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  • How to keep your dog safe & cool this summer

    Don’t know about y’all, but down here at ThunderWorks’ HQ in Raleigh, NC it is already up to a sweltering 95 degrees out and we’ve still got a few months of summer left. Now, imagine wearing a fur coat every time you walked out your door…That’s what your dog is dealing with while you're shooting down your slippin’ slide. So, how do you keep your dog cool on a hot day? We’ve got some helpful tips! Check ‘em out:

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  • 5 tips for a stress-free pet this July 4th

    Pets and fireworks go together about as well as grape jelly and tacos (actually, our dog would still probably find that delicious). It’s because of cats and dogs’ fireworks anxiety that July 4th is one of the biggest days for pet stress. In fact, shelters report the largest amount of runaway pets the day after the fourth of July, caused by fireworks, large crowds, and unfamiliar environments. Nearly five dozen lost dogs were reported at San Diego shelters alone in 2016, according to Fox News. What we associate with fun celebration, pets associate with loud noises, bright flashes, and anxiety. They may panic, bark uncontrollably, chew through leashes, dig under fences & run away, claw destructively, suffer seizures, or even run into traffic trying to escape the scary sounds. But fret not!  We’ve got plenty of handy tips to keep your pet safe and sound this holiday.

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