• Always The Safe Range for Where You Are Right Now
  • Extends & Retracts Normally within Max Length You Choose
  • AutoBrakes at Max Length You Choose, And Can Still Use Manual Thumb Brake If Needed

Within the maximum length that YOU select, Dial-A-Distance works just like other retractable leashes. It extends and retracts as your dog moves around and you can always use the manual thumb brake when needed to stop short of the maximum length. But when your dog reaches the maximum length you selected, Dial-A-Distance automatically brakes!


Dial-A-Distance delivers on its promises. But beyond the safety, I love the convenience maybe even more. With my fixed-length leash I am constantly having to untangle it from my dog's legs. With a regular retractable leash, I am either constantly reeling my dog in, or if I lock it, it just recreates the tangling issue I have with a fixed leash. Not with Dial-A-Distance. It is always just the right length and the leash is always kept taut, so no tangling!

Barbara S.

Maggie loves this leash! Our daily walks are partly near roads and partly on park trails. Dial-A-Distance keeps Maggie safely close near traffic, but then she gets a lot more freedom in the park that with our old standard leash. I'm surprised by how often I find myself adjusting the maximum length and by how much more fun we have with this freedom. Great product.

Matt P.

I use Dial-A- Distance while taking my dog to the park. It is wonderfully convenient being able to easily give him a longer leash to explore while hiking, but a shorter one to keep him near me around other people and dogs. Great product!

Stephanie S

Such a great safety feature! Plus the neat convenience of not having to be on the manual thumb brake all the time. It’s amazing no one has done this before with retractable leashes.

Patricia H.