• New Year's Resolutions for You and Your Pet

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    Making a commitment toward healthier habits can also reflect directly on your pets! So what better a time than the beginning of the year to commit to improving the life of both you and your furry loved one! Looking for some ideas for ways to resolve to be healthier and better for 2014? Look no further! We’ve compiled some great New Year’s resolutions to consider!

    1. Enjoy more walks

    We all know that the physical benefits from increased activity are great for both us and for Fido. But, walking is also an amazing way to reduce stress, establish a routine with your pet and can even ward off potential health problems down the road. Try to commit to even just 10-15 each day.

    2. Make friends!

    For humans, interacting with others stimulates serotonin production in the brain, which improves the mood and lowers stress. Dogs also experience positive benefits from socializing with other dogs. Making play dates or just hitting up the dog park is a great way for the both of you to lighten your mood and for your pup to learn proper socialization behavior.

    3. Eat healthy!

    Ok, we know that this is usually on the list for most people after the holidays, but making a commitment to fill your diet with nutrient-dense foods is a great way to prevent illness and disease and promote your overall quality of life. This goes for our pets too! Consult with your veterinarian about what types of nutrients and proteins will be the healthiest for your dog.

    4. Work on training

    The more trained your dog is, the closer and less stressful the relationship that you share will be. Consider a training class or make it a goal to attack any negative behaviors that they may be displaying. Also take note! Many negative behaviors are rooted in anxiety. ThunderWorks offers a large variety of calming products to assist in anxiety in your pets.

  • Welcome, 2014!

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    What a year it’s been and what an amazing year we have to look forward to! Cheers to everyone celebrating the New Year! We hope you have a safe and happy holiday!

    From your friends at ThunderWorks.

  • It’s the Most Wonderful Time of The Year!

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    Wishing our amazing followers, fans and customers an incredible holiday! We hope you and your pets are surrounded by family and friends!

    From all of us at ThunderWorks!

  • There’s a new App in Town! Introducing ThunderRush!

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    We’ve tapped in to our tech side and have been working long and hard to develop a new, fun app for Android and Apple users, ThunderRush! Now available for download, plus all net proceeds benefit Petsmart Charities, which supports initiatives related to helping homeless pets nationwide!

    ThunderRush helps educate users about pet anxiety in a fun an interactive way! To play, gamers must help ThunderDog find his family before he is overcome with anxiety.  This “running” style game features a user-controlled ThunderDog who must earn ThunderTreats and ThunderToys to calm his anxiety and make it home safely. Players must make it through different levels in a certain amount of time to advance to the next level.

    The ThunderRush app can be downloaded for $0.99 at the Apple App Store and Google Play. So, get playing why don’t you!


  • How to Help Shelters

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    As Thanksgiving approaches, we feel that this is a wonderful time of year to remind us of what we are thankful for and how we can give back to those who need it. ThunderWorks would like to take this time to THANK all of those who help animals in shelters day in and day out.

    We understand that pet ownership is an important responsibility and that adopting a pet may not be an option, we’ve compiled some simple ways that you can still help animals in need in your area.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    • Lend a hand at fundraising and outreach events hosted by your local shelter. Common activities include greeting guests, setting up and breaking down tables, etc.
    • Hold a supply drive or garage sale to benefit a shelter. If your kids want to get involved, they could set up a collection box at their school or ask their friends for donations instead of birthday presents.
    • Assist with adoptions. Introduce people to the animals and answer their questions about owning a pet.
    • Foster a dog or cat for a week.
    • Walk dogs and pet cats.
    • Bathe, groom, and feed animals.

    Donation Opportunities

    • Postage stamps. Donations of un-cancelled stamps are used to help send thank-you letters to donors, pay bills, and send grant applications.
    • All-meat baby food (no onion powder). Dogs and cats can eat baby food, but check the label: onion powder can be toxic.
    • Bath towels, sheets, and blankets. Worn-down towels are perfect for drying animals after their baths, lining pet cages, and providing warm and comfy bedding.
    • Dye and fragrance-free detergent. Some cats and dogs are allergic to additives.
    • Other useful items to consider donating to a shelter near you include:
      • Paper towels
      • Canned cat and dog food
      • Cat carriers/dog crates
      • Dog/cat toys
      • Dog leashes

    If you are looking for a shelter in your area, visit http://www.petfinder.com/animal-shelters-and-rescues/ for more information.

  • Contest Time! Share Our Halloween Tips!

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    It's CONTEST time!! Halloween is almost here, and in addition to talking about fun and festive pet activities, we'll also be sharing some important safety tips to keep in mind this time of year. So, help us spread the word and keep our pets safe this Halloween! 
    Look out for these Halloween safety images on all of our social media profiles: 
    Share them out with the Hashtag #ThunderTips The more places you share, the higher your chances will be to win a $100 shopping spree on ThunderWorks.com!

    We'll randomly select one winner, we'll be following the image shares everywhere… Spooky!!

    Full details here: http://get.thunderworks.com/halloweentips/

  • Guest Blogger: Sandy Robins

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    Thanks again to Sandy Robins for her guest blog post this week!

    Howl’oween is the most popular event on the pet calendar. Most dogs seem to enjoy accompanying their family members to go trick and treating in the neighborhood as well as the camaraderie of taking part in a special doggie parade.

