‘Tis The Season To Have Allergies

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Yep, it’s that time of year… the trees are blooming, the pollen is everywhere and our poor pets feel it too!  While handling allergies is a pretty common fix for humans, dogs and cats can suffer from seasonal allergies as well. We’ve rounded up a few tips to hopefully make allergy season go a little smoother.  Keep in mind; it’s always best to consult your vet if you feel your pet is experiencing any kind of allergy or condition.


Watch for allergy symptoms: Itchy pups are hard to ignore.  Allergy symptoms can include excessive licking, redness ("hot spots") or hair loss.


Monitor the pollen count: Allergy season for dogs can mirror that of humans, so bookmark the pollen forecast in your area and monitor your dog for symptoms. Also, wiping your dogs' paws with a cool towel to remove pollen residue or scheduling a weekly cool water bath will help.


Don't ignore household allergens: The most common environmental allergen is not pollen, but house dust mites and house dust. Do what you can to reduce the amount of dust in your home by vacuuming carpets well. Focus on your dog's favorite spots in the house such as under beds and near windows. Don't forget to clean window treatments regularly.

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