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  • Separation Anxiety Dogs Treated With Thundershirt

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    Of course your dog always wants you around, and misses you when you leave the house for work or a night out; but for some dogs, this regular scenario becomes amplified into a fully symptomatic separation anxiety.

    According to the United States Human Society:

    It's important to realize...that the destruction and house soiling that often occur with separation anxiety are not the dog's attempt to punish or seek revenge on his owner for leaving him alone. In reality, they are actually part of a panic

    This is why, they go on to say, punishing the dog or trying to train it out of him is usually ineffective.  It's not a behavior needing negative reinforcement, so much as it is an actual panic condition in the dog.  So, what can be done?  The article on the Humane Society Page has some useful advice, but having been written in 2002, we'd like to think they'd now have included the Thundershirt, as a safe, drug-free, and inexpensive treatment for dog separation anxiety.

    A few dog owners on our Facebook page have been asking about using Thundershirt as a Separation Anxiety treatment.    We strongly recommend trying it and have many customers reporting terrific results.   For some dogs, Thundershirt's calming effects may be enough to control the symptoms.  For others, we recommend including Thundershirt as part of a training program.

    My Yorkie, Rufus, would be so keyed up with separation anxiety that he would then suffer from serious diarrhea.   After thorough vet examination found no medical issues, so my veterinarian suggested that this must be separation anxiety.  We inherited him 8 months ago after the passing of a parent who was with him all the time.  Anyway, I put the Thundershirt on him in the morning at 6 AM when I leave the house - and he rests peacefully with no panting, shaking, pacing or panicking.  At noon when the dog walker comes, she removes it.  She takes him for  a walk and around 4pm when I come home, Rufus is a happy calm dog.

    - M.M.         Baltimore, MD

    And also:

    My vet recommended that we try Thundershirt for our Cocker Spaniel.  He was having seizures everyday from separation anxiety and medications were not helping enough.   Thundershirt has decreased his seizures considerably.

    ~AT, Rock Hill, SC

    We'll be putting up a lot more information about using Thundershirt for Separation Anxiety soon, but for now, here's a link to our testimonials page.   For more information about dog separation anxiety, here's an article on the Humane Society's site.


    Does your dog suffer from Separation Anxiety?   Have you tried the Thundershirt or other methods?  Leave us a comment, and help other dog owners with this problem as well.

  • Helping Your Dog With Travel Anxiety

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    We've been hearing more frequently, by phone and on Twitter, that the Thundershirt is helping dogs deal with the stresses associated with travelling. If your dog absolutely cannot handle a vehicle ride, save them them the anxieties with a Thundershirt.

    Certified Dog Trainer Jenn Meritt, owner of Royal and Big Sandy, put together this great video for us showing the use of the Thundershirt for car travel, as well as giving some advice as to how to use it in conjunction with training.

    To learn more of why it works, check out our Travel Anxiety page.

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  • Cute Dog Scared from Storm Phobia

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    Poor Joe Stains is another dog afraid of Thunderstorms - and helped by the Thundershirt.

  • Thundershirt Testimonial From a Durham Veterinarian

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    New testimonial from a Durham, NC Vet supporting the Thundershirt:

    “We’ve been using Thundershirt for a short time at my clinic now, and the initial feedback from our clients is very positive. Thundershirt worked very well for a Cocker Spaniel with severe noise phobia; she rested peacefully on the couch through 4th of July fireworks…a real improvement. Thundershirt appears to be good alternative solution to try versus medications. And it will definitely “Do no harm.”

    ~ Dr. Donald Heagren, DVM, Cornwallis Road Animal Hospital, Durham, North Carolina.

    Thundershirt Dog Anxiety Cure

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