    However, if your dog is a scaredy cat when it comes to all this dress-up fun and activity, it’s important take his anxiety seriously. Don’t subject him to an outfit and force him to come face to face with other dressed up dogs in the neighborhood. Rather leave him at home and put him in a ThunderShirt if you think the constant ringing of the doorbell is going to upset him too.

    Multi pet households, usually means each dog has a different personality and there’s no reason for your more gregarious pooches to lose out on the fun.

    If you are planning to dress up your outgoing doggie family members, be sure to purchase outfits well in advance and allow your pets to try them out at home on several occasions before the actual day. There’s no shortage of costume ideas for dogs of all shapes and sizes.  And while it may be traditional to transform your pooch into pumpkin, a witch or the devil, in fact, anything goes! You can find pet costumes at just about any major retail outlet, Halloween or pet specialty store nationwide.

    When selecting a costume, look for soft, lightweight fabrics and no loose ties. Avoid any ornamentation that could possibly be swallowed. If your dog simply refuses to dress up, consider painting a fun design on his fur with non-toxic pet paint that will easily wash out afterwards. www.Petpaint.com. Kids will definitely enjoy getting involved creating fun designs. You can use cookie cutters in fun shapes to hold again his fur and spray on the paint. Whatever you decide, always ensure your dog is wearing up-to-date identification tags.

    When it comes to trick and treating, chocolate is highly poisonous for dogs and candy is as bad for canine teeth as it is for humans. Most doggy bakeries go to town on occasions such as Howl’oween making biscuits shaped in all sorts of appropriate festive shapes such as witches, bats and devils. So be sure to get your pet his own supply of doggie confectionary.

    Dogs that like to carry things around in their mouths may even enjoy a rawhide-shaped pumpkin or cat. Don’t forget to cater for trick or treating dogs that come to your home too!

    If you are taking part in a doggie parade, dress up your pooch just before the line-up, as some costumes tend to be warm.  Be sure to take plenty of water along for your pet to lap up en-route. Again, double check that he’s wearing ID!

    Never let children take charge of the dog on trick and treat neighborhood outings; there are far too many distractions. Holding a flashlight and a candy bag is probably all they can handle. Instead, make sure your dog is on a strong leash with an adult on the other end and don't allow your doggie pal to accompany children right up to the front door in case the incumbent witch-dog or barking bat is not welcoming to any visiting canine on his doorstep!

    Have fun and make sure your dog doesn’t eat all the treats he gets in one go!


  • Fall Safety Tips for You and Your Dog!

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    Fall can be one of the most beautiful times of the year! With the colors changing, the school season beginning and the weather cooling off, it’s definitely one of our favorites. However, did you know that fall does present some possible dangers for our pets? We’ve compiled some tips to keep you and your dog safe and happy as we happily welcome autumn.

    Keep school supplies away

    For pet owning households with children in school, fall means stocking up on school supplies like markers, glue sticks, pencils and erasers. While most kid-friendly school supplies do not pose any toxic risks- it’s important to keep them out of your pet’s reach. If ingested, supplies pose choking hazards as well as risks of dangerous gastrointestinal blockages.

    Ease into outdoor activity if needed

    In some areas of the United States, it’s simply too hot in the summer to take your dog for runs or to endure outdoor activities for long periods of time. Now that the weather is cooler and you and your dog can enjoy more time together outside!  Keep in mind that dogs, just like humans, can become out of shape and may require some initial training to get their bodies back into outdoor hiking and running shape.

    Be weary of rodent traps and poisons

    Autumn is generally a popular time for rodents to seek shelter in human homes, forcing many homeowners to use poisons and traps. If you must use these products, keep them as inaccessible as possible from your pets as they could cause serious physical and medical harm.

    Watch out for snakes!

    According to the ASPCA, autumn is the season when snakes who are preparing for hibernation may be particularly “grumpy,” increasing the possibility of severe bites to those unlucky pups who find themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. Pet owners should know what kinds of venomous snakes may be in their environment—and where these snakes are most likely to be found—so they can keep pets out of those areas.

    We hope these quick tips were helpful for you and your pet and wish everyone a happy and SAFE fall!

  • ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?... and maybe some fetch?

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    With football season commencing this month, we thought it would be fun to share some photos of NFL players with their favorite furry friends! See, even big burly linemen have a soft side for their pooch!

    Karlos Dansby, linebacker for the Miami Dolphins and his two ADORABLE pups!


    Jacksonville Jaguars Quarterback, David Garrard and his super cute yorkie.


    Chicago Bears running back, Matt Forte and his lovable dog Ali.


    Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall and his dog duo!


     Arizona Cardinals, AJ Jefferson takes a stretch break with his furry friend!


    Miami Dolphins wide receiver, Davone Bess poses with his new puppy!


    Jacksonville Jaguar’s quarterback Chad Henne and his canine companion!


    Cheers and “ruff’s” to a GREAT NFL season!!!!

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  • ThunderLeash Review

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    Thank you to Well Minded World for this great review!!


    Here is a preview:

    I loved how the instructions were right on the front. So simple!

    The ThunderLeash is a full leash, just like it says. It can be used as a regular leash when your dog isn’t pulling, and can quickly be converted while it’s on your dog, should your dog start pulling. The patent-pending “harness slot” allows you to simply wrap the leash around your dog’s torso, just under his “arm pits.”

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