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Dog wearing Thundershirt
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Thundershirt Overview


WOW! She was so calm, I almost could not believe it!!!

I am a Veterinary Technician and have been working at the same hospital for 8 years. I am owned by an Australian Cattle dog named Stokely. Stokely and I drive 50 miles to and from work 5 days a week, plus we travel to and from Canada at least twice a year. Unfortunately, with all that driving comes car accidents - We have been in three bad ones together, luckily we have always made it out unhurt. To my dismay my companion has become stressed in the car, pants and paces. I have tried prescribed medications, natural remedies ect... I saw an ad for the ThunderShirt in a pet magazine and thought, 'What do I have to lose?' I was skeptical though. The first time I put it on she was mortified and looked ridiculous, but I kept trying. She eventually tolerated it, so I gave it a try in the car. WOW! She was so calm, I almost could not believe it!!! She pants calmly, practically closes her eyes and does NOT pace! I am just thrilled, I WILL recommend this product to my clients. THANK-YOU SO MUCH!!


Philomath Oregon United States


I'm a dog trainer - ThunderShirt is the real deal!

THUNDERSHIRT is the real deal! I have 3 large rescue senior dogs that truly benefit during storms and even general anxiety. I am a dog trainer; training mainly group classes that include a SHY dog class. I recommend ThunderShirt to all - great product that does as it claims.


Wisconsin United States


Thundershirt Saved my Chihuahua's Life

It's difficult to put into words how significant the change in my Chihuahua's life became after only 5 minutes in her ThunderShirt. I work with rescue dogs on a daily basis. I come into contact with many breeds and personality types. I have had another Chi for almost 12 years and a terrier mix that I rescued 3 years ago. Then came Lula. I adopted Lula from my good friend's rescue organization 2 years ago. She was about 6 years old and 3 pounds at the time, rescued from a 7-11 parking lot where she was bullied by humans while begging for scraps at the garbage can in front of the door. She was NOT easy to capture. A nervous, aggressive mess. I took her in to foster her and help her overcome her anxieties so that she could be made available for adoption. It became very clear very quickly that this poor dog was not going to be adoptable. My fear that she may pass a potential adopter's "cute" test, but then end up in a shelter because of her anxieties, prompted me to keep her as my own. That's when the real "fun" began. She chewed at her paws constantly - they were always raw. She paced incessantly throughout the night. She ate her own feces. She would bark like she was being murdered if I stepped out of her eyesight. Loud noises, forget it, no one in the house is getting any sleep. She wouldn't budge on a leash. She overate like she had never tasted food, nor ever would again. She went from 3 pounds as a stray to 9 unhealthy pounds - all while under my watchful eye!! If I took my eye off the dogs at mealtime, I'd turn back around and she would have inhaled the food in the other dog bowls. Candles flickering would send her into another stratosphere. Sirens. Storms. Fireworks. Running water. Bathing/grooming. Car rides. DOG PARK??? - forget it! Over the course of 2 years I spent well over $7,000....vets, cardiologists, name it. Drugs, drugs and more drugs. And the anxieties only got worse. At my wit's end and struggling with lack of sleep, frustration and financial crisis, I thought "I am going to have to let this dog cross the rainbow bridge. This is no life for her." I had almost come to terms (but never was at peace) with the fact that she should not be forced to live this way. Nor should my other dogs suffer because every ounce of my attention was on her. In July of this year, at PetSmart buying dog food, I overheard a conversation between a customer and an employee in front of the ThunderShirt products. Based on their conversation, I read the packaging, did some research on my cell phone and thought "well, it's only $45 - a drop in the bucket by comparison to what I have willingly spent already." I bought it, took it home, put it on her and OH. MY. GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 minutes was all it took. This is a COMPLETELY different dog. I could go on for hours. She immediately stopped biting herself, the OCD was GONE....she stopped overeating. I could walk out of the room to do laundry again. Within a few days she even became more affectionate. The fear left her eyes. Her tail wagged for the first time since she came into my life! She took to sleeping in her bed on the floor with NO encouragement from me. She plays with the other dogs. She plays with toys. She doesn't bark at every shadow. Every door knock. No more poop eating. She rides in the car quietly. She even somewhat enjoys the dog park 3x a week! ThunderShirt quite literally saved my dog's life. And my sanity. I'm overcome with joy and relief that she is now a healthy pack member. I cannot thank ThunderShirt enough, truly, for giving me the opportunity to love her affectionately. I swear, she should be the poster child for ThunderShirt. With utmost gratitude, Kirsten Mickelson


Aliso Viejo, Unit I California United States


We Use ThunderShirts in Our Court Case Dog Program

Court Case Dogs have “done the time but not the crime” — victims of neglect or abuse who have been rescued by police and animal control from their abusers and are associated with criminal court cases against their abusers. They are part of a program in which Safe Humane Chicago assesses them, engages volunteers and interns to socialize and train them to be irresistible family companions, transfers them to partner rescue groups, and provides them lifetime behavioral support. Some of the dogs are very worried, nervous or anxious while at the city shelter, which is where we work with them before we identify a rescue organization for them to go to, so we use ThunderShirt to put them more at ease. It helps them tune in and seem less anxious. We will sometimes send dogs to rescue with a ThunderShirt so the foster home can continue using it as part of the dogs specific training plan.


Chicago Illinois United States