious or stressed dog. Thank you again!


Clear Lake Washington United States

I was able to walk my dog for the FIRST time - a real walk.

My mystery mix Kali came to us at 8 months old a very special needs dog. She is not the dog you can take hiking or camping, or even walked. She has severe anxiety, and at one point in her life would bark uncontrollably for a half hour even after the stimulus had left/ceased. She had made drastic improvements with training, but once we moved it was almost like she'd reset. She was more anxious than I'd ever seen.

While at the pet store for food, I noticed they had a new product on display for ThunderShirt. I was skeptical, but with the return policy what could it hurt. So I went home, got my dog, and came back. She was of course going nuts from the time I parked my car. I got her into the store and got the vest on her and she was almost immediately quiet. I bought the vest and took her home. The effects continued. When we got home, I was able to walk my dog for the FIRST time since the year I'd had her. A real walk. We made it through the neighborhood to the main road with no anxiety related problems. A man even pulled over to ask directions and she didn't react to him.


Washington United States

Thanks for a great product

I received my dog's ThunderShirt 4 days ago.This sweet boy, who is less than a year and a half old, had been in four other homes and a shelter before coming to me and had pretty serious OCD behaviors that my vet said were probably stress related.

I purchased your product after seeing how well ttouch wraps worked in helping him stop his obsessive tail chasing behavior. The only problems with using an Ace Bandage were it was difficult to get on him when he was spinning and sometimes the first wrap was too tight. Plus the ends flopped around and attracted his attention and sometimes made him spin more.

The ThunderShirt looked like a neat solution to these problems and it was. My little rescue dog is enjoying a restful nap at my feet as I type this. When he starts to spin and I go to get his shirt, he follows me since he knows it will make him calmer. Before trying the wrapping techniques he would spin, bark, growl and bite the tip of his tail bloody. When he was in this state he could not be distracted with food or his favorite toys. He would stop if I held his head and physically stopped his movement but he would immediately return to the behavior as soon as I let him go. This would go on for as long as 90 minutes on a bad day and sometimes he had these episodes more than once a day. Now he calms down within 10 minutes or less and sometimes has a day when no episode occurs. My vet and I hope that he will continue to make progress and the behavior will be extinguished but this has already made a real difference in both his and my quality of life. Thanks for a great product and a very fast delivery time.


Sacramento California United States

I even nicknamed it the TornadoShirt!

I have been writing all over my Facebook page & dog group pages about the ThunderShirt for the past 2 weeks. I even nicknamed it the Tornadoshirt! It has made travel with our 125+lb Shiloh Shepherd, Dempsey, a delight...he now settles within the first 50 miles instead of 500! And he went through the overnight thunderstorms, tornadoes & alarm sirens in Jackson TN without so much as noticing. We've had 2 good storms since returning from the trip & he just doesn't even react once he gets his shirt on...just lies down quietly. Even sleeps. I was skeptical, but not any works for him. It's next test is a trip to the vet.


Willis Texas United States

ThunderShirt has helped Hoover deal with storms and car rides...

ThunderShirt has really helped our Hoover deal with storms and car rides. He no longer vomits during car rides. And wearing his ThunderShirt allows him to be more relaxed during storms and construction noises. And at the first sign of a storm, our kids argue over who gets to put it on!


Durham North Carolina United States

ThunderShirt seemed to make a difference...

We used ThunderShirt for the first time last week for car rides, since he gets very sick and hates the car! It seemed to make a difference, so we'll keep using it and hope the improved car rides continue!!


British Columbia United States

The whining is almost non-existent now!

I tried the ThunderShirt on Opa. She’s a nervous, black lab mix. It really seems to give her confidence and help her relax. We often go to Luther Burbank park because she loves to swim, and all the way over there she would whine loudly. It got so, my son didn't want to go with us because of the noise! Thanks to the ThunderShirt, the whining is almost non-existent now.


Point Look New York United States

It definitely helps take the edge off of his anxiety.

Enzo, our American Pit Bull Terrier, wears his ThunderShirt in the car and it definitely helps take the edge off of his anxiety. He pants and drools and shakes a lot less.


Topeka Kansas United States

What a wonderful product!

We took Muffin to daycare today for a half day and then she gets groomed. When we left the house this morning I used Rescue Remedy Pet only. There was improvement in the panting in the car, but it was not eliminated. When we picked Muffin up after daycare and grooming we put the ThunderShirt on her and then we put her in the car. There was absolutely NO panting or drooling at all. I was both amazed and pleased! We are getting her ready for a road trip this summer of about 4 hours and that is why we purchased the ThunderShirt. I am thrilled that it worked so well. What a wonderful product!


United States

I feel like I have a new dog!

I am very impressed and so happy with the effectiveness the ThunderShirt has had with my dog's anxiety while traveling. Our van has a lowered floor to accommodate my wheelchair and this makes the floor of the van quite close to the ground resulting in quite a bit of vibration and noise when going over bumps. My dog would stand, pant, and brace herself against the back seat while riding. Since wearing the ThunderShirt the panting has stopped and she is laying down for at least 90% of the time while riding. I feel like I have a new dog.....she is more relaxed and much happier while riding! It has worked wonders with my dog and has been a huge success! I have recommended the ThunderShirt to others and am hoping their success with this product will be as positive as mine has been.


United States

I was one of your biggest skeptics, but I am convinced it works!

I was one of your biggest skeptics. My Vet suggested I try a ThunderShirt for my Shih Tzu, Izzy. She had severe wind anxiety and separation anxiety. The day after the shirts came, we had a wind storm (which is very normal in this area). I put the shirt on Izzy but her symptoms did not go away. I left it on, gave her a tranquilizer and figured I would be sending the shirts back. I didn't and a few nights later, another windy night came. I put her shirt on, and she laid down in her bed! I couldn't believe it! Now, typically she would pant, jump on our lap or heads or cling to my feet, run to the door, shake, the whole nine yards. So, not to get my hopes up, I watched her. A calmness came over her. She slept the entire night. That never happens! It has continued on. I've had the ThunderShirt just a few months and am convinced it works! No more drugs which makes me very happy. The drugs didn't always work anyway. Just the other night, the wind picked up and she didn't have her ThunderShirt on, but slept the whole night. Amazing!


Columbus Ohio United States

It takes the edge off

Our GSP Leesy loves to wear her takes the edge off.


Corpus Christi Texas United States

It makes a huge difference in his behavior.

This is our 6 yr old beagle who love his ThunderShirt, we use it for separation anxiety and thunder storms and for fireworks and it makes a huge difference in his behavior.


Clifton Park New York United States

We are awed by the positive effects of ThunderShirt.

