GREEN with envy? Yes, pets get jealous too.

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Sure we’ve all heard it, “alpha dog, spoiled Cat, etc.” And it’s true, our pets experience the same basic emotions as we do: fear, happiness, anger, and even, jealousy. While most pet behaviorists agree that pets may not actually have the same feelings of “jealousy” that we do, they do react to changes that a new person or animal may bring.  Cats typically become super distant and aloof and dogs can become erratic and territorial.


For any anxiety-ridden emotion, the Thundershirt might be a great way to combat these actions and calm down your animal.  Other tactics to help with pet jealousy include- giving your pet time to adjust to a new animal or person; providing separate areas for your pet to go to if they become stressed or erratic, and not immediately punishing them for anxious behavior.


It’s also important to try and maintain the original routine you had with your pet, or if you are changing the routine, be firm and be the pack leader so that your pet will know to listen and follow.


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