My husband and I are awed by the positive effects of the ThunderShirt. This email is an update on our dog, MacDuff (Duffy)---the dog with more problems than Marley. We've recently had some stormy weather, including thunder, in Southern California. Thanks to the ThunderShirt, Duffy got through all of it with only a little pacing for a short time. Before the ThunderShirt, Duffy would hide in the bathtub, shower stall and closet. He would also use his paw to try to open the refrigerator, oven, kitchen cabinets, and even the on-the-counter microwave---I have his claw marks on all of these things. Apparently, he was looking for a safe place. The only way he could be restrained was to leash him and just hold on to the leash until his anxiety passed. Not an easy task with a large dog whose pulling and tugging. The tranquilizers didn't help because one never knows when it's going to thunder and it takes the pill at least an hour to become effective. The ThunderShirt has cured Duffy's separation anxiety and now, with this recent development with the storms, we are sold on your product. We've shared our experiences with many of our friends who have problem dogs and have also told our vet. Duffy is a very loved and well cared for pet and we are truly pleased that now his life and ours will be so much easier.


United States

The ThunderShirt has allowed him to finally relax.

Tanner is 15 and just lost his long time brother of 15 years last month. Since then, he has been a wreck with separation anxiety from missing his brother. The ThunderShirt has allowed him to finally relax.

Cary, NC


Cary North Carolina United States

I use to pant a lot when I smelled the rain coming...

My mom is the best....I was on the computer, (she was out shopping) and one of my other Golden Retriever friends told be about this great product. Since I've memorized my mom's American Express number....I decided to try it out. When it arrived, i acted like it was a gift from someone. Wait 'til she see's her AX bill....She'll be ok because this item is really working. I use to pant a lot when I smelled the rain coming... Now I go ask mom to put my THUNDERSHIRT on me.


Trinity Florida United States

With ThunderShirt, Dixie remains quiet and calm.

With thunder, Dixie would bark her head off and shake. But with ThunderShirt, she remains quiet and calm.


West Palm Beach Florida United States

Rusty loves his ThunderShirt!

Rusty, my 5-year-old Welsh Terrier, loves his ThunderShirt! He let me put it on him the day it arrived, no problem. Since then we've had three opportunities to use it during thunderstorms. Instantly he was calmed. During a 3am storm which awakened him, I put him in his ThunderShirt immediately, he calmed down, curled up in his bed, and went back to sleep – while I stayed awake listening to the booming and watching the room brighten with the lightning strikes. Rusty is very thunderphobic and petrified of fireworks for no known reason. He can hear storms coming before any human can, and begins to pant, shake horribly, run frantically, sit close to me whining and begging me to make it stop. It broke my heart. I tried drugs which I hated giving him, but they didn’t help. Herbal treats didn't help. Our vet gave me a ThunderShirt brochure, urged me to order it for Rusty, saying that it worked for her dog. Even though Rusty hates wearing clothes, he has never objected to wearing his ThunderShirt. We will have the opportunity to test it for fireworks New Year’s Eve when our neighbor lights his semi-annual (July 4th is the other time) noise-makers. This year Rusty will enjoy welcoming in the new year for the first time. Thank you for helping make my beloved Rusty a happier, healthier doggie!


Sandy Springs Georgia United States

She is so much calmer and less stressed.

Barn Dog wears her ThunderShirt all the time and only takes it off to go outside. She is so much calmer and less stressed. This is the most anxiety ridden dog you have ever seen. She lived outside at our old barn with the horses and was very skittish. She got sick 3-4 years ago and she moved home with us and lives in the house with us. She hates loud noises, storms, new circumstances, and would hide for hours. Now she sleeps beside our bed all night and is much happier. Barn Dog has the sweetest disposition and we are so glad this has helped her.


Lyons Mississippi United States

It's great that something so simple can help deal with the stress of storms.

It's great that something as simple to use and comfortable as ThunderShirt can help Cheyenne deal with the stress of storms.


Bahama North Carolina United States

I could see a very big difference

I purchased a ThunderShirt from you last month. I have a Pomeranian that has Cushing's, fluid around his heart, and is 13 years old. With all his medicine, I really can't give him anything else for the fear that he has with thunderstorms. I am so happy with your product. I used it the first night, and it seemed to do a little bit to calm him down. But by the 3rd time I put it on him, I could see a very big difference in how he was acting with the thunder. He seemed to be more at ease. Not completely, but a pretty big difference. One morning we had a storm and he didn't even move off the coach or get upset! I want to thank you for your product. I don't know how it works, but it does do something. I'm sure there are a lot of people who would love to know about this!!! Thank you.


Cambridge Maryland United States

I only wish I had known of ThunderShirt sooner!

I received the ThunderShirt somewhat recently and soon had occasion to use it. I put the ThunderShirt on Luigi when he first started shaking due to rain or even just the threat of rain. He very soon will jump in his bed and fall asleep -- he does not get out of control with shaking, panting, and pacing with the ThunderShirt on. Luigi is a 6.5 lb Yorkie and I ordered him the x-small. It fits perfect. Thanks for a great product -- I only wish I had known of ThunderShirt sooner!


Muskegon Michigan United States

Jake seems to calm down and can actually relax and sleep...

I bought the ThunderShirt for my older American Pit Bull Terrier, Jake, who is going to be 15 this November. He has been terrified of fireworks and thunderstorms ever since he was a pup. He shakes uncontrollably and doesn't want to leave your side. I call him my little weatherman as he lets me know by his actions when it’s going to rain or storm. I tried all kinds of calming pills for him and then my vet said that they can give him valium to help ease the nervousness. I really don’t want my dog on drugs to help him get through this, and would prefer to stay with a holistic approach or better yet, your ThunderShirt approach. I have been putting ThunderShirt on him and I do notice that he seems to calm down and can actually relax and sleep on his own without having to crawl up in my lap and have me hold him. I will definitely tell others about your product and I will continue to use this on Jake when he needs to feel safe and secure from storms and fireworks.


Farmington Hills Minnesota United States

Leesy feels more secure in her ThunderShirt...

I just wanted to say, for an entrance... that Leesy knows before us when storms are coming (I think she can feel them)... and takes us up to get her ThunderShirt on her. She's so smart... all animals are so smart! I put it on her and she feels much more secure in her ThunderShirt.


Cape May New Jersey United States

ThunderShirt has helped Zygi immensely...

I truly do believe that the ThunderShirt has helped Zygi immensely. At first try she was anxious about putting it on. On the second try she allowed me to put it on without much trouble or pressure. When Zygi is wearing the ThunderShirt during a thunderstorm, she trembles less because the ThunderShirt is so close she feels as if she is cuddling with me. She is more confident and at ease. Also, after taking it off she still remains calm. I would give it a thumbs up!


United States

Our American Eskimo is resting quietly during the height of a thunderstorm...

Mandy, our 6-yr-old American Eskimo, is wearing her ThunderShirt and resting quietly during the height of a thunderstorm. Thanks so much.


Bella Vista Arizona United States

Thanks for a great product!

I am not exaggerating when I say that literally 5 minutes after my husband brought in the mail with the ThunderShirt I ordered, we had a bad thunderstorm. I quickly put the ThunderShirt on our terrified Maltese and she was much less anxious than I had ever seen her in a storm. At the storm's worst she was shaking a bit, but not to the extent that she normally did, and she was also walking around the house instead of attaching herself to me for the duration of the storm. Thanks for a great product!


New York New York United States

Thank you ThunderShirt!!

Thank you ThunderShirt. My almost 9 year old dachshund Fred anxiety attacks hit whenever he hears thunder. It had gotten so bad that he would cry, breathe heavy, his eyes would would take on that deer in the headlights look, and he'd try to burrow underneath you. I tried everything possible, including a prescription that did nothing to help my baby. I saw an ad for your product and I am extremely grateful. My baby no longer frets the rumble and we both get to sleep soundly. It was the best decision I've ever made. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Now if only he would sit still for pictures.


San Antonio Texas United States

ThunderShirt works amazingly well!

I just want you to know that the ThunderShirt works amazingly well! My dog even comes to me when the weather begins to look bad and wants her ThunderShirt. It has not completely removed her fear of bad weather but she now stays calm and will even go to sleep if the thunder and lightning are not too severe. Thank you a million times for your product.


Montgomery Alabama United States

ThunderShirt makes a difference!

ThunderShirt does make a difference! It helps Dallis feel calmer during a storm. He doesn't pant and drool as much when he’s wearing his new doggie "flack jacket". Thanks so much!


San Francisco California United States

My clients love the ThunderShirt.

By the way, I am sure you can tell by your sales to Winnipeg, my clients love the shirt. I use them in puppy classes to settle the puppies down to focus, amazing results. People are buying them and love them. Way to go on the product.


Winnipeg United States

Canada's Canine Academy

Patricia T. The Confident Dog

Other cases where I’ve found the Thundershirts particularly helpful have been: • Aggression to reduce stress and help relax the dog so that she would be less reactive around other dogs and people • riding in the car - reduces vocalization and general anxiety • compulsive behavior - reduces to the point of virtually eliminating compulisive behaviors such as spinning • shy/fearful dog - through its gentle pressure the wrap gives confidence to the shy dog and allows it to let her personality shine. • fireworks aren’t just for the 4th of July! - wearing the Thundershirt eliminates or reduces the amount of time a dog has anxiety due to the fireworks. • pulling on leash - somehow the gentle pressure of the Thundershirt reduces the need for a dog to pull as much when on lead!

Durham, NC

United States

It really works!

Thank you ThunderShirt! And thank you Dr. Liles in Searcy, AR, for the recommendation. It really works! We had tornados and thunderstorms in our area last night and I actually got to sleep during them for the first time in 7 years!! Amazing. My dog and I are both happy campers today :)


McRae Arizona United States

Liles Animal Clinic

The results are obvious!

I purchased a ThunderShirt through GRROWLS in NY, a Golden Retriever rescue. We rescued Tucker when he was 6 years old. He's not afraid of anything except thunderstorms. He paces, pants, and tries to head down cellar (which isn't a good situation since he has severe hip dysplasia and arthritis and wouldn't be able to get back upstairs without assistance). I tried the ThunderShirt during our last thunderstorm and the results are obvious by his picture. As you can see, he went to sleep! I can't thank you enough for the generous discount you gave to our rescue and especially for your wonderful product. Tucker thanks you too.


Syracuse New York United States

We joke about starting a ThunderShirt club...

Mabel is our Jack Russel. She would shake so bad and have such heavy breathing during lighting and thunder. We did everything we could think of to calm her. ThunderShirt made that all go away. I know we have told several people about ThunderShirt. Many did buy and we joke about starting a ThunderShirt club.


Inverness Mississippi United States

With ThunderShirt on, her sway back was gone...

I purchased a ThunderShirt at the APDT conference for my nearly 11 year old Lab, Chance. She is completely blind and has arthritis. She has a great quality of life and is a very happy dog but her back hurts her (even on anti-inflammatories) and she runs into stuff a lot because she doesn't have a great sense of body awareness. I was floored. Because of her blindness she has over compensated her movements. Each and every step is dramatically exaggerated. I put the ThunderShirt on her and immediately the exaggeration of her movements minimized. After an hour or so of wearing it - she walked all the way through the house without bumping into anything and out the front door and up the small set of stairs to the front lawn without a hitch. She had gained not only more body awareness but also her confidence. I left it on her that night and discovered she doesn't snore as much with it on. Finally, it wasn't until the next day that I noticed something else. Because of the arthritis she had developed a sway back - with the ThunderShirt on, her sway back was gone - it acts a lot like a back brace by pulling the weight of the abdomen up and so taking pressure off the spine. I am totally sold on this product and give it my highest endorsement. Thank you for providing a product that makes my elder-beast a great deal more confident and comfortable. My sincerest thanks.


United States

I'm thrilled not to have to use drugs anymore...

I am just so thrilled not to have to use drugs or vitamins which would perhaps change his personality or last too long in his system. ThunderShirt is perfect because as soon as he puts it on he calms down! (Prior to ThunderShirt – Rufus, a 16 lb Yorkie would sit at the end of the bed during a thunderstorm panting and shaking so badly that the bed would vibrate). Once the storm is past, I can remove the ThunderShirt and it's like the event never took place. Rufus gets his rest and is at peace, and we are not so worried about the little guy. Thank you again and I wish you all the best and much success.


Baltimore Maryland United States

Rerun settled down and took a nap!

Today as a storm was rolling in my dog, Rerun, started crying. I put her in her ThunderShirt and she settled down and took a nap!


East Meadow New York United States

The Vet has not done what your ThunderShirt has...

Just to say thank you, your ThunderShirt works wonders. My dog has had pills from the vet for years and they have not done what your ThunderShirt has. I am over the moon with the change in her. You have made me very happy. Thank you!


United States

I definitely see a difference with my dog

We've actually had thunder every day since receiving our ThunderShirt, and I definitely see a difference with my dog, Buzz. Even without any preconditioning, he was noticeably calmer wearing his ThunderShirt than he usually is in a storm. And he was very comfortable wearing it. He HATED wearing the other wraps that I have tried, but when it wasn't storming this past weekend and I left his ThunderShirt on him, I found him sleeping.


Greenville South Carolina United States

Editor-in-Chief, The ADPT Chronicle of the Dog

It really works to calm my Aussie.

I ordered a ThunderShirt through Australian Shepherd Rescue and love it. I've already sent a few friends to your web site and I know one has already received hers. It really works to calm my Aussie. She still is nervous in a bad storm but calmer.


Olympia Washington United States

Member of Aussie Rescue

He looked at the lightning then fell asleep in his ThunderShirt...

My 16 month dog is your new THUNDERDOG! He is wearing his ThunderShirt contently through the rambunctious summer storms here in Miami. Last night he looked at the lightning for a while then fell asleep in his ThunderShirt. Looks like we are prepared for the hurricane season. Gentle product. Congratulations.


Miami Florida United States

Baxter is much calmer and more relaxed...

My dog, Baxter, the Sweetie Wheatie Wheaton, has the ThunderShirt and it works great. He is much calmer and more relaxed during thunderstorms and fireworks!


United States

We couldn't believe the difference!

The navy base in Lemoore, CA recommended that we try ThunderShirt. Our breed has obsessive compulsive disorder and was constantly running in a circle and chasing tail -even with medications. But with her ThunderShirt on, it is greatly reduced and we couldn't believe the difference! She even likes us to put it on her now. She wears it most of the day. We don’t have to have it on her while she is sleeping or while going for a walk or run outside. This has been such a blessing! When we take it off, she starts spinning again.


Lemoore California United States

It was amazing how calm she became immediately.

When my 6-year-old German Shepherd had surgery for a benign cyst in August she was very stressed. She is a long coated dog and when they shaved the area, even the air touching her skin upset her. She started to pant, shake, sniff and lick the area. I thought of the ThunderShirt we use for thunder anxiety and put in on her. It was amazing how calm she became immediately. I called and had another ThunderShirt sent overnight to me. The surgery was the following day. For ten days I kept her in the ThunderShirt. Anytime I took it off she became stressed again. I don’t know how I would have gotten through that time without the security she found in her ThunderShirt.


Wheatley Heights New York United States

He calmed down!

Several months ago, Sammy became frantic while riding in our motorhome and nothing I did calmed him down (he had previously been a great rider, while all 3 of my other Bostons showed signs of mild anxiety). I purchased a ThunderShirt for Sammy, as well as some herbs from my vet. Gave the herbs to all 4 dogs and put the ThunderShirt on Sammy as well. He was almost back to his normal self! During the latter part of the trip one of the other dogs became more anxious, so we transferred the ThunderShirt to him and he calmed down, while Sammy remained calm! I'm now awaiting the arrival of the 3 other ThunderShirts that I ordered for my other dogs!


Polk City Florida United States

ThunderShirt has decreased his seizures...

My vet recommended that we try ThunderShirt for our Cocker Spaniel. He was having seizures every day from separation anxiety and medications were not helping enough. ThunderShirt has decreased his seizures considerably.


Rock Hill South Carolina United States

It is truly a miracle!

My Yorkie, Rufus, would be so keyed up with separation anxiety that he would then suffer from serious diarrhea. After a thorough vet examination we found no medical issues, so my veterinarian suggested that this must be separation anxiety. We inherited him 8 months ago after the passing of a parent who was with him all the time. Anyway, I put the ThunderShirt on him in the morning at 6 a.m. when I leave the house - and he rests peacefully with no panting, shaking, pacing or panicking. At noon when the dog walker comes, she removes it, takes him for a walk and around 4 p.m. when I come home, Rufus is a happy calm dog. In the middle of the night - if it starts to rain, thunder, or there is street noise and he starts to get unsettled, pace, pant, bark - I simply reach for one of his three ThunderShirts (I keep one next to the bed), put it on Rufus and he settles right down within a minute and falls back to sleep. I can do all this in the dark without turning on lights and waking up my husband. It is truly a miracle for all three of us and we cannot thank you enough.”


Baltimore Maryland United States


Defective Thundershirt

I bought a Thundershirt about November, 2017. I couldn’t understand why the front straps kept coming loose. When this would happen, the whole Thundershirt would just slide down my dog’s body. My dog trainer had recommended it, so I didn’t want to just return it. So, I thought maybe if I put the industrial strength Velcro on the front straps, it would work. I had to pay $10 for the Velcro, and $25 to the seamstress to put the new Velcro on the front straps. I didn’t realize it until I had taken off the old Velcro, but the Thundershirt was defective. Both of the front straps had the soft Velcro, so there was no way for them to stick to each other. I just called the company to let them know, and because I have already altered the product, they will not even give me $5 towards a future purchase. At least it now stays on my dog, although I am not sure it makes her any calmer. I am not very happy though that I had to pay an additional $35 to get the shirt to stay on my dog.


Radnor Pennsylvania United States


Thanks to our ThunderShirt our little girl who has terrible separation anxiety can be at peace. We used to leave for any period of time and there would be non-stop barking, and destruction. With the ThunderShirt (coupled with the ThunderSpray) our little girl is quiet and peaceful. She doesn't tear at it, or even mind it. We use it for comfort and for warmth. Bravo ThunderShirt, 5/5 Product! Will purchase more.


Calgary Alabama Canada

Leyla's anxiety

Leyla is a rescue and was not properly socialized at a young age. The ThunderShirt has really helped build her confidence and let her handle things that she would not normally handle. When going to the vet she would have to be carried in, but with the ThunderShirt she will walk in the building! During storms and fireworks the combination of the ThunderShirt and ThunderSpray has done marvels and she will actually sleep while those things are happening. Before those she would pace, whine, pant heavily.
Thank you ThunderShirt for helping Leyla!!


jacksonville Florida United States

Sit, Play, Stay LLC

Unlike Valium, you just take off the ThunderShirt with no residual side effects

Our 19lb kitty, Laser, REALLY hates to fly, and we had resorted to giving him Valium. It made him less hysterical but he felt so whacked out he'd yowl much of the flight AND the entire first night after we'd arrive. So let's just say that NO ONE liked that he traveled so poorly!

A friend recommended the ThunderShirt, and we were reminded of it when we saw an ad in the airline's in-flight shopping magazine. We ordered the large size, which seemed to be fine for our big guy. It's pretty adjustable and we got it to fit pretty well, but Laser was so mellow in it he didn't seem to care if it was or wasn't on perfectly.

We first tried it for the road trip to the airport, and we had ZERO yowling. Then on the airplane, it was still great. I hadn't doped him up but had the pills with us just in case. The ThunderShirt took enough of the edge off for him that he wasn't thrilled to be on a plane, stuffed in a small bag, but he was mellow and not freaking out. Yahoo! Good enough for me!

We seriously had gotten to the point where we were considering road tripping for 4 days instead of having to fly with him, especially as some flight attendants say that the FAA rules require that the animal's carrier be kept under the seat ahead of you for the ENTIRE flight, not just for take off and landing. Our big scaredy cat is so much calmer if you can have the carrier on your lap, with your arm stuck in the carrier so he can rest his head on your arm. And this is a cat that doesn't like to sit on laps! But while some flight attendants are OK with that, I'm sure too many people abuse it by taking their animals completely out of their carriers, so some are really strict. On one flight on a smaller, connecting plane, Laser got so scared while under the seat ahead of him, he ripped through his carrier and was trying to climb up into my lap. I had to take a cab on our layover and buy another carrier in a seriously sketchy neighborhood with my 6 year-old daughter. Fun stuff.

I'm so relieved to have found the ThunderShirt. The pheromone sprays, Valium, Rescue Remedy, etc were never enough to make travel bearable. And unlike the Valium, when you're at your destination, you just take off the ThunderShirt and there are no residual side effects, wobbly walking or all-night yowling. He doesn't love thunderstorms but he just hides under a bed and seems OK so we haven't used it except for car and plane trips. But, man, the bipeds in our family were SO less stressed because our sweet kitty was less stressed. We are really thankful and can't recommend it enough!


United States

Our cat was much easier to handle during the Vet exam.

I was skeptical about the effect swaddling might have on cats. But after we returned from our first use of a ThunderShirt during a vet visit, I am significantly impressed with the ThunderShirt ! Griffin was significantly less vocal during the entire trip, much easier to handle during the exam, appeared to have a much lower heart rate than usual for a vet visit (150 BPM versus 210 BPM), and was calm enough for the vet to hear his level 2-3 heart murmur, something she hasn’t heard since Griffin was a kitten.

After he was released from the travel crate at home, Griffin did not dash away to hide under furniture for hours, as he usually does. Griffin interacted comfortably with me within two minutes of getting home, and showed no lingering stress from the trip. I’m optimistic about the improvement it will make in cats’ lives.


Richmond Virginia United States

I'm a dog trainer - ThunderShirt is the real deal!

THUNDERSHIRT is the real deal!

I have 3 large rescue senior dogs that truly benefit during storms and even general anxiety.

I am a dog trainer; training mainly group classes that include a SHY dog class.

I recommend ThunderShirt to all - great product that does as it claims.


Wisconsin United States

This is a super product!

Thank you so much. Our vet recommended the ThunderShirt and I thought that it might be worth a try. Our little Rat Terrier that we rescued from a puppy mill would have severe attacks when a thunderstorm would come. We would have to sedate her to keep her from shaking and having her heart pound very hard.

The day her ThunderShirt arrived, we did not have to wait long to try it out. As soon as we heard the first rumblings of a pending storm, I put her in the ThunderShirt. To our amazement she calmed right down and went to sleep. You have no idea of how many sleepless nights I have had, holding her and soothing her to no avail. This is a super product and I will tell every one about it. Thanks again.


Rogersville Missouri United States

I can trim my dog's nails with ThunderShirt!

The only way I could trim my dogs nails would be to have my husband restrain her. But not with ThunderShirt!


Sonoma California United States

Trainer: Whitney Haywood

Being a certified dog trainer, I have a couple dogs that I have tried working on with a few behavioral problems. I had tried everything with my almost 2 year old pit mix that has severe fear of people. I have had her since she was 10 weeks old and she has always had problems. I worked with other trainers, tried medications, and anything else I could think of. Once I put this shirt on her, it was like night and day to how she was towards people without the shirt on. I work at an animal hospital and don't take her very often because of how traumatic it is for her with all the people and noises. I took her in the other day with the shirt on for the first time and she actually walked in the hospital, tail up and curious about what was going on and even greeted a couple people! Every other time she walked in very terrified, tail tucked, hackles raised and very tense. I just can't believe how much more relaxed she is when using this shirt. The second dog I use this shirt on is my 5 year old Mini Aussie, whom I rescued at 1 year after being placed in 5 different homes within her first year. She gets very anxious when I get home and barks uncontrollably or becomes easily agitated with other dogs around. Once using the shirt I put it on her, left for a couple hours and returned to her greeting me at the door, in silence! I could not believe it!! Thank you so much!!!!!! I recommend this shirt to clients of mine all the time.


United States

Kathy Cascade, PT

As a Physical Therapist and Tellington TTouch Instructor, I frequently teach about the effectiveness of pressure wraps to reduce anxiety and fear responses in dogs. The ThunderShirt is the perfect tool for calming dogs who suffer from noise phobia, anxiety, and other fear related issues. My personal experience using the ThunderShirt with my own dogs has been very positive, and I happen to live in Oklahoma where storms are both frequent and dramatic! Thank you for providing this valuable product to help dogs cope with these environmental stressors.


United States

I use Thundershirt on my own dog... I LOVE THEM!!

I use Thundershirt on my own dog... I LOVE THEM!! I recommend them to many clients.


Bellevue Washington United States

Wearing the ThunderShirt, she grew calm, got on her pillow and went to sleep

Loving the ThunderShirt. Put it on GingerPeach during her last two complex focal seizures (she has canine epilepsy) during which she shows mild anxiety. GP was pacing and panting but after approximately 15 seconds (!) of wearing the ThunderShirt, she grew calm, got on her pillow and went to sleep. I have long been a fan of the ace bandage body wraps (taught to me by Kathy Cascade in her TTouch seminars) for body awareness, etc., but am happy to now have experience with the ThunderShirt too! Thumbs up!! Looking forward to teaching my Clients about your wonderful product!

Van Buren, AZ


United States

SMART DOGS Dog Training & Behavior Consultation

ThunderShirt calmed her down significantly...

I used a ThunderShirt recently on a client's dog that had significant anxiety when in the back of their SUV; had moderate success with DAP collar, but the ThunderShirt calmed her down significantly. Learned of your product from Nicole Wilde on her blog helping with Fearful Dogs


Manchester New Hampshire United States

One client said the results were dramatic

I have experimented with the ThunderShirt and found it easy to use and effective for all of my clients' dogs who wore it. One client said the results were dramatic. I recommend the ThunderShirt as a viable adjunct when working with fearful, less confident dogs.”


Scranton Pennsylvania United States

What a difference it made! This is now a tool in my toolbox.

Caffeine, one of my own dogs, started to become very fearful during thunderstorms last year. I had heard and read about pressure wraps reducing anxiety and fear many times, and when another trainer mentioned the ThunderShirt to me I decided to give it a try. What a difference it made! This is now a tool in my toolbox.


Maywood New Jersey United States

Dog Spelled Forward LLC

The proof was in the pudding when this very fearful dog is all of a sudden acting like super dog

I am doing some volunteering training for a rescue group called All For Dogs Rescue in Redmond, Oregon.

I last wrote about Aspen the fearful pittie and how the ThunderShirt really made a difference in her behavior. Aspen’s Mom, was very surprised and very happy when for the first time in months her big pit bull female who shakes and hides when she tries to take her to work with her tried the ThunderShirt. The last time she wore the ThunderShirt she said this dog was not the same dog.

She jumped out of the car wagging her tail and ready to go. Her Mom said at first when I had showed her the ThunderShirt and explained the principle behind it she thought this was just a little woo woo” for her but the proof was in the pudding when this very fearful dog is all of a sudden acting like super dog. When I first met Aspen two weeks ago this dog was barking and would not touch me with a ten foot pole. Now I can’t get her off of me. The simplest things can make such a big difference in an animal’s life. Change the perception of the world and the animal thrives. Change the perception of the dog and the animal thrives. Change the owner’s attitude and the dog thrives.


Redmond Oregon United States

Friends for life dog training

She was a lot calmer during the session

Here's some news about 2 experiences that I've made with the ThunderShirt: First, I've tried it with an afraid/agressiv poodle in a consultation. Even if I had no comparison, the owner told me that her dog was less afraid during the therapy. Second, I've tried it with my own dog Lazuli, who's a little anxious (a golden on 5 years old, who afraid of noises, even if she was very well socialised). Today, on a animal therapy session, she pee and pooped for the first time out side, even if there was a lot of noises ! Also, she was a lot calmer during the session. She likes humans so much but at the same time, she hates new noises.


Seattle Washington United States

Positive Dog Training

Thanks so much!! I have been using with my Toller who has car issues. It is helping a lot. Thanks again! Positive Dog Training for You & Your Dog!


United States

I recommend this product to my training client

Pressure wraps are an effective, non-invasive way to help dogs to feel more at ease. I like ThunderShirt especially because of its soft material, easy-to-apply Velcro closures, and low cost.

I recommend this product to my training clients for thunderstorm phobias, nail trims, and a variety of other fears such as sounds, riding in the car, and generalized fear of walking outdoors.

I wish the ThunderShirt had been around when my thunder-phobic German Shepherd was alive. I’m glad dogs everywhere can now reap its benefits.


United States

Author : Help for Your Fearful Dog


Hurricane Irma relief for my anxious dog

Dear ThunderShirt,
I want to say, "You're not going to believe this!" but I bet you'll say, "We told you so!" You see, I bought a ThunderShirt for my (now 6 yo) dog Harley about 5 years ago when she first began to exhibit signs of distress/anxiety around thunder, fireworks, even the sound of rain. I used it several times at first and never found it to do much to relieve her symptoms (shaking, cowering, panting, drooling). Long story short, here we are in Miami, riding out Hurricane Irma and Harley doing her typical "rain dance." I dug out Harley's pink ThunderShirt in desperation and put it on her. Within 5 minutes she had stopped panting and drooling. A few minutes later, she had devoured her dinner (she doesn't do this every "regular night"). Finally, she started romping and playing with my other un-stressed dog, something she only does, typically, when I first get home from work. In other words, ThunderShirt worked like magic!


Sunny Isles Beach Florida United States

Does it really work?

For those of you that are not sure if the Thunder Shirt works, I can attest it works amazing!

Normally I have the shirt and a bark collar on Otis during the fireworks. Last night I felt bad and took the bark collar off, to give him a break. I forgot to put the shirt on him, and he was not happy, expressing it quite well with an incessant bark.

After putting on the shirt he immediately stopped barking, and only growled a few times, then he was fine. I love this shirt!


north salt lake Utah United States


Does it really work?

For those of you that are not sure if the Thunder Shirt works, I can attest it works amazing!
Normally I have the shirt and a bark collar on Otis during the fireworks. Last night I felt bad and took the bark collar off, to give him a break. I forgot to put the shirt on him, and he was not happy, expressing it quite well with an incessant bark.
After putting on the shirt he immediately stopped barking, and only growled a few times, then he was fine. I love this shirt!


north salt lake Utah United States

Global Access

Rufus Loves his shirt

Rufus, like most dogs, has terrible anxiety when it comes to thunder and fireworks. He will pace the house, whine and shake extensively. When I put his Thunder shirt on him it is obvious that he feels calm and confident. He loves wearing his shirt!!!


Sacramento California United States

ThunderShirt Changed Our Lives

Valiant is a rescue dog who has had anxiety issues for as long as we've known him (10+ years). We sometimes get distant storms, and when he sees lightning out the window it can send him into a nighttime panic attack, panting and pacing for hours.

When we first heard about Thundershirt, we were naturally a little skeptical that it would work, but we decided to try it anyway, since there was nothing else that would help. As soon as we did, we were amazed to discover that the Thundershirt comforted him enough to let him lie back down and go to sleep. Even better than that though, once he got used to it, the Thundershirt would calm him down IMMEDIATELY.

Thundershirt has truly been a miracle in our lives, especially now that Valiant is experiencing increased health issues in his senior years. It even helps to ease the discomfort and itching caused by his allergies.

Thank you to the makers of Thundershirt for providing such a safe and effective anxiety solution for our animal friends.


United States

Gentle World

Ready to give up, almost.

Chloe is a Papillion/Pom mix and a very high strung little rescue pup. We've had her almost 3 years and she's delightful, except when she sees anything with 4 legs and she goes absolutely ballistic nuts. Uncontrollable barking and pulling, it was getting to a point where we could not take her anywhere because she made so much noise, it was distracting and annoying others. At one outdoor concert last summer, she was so bad we had to leave.
Our other rescue, Bear, is mellow and enjoys other dogs, but she could whip him into a frenzy with her barking.
We want to be able to take our dogs with us when we go places, but she was a nightmare.
In desperation, I posted a note of Face book asking for help. I thought maybe some kind of training technique we had not yet tried. A friend asked if we had tried a Thundershirt on her, and I had never heard of them, but figured it was worth a try.
The first day she really didn't seem to change much, but by the second day she was quiet, calm, at peace and much more loving and affectionate than she had previously been.
Now at the end of the day when my husband wants to take it off for the night, she balks and wants it on. She is a different animal and a pleasure to be around, not an embarrassment of the worst kind.
I just ordered another one for Bear. He is a Chow/Golden mix and has his moments when he can be very difficult. He hates the vet and tried to kill him the last time he had to go for a check up. Bear is 80 lbs of muscle and hair and we're hoping the Thundershirt will mellow him out enough so he can be examined, and if needed, treated.
We saved 2 shelter dogs and Thundershirt saved our sanity.
Thank you.


Holden Massachusetts United States

Free from Fear

I have been fostering a dog from a no-kill shelter for about two months and she has been the most nervous and fearful dog I have ever met. After over a year in the shelter she is scared of almost any new situation and is only comfortable inside a confined space. The most traumatic experience for Minerva is going outside into the open, especially if there are other dogs around. She usually hides in the bedroom at just the sight of the leash. This morning I bought her a ThunderShirt and by tonight the change was extraordinary!

When I picked up the leash to take her out she looked at me and wagged her tail instead of hiding in the bedroom! I have had good experiences with ThunderShirt before but this was truly exceptional, you have an absolutely fantastic product that I recommend for anyone with pets. Thank you for helping my foster adapt to life outside the shelter.


California United States

Logan's Panic Attacks!

My Catahoula (Logan) has been TERRIFIED of thunderstorms since she was a puppy of 3 mo's old. She's now 3 yrs old, but she's still TERRIFIED of thunderstorms. She can actually "feel" them coming before I even hear them. We live in Florida, so T-storms come every afternoon for like 8 months a year. She would actually shiver, hide, and actually pee the bed - and hide UNDER MY PILLOW. I felt so helpless!

THEN I SAW THE COMMERCIAL FOR THUNDERSHIRT. i bought it for her and i gotta be honest, it took us a little while to figure out how to put it on but once i got the hang of it and "burrito'd" her into it, she actually FELL ASLEEP!!! (In like 5 minutes of having it on!) It was so beautiful, i actually cried!!!

I only had to use it on her for about 6 months, and now she's not even afraid of the storms! She sleeps right thru em!



Palm Bay Florida United States


Wish I'd Bought One Years Ago.

I've had my rescue Basset, Baxter for 7+ years. He has Addison's Disease which we attribute most of his quirks. He can not be without me on a daily basis, so much so that I've never spent a night away from him. He gets so overly anxious w/thunder, fireworks or most any unexpected noise. I got him the ThunderShirt in anticipation of July fireworks. It didn't take getting use to or any such training. I put it on as soon as the bangs started and he was able to lie down on his own, calmly. Normally he'd be trembling, wrestless, pawing at me and constantly up and down. I am so grateful I bought a ThunderShirt for him. Baxter thanks you too!!!


Warrenton Virginia United States


AMAZING! TJ is a black Lab rescue that I have had for 3 years. He has had a terrible life... Hit by a car, back broken, bullet in back, ear lobes torn... Who knows what pain this dog has endured? He is truly afraid of everything, especially anything that sounds like fireworks or a gun shot! I bought the ThunderShirt shortly before July 4th, truly Never expecting it to work. I normally have to lay in the floor and hold him while he shakes uncontrollably when the fireworks are happening near my home. This year after putting on his ThunderShirt, TJ laid near me but never shook or panted. This is truly amazing! Thank you for developing this product. Last year he had to be sedated with doggie Valium... This year he just wore his ThunderShirt and slept through the fireworks.... THANK YOU!!!


Rogersville Tennessee United States

How to Train your Dog or Cat to Be Calm In a Emergency

Well I am in the Process of Starting a Non Profit and I am doing what I can plus I see a lot of Dogs/cats hyper and I have people Come to me can you please help me get my dog/ cat calm and I looked and couldn't find anything til My best Friend that is a Dog Trainer Form Reeses Training from the heart she told me about ThunderShirt and now I will be using it when our shelter is up and running


Jim thorpe Pennsylvania United States


We Use ThunderShirts in Our Court Case Dog Program

Court Case Dogs have “done the time but not the crime” — victims of neglect or abuse who have been rescued by police and animal control from their abusers and are associated with criminal court cases against their abusers. They are part of a program in which Safe Humane Chicago assesses them, engages volunteers and interns to socialize and train them to be irresistible family companions, transfers them to partner rescue groups, and provides them lifetime behavioral support.
Some of the dogs are very worried, nervous or anxious while at the city shelter, which is where we work with them before we identify a rescue organization for them to go to, so we use ThunderShirt to put them more at ease. It helps them tune in and seem less anxious. We will sometimes send dogs to rescue with a ThunderShirt so the foster home can continue using it as part of the dogs specific training plan.


Chicago Illinois United States

I Recommend ThunderShirt to Everyone with Behavioral Problems...

“Casper, our Persian cat which we adopted as a 5 month old kitten, has had an anxiety disorder which causes him to cry continuously through the night, starting at 3 a.m. and continuing until it is light. For the past 11 years, our vet has medicated him with Elavil (amitryptyline) a tricyclic antidepressant drug used to treat depression in humans. As the years went on, we need to continue to increase his dose. We found a partial solution in using a calming collar, which contains mother cat pheromones. However, the problem was not solved. Since buying the Thurndershirt for Casper in December, 2012, he has been quiet at night and is completely off medication. He is also much more affectionate during the day. We have observed a synergistic effect with the collar plus the ThunderShirt and continue to use both. I have recommended ThunderShirt to everyone I know with pet behavioral problems. Thank you so much for a solution to Casper’s anxiety problem without drugs!


United States

We saw IMMEDIATE change

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the ThunderShirts.

I immediately placed the XS Thundershirt on one of our very scared, timid, under socialized chihuahuas (Vanessa) at our shelter.

Before ThunderShirt, she was very nervous, cowards, and submissive. Since putting the ThunderShirt on she came out of her shell. She is approaching people with confidence and she is becoming one social little butterfly.

We saw IMMEDIATE changes in her once placing the ThunderShirt on her.

Thank you for supporting shelters and rescues! Because of your generous donation, you allowed a once nervous dog to be more confident and hopefully adopted soon.


United States

Thomas J. O'Connor Animal Control & Adoption Center

Oakville & Milton Humane Society

The ThunderShirts you donated to our shelter a few years ago have made an incredible difference in the length of stay for our dogs and for their success in their forever homes!  We have literally  worn out the ThunderShirts that you generously donated. Our trainers always highly recommend your Thundershirt at adoption appointments and many of the new families have remarked on how the shirts have helped the dogs transition to their new homes.

One such dog was Walter a little beagle who was so shut down he would not make eye contact with anyone. He came in as a stray and given the time of year we assumed that he might have been a hunting dog that had become lost.  The trainers decided to try the ThunderShirt on Walter because he was so clearly anxious all of the time...what a difference! The warm hug of the ThunderShirt relaxed this sweet little boy and soon he was interacting with staff and volunteers. If Walter was wearing his ThunderShirt we could go for a walk or out to our fenced field to play...the transformation was truly remarkable! Today, Walter is very well loved and lives a quiet life with his new family...who make sure he always has a Thunder Shirt at the ready :)

Oakville & Milton Humane Society

United States

ThunderShirt is a wonderful way to calm our cat.

Our kitten, Flaming Chi To, was a dumped kitten that someone found along a roadside and took to a local no-kill shelter. We adopted him when he was only 8 weeks old. He is a mixed Siamese/Orange Tabby known as a Red (or Flame) Point Shorthair. He also is deaf and has a neurological condition - cerebellar hypoplasia.

We noticed he seemed to be obsessively grooming to the point of wearing off his fur. In my search for something to help him I found Thundershirt for cats. Well, he was having a severe reaction to mites, not obsessive/compulsive behavior. However, he is a typical very active Siamese related kitten and we have found the ThunderShirt to be a wonderful way to calm him down when he gets overexcited and can't seem to calm back down on his own.

He also wears his ThunderShirt every night and he gets much longer and sounder sleep periods.

Flaming Chi To and my husband and I all love his ThunderShirt. :-)


Illinois United States

The first time in over 6 months we got sleep.

I just wanted to contact you to say thank you!!! We adopted our cat about 6 months ago. He was an outside cat that desperately wanted to stay an outside cat. He meowed all night, every night for months on end. Nothing calmed him. Then I saw an ad for the ThunderShirt for cats. What the heck, I'll give it a try. For the first time in over 6 months, we actually got sleep. He slept quietly at the end of the bed all night long. AND he even purred. We never hear him purr. We got up, took his ThunderShirt off and he was as happy as can be. Thank you for giving us our sleep and our sanity back!!!


United States

Such a blessing

The Meriden Humane Society in CT would like to thank ThunderShirt for their generous donation of ThunderShirts to use on our shelter animals! We LOVE these shirts and the calmness they provide to our animals is such a blessing as we LOVE our animals and want them to feel as comforted as possible while they are with us awaiting their forever homes.

Their anxiety levels have been cut by 95% because of these wonderful hugging shirts that are always hugging them when we can't be ourselves! We look forward to having enough ThunderShirts to give to ALL our animals to make them more comfortable in our 'home-like' setting we provide.
God Bless and again, SO MANY THANKS!! Our paws surely do appreciate your kindness!! :)


Connecticut United States

Meriden Humane Society

I highly recommend ThunderShirt for Cats!

My kitty, Waffles suffers from extreme anxiety associated with loud noises, especially thunderstorms and fireworks. She would hide, shake and hyperventilate whenever she heard them. It broke my heart. As any pet parent will agree, I would have done anything to help her and to comfort her. That's why I decided to try the ThunderShirt.

I have had it for about a month now and am so happy that I have seen a reduction in Waffles noise anxiety. She is visibly more relaxed once she has her ThunderShirt on. It also helps greatly with the hyperventilation, by allowing her to more easily control her breathing.

The tips that were included to help familiarize her with the ThunderShirt, were so helpful! She allows me to easily put it on her, in any situation, scoop her in my arms and hold her until the noise is gone. She has even fallen asleep in my arms during recent thunderstorms, something she would never have been able to do without the ThunderShirt.

The amount of comfort that the ThunderShirt has provided Waffles has been priceless. In turn, it has helped with the stress and helplessness that I felt by not being able to take away her fear and anxiety. I highly recommend ThunderShirt for Cats!
Thank you so much ThunderShirt!


Buffalo New York United States

Susan P.

I am a volunteer with Proof of Florida, I am fostering a male black pug, Domino, who was very badly abused by his previous owner. Over the months I have tried everything to help this angel with the terrible anxiety he suffers. I decided as a desperate result to try the Thundershirt, it was like a miracle - for the first time Domino had a peaceful nights sleep, he was able to relax and the anxiety seems to have almost vanished, when I feel him starting to get upset on goes the Thundershirt again, please tell me these results won't wear off after a while!!!!!! Thank you so much I really was starting to despair.


United States

I see a decrease in her reactivity when she has the ThunderShirt on.

4 year old Dachshund

I am using a ThunderShirt on Dru to help reduce her reactivity to other dogs and people. She has a bite history with other dogs, as well as people. We currently have only two people at Best Friends who can handle her. She really seems to like the ThunderShirt (okay, she doesn’t mind it!) and I do see a decrease in her reactivity when she has the ThunderShirt on. This past week Dru had to have blood drawn twice in one hour, so I put her ThunderShirt on her, as well as Black Wing Farms Lavendar balm and they both really seemed to help keep her calm!


United States

Enzo will come inside and ask for his ThunderShirt

8 ½ year old Collie mix

Enzo is a dog with lots of anxieties. The ThunderShirt, along with Drama Trauma from Black Wing Farms is tremendously comforting to Enzo during thunderstorms. Enzo’s caregivers report that when there is a storm approaching, Enzo will come inside and ask” for his ThunderShirt and Drama Trauma to be put on! In January of 2012, we started using the ThunderShirt and Calm Balm by Black Wing Farms to help Enzo become more comfortable in the car, as well as visiting new places. Our hope is that soon Enzo will be comfortable enough to go on outings and sleepovers with volunteers who visit the Sanctuary.


Utah United States

Best Friends Animal Society

It was quite amazing to see! He was already sound asleep on his bed.

9 year old Collie mix

Today (1/7/12) Jason got a new ThunderShirt to try out. For any of you that have met Jason, you know what an anxious boy he is! He is so desperate for love and attention that he often jumps up and muzzle-punches our faces, all while barking/crying like crazy. I blocked his run mates outside while I put his ThunderShirt on him for the first time, which was quite a struggle as he was jumping and rolling all over the place. Once it was securely on him though, he sat down and started to just slowly hum a bit. As I stood up to let his run mates back inside, he decided to lie down and stop humming entirely. When I turned around after letting the others in, he was already sound asleep on his bed. It was quite amazing to see! Hopefully his ThunderShirt will continue to ease his anxiety!

Best Friends Animal Society

Cedar City Utah United States

Best Friends Animal Society

He definitely was better able to handle the night with his ThunderShirt

Wet Nose was invited to come to the Trenton Thunder Ball game this past Monday to be a part of the Dog of the Day. We elected to bring Patrick a 9 month old Shepherd mix who has been in foster care for almost 3 months now. Patrick is a fairly nervous, high energy boy so we started using a ThunderShirt on him soon after we received our donation. Patrick arrived at the ballpark wearing his shirt and although he was still a little nervous, which was to be expected in this situation he definitely was better able to handle the night with his ThunderShirt, to the extent he was able to respond to commands and walk the bases on the field with no problem.

Wet Nose Rescue

Feasterville Pennsylvania United States

Wet Nose Rescue, PA

Within minutes, she was calm!

Dear ThunderShirt, First, I want to thank you for donating ThunderShirts to SPCA International’s Operation Baghdad Pups Program. Your generosity and interest in this program is most appreciated. Second, my puppy, Tarmiyah, received one of these ThunderShirts. It works great for my little girl. She is named after the Iraqi town in which she was rescued. The loud noises from the gunfire and bombings scared her there. When she arrived at my home in the USA, her fear of loud noises came with her. Thunderstorms, fireworks, and my vacuum cleaner now frighten her. She was receptive to the ThunderShirt when I fitted her with it, and within minutes, she was calm. Last night there was a severe thunderstorm in my area. When I put on her ThunderShirt, she didn't try to hide behind my legs or curl up on my lap. She just laid on her part of the sofa and remained relaxed and calm. This is great idea you came up with. Thank you again!


Detroit Michigan United States

The change was amazing!

I ordered your ThunderShirt for my Italian Greyhound foster Colin upon advice from other Foster parents in my Rescue group. Colin has huge separation anxiety issues when I leave [he has decided I am his ‘be all end all’], is hyper to the point of my sanity after I come home and barks and runs about whenever my husband comes in the room [Colin has issues with Jeff – we think it’s jealousy]. From the moment I got it on him yesterday – the change was amazing! He was content, even to the point of just laying on the doggie bed [that NEVER happens] and while he still has issues with the DH, the barking was only once; then he just laid down – and promptly ignored Jeff. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! I have to admit, I had my doubts that a shirt could make a difference – but with what I witnessed last evening and this AM when I left for work – wow. Amazed, agog, incredulous all come to mind. I am a believer!


Allen Texas